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初中英语典型例句 背诵篇
熟练背诵每一个句子,做到张口就来, 将会对你的答题和口语有非常大的帮助

1.I am a bit tired. 2.I have a few friends. 3.This is a kind of special machine. 4.He has a little water. 5.We have a lot of homework to do. 6.A number of students like listening to music. 7.I need to buy a pair of shoes. 8.Please pass me a piece of paper. 9.Above all, you had better have a good rest. 10.What can you know according to the passage? 11.After all, you are a student in Grade 3. 12.My friends and I often play football after school. 13.The old man thanked me again and again. 14.I agree to go with you. 15.I agree with you.

1.There are all kinds of birds in the zoo. 2.YaoMing is famous all over the world. 3.He is strict with himself. As a result,He has succeeded. 4.English is as interesting as math. 5.As far as know, we will have an exam on Saturday. 6.He looked very sad as if everything is hopeless. 7.As long as you keep studying, your English will get better. 8.He called me as soon as he got there. 9..Her mother goes to work on foot as usual. 10.I am glad as well. 11.We study other subjects as well as English. 12.We are proud of our great country. 13.My parents are very strict with me.

1.The house belongs to me. 2.Both he and his brother like playing basketball. 3.Their car broke down. 4.The thief broke into the house and stole 1000 dollars. 5.The war broke out in 1937. 6.She brought up 4 children. 7.I stepped on his foot by accident. 8.They went to America by plane last week. 9.My brother goes to work by bus. 10.Most of us go to work by day. 11.By the way, I bring you a beautiful necklace 12.We had to call in a doctor. 13.I am going to call on you. 14.He called up the museum. 15.You care for me every day.

1.We can carry on later if you want. 2.They will carry out their plan next month. 3.He will catch up with her if he hurries . 4.Please change water into ice. 5.In the hotel I will help you check in. 6.Why not check out? 7.I am sure it will clear up soon. 8.Have you come across anyone who can fly? 9.They may come back. 10.Can you come down from there? 11.My English teacher comes from England. 12.May I come in? 13Come on, let’s see what he wants to do? 14The book will come out this week. 15I think we should come to an agreement.

1.My dream will come true. 2.Can you come up with a new solution? 3.Let's go slowly so that the others may come up with us. 4.A teacher is often compared to a candle. 5.Living in a city can't compare with living in the country. 6.Congratulate you on entering a good university. 7.I am sure I have to connect with them first. 8.Many trees are cut down by workers. 9.They cut off my hair. 10.I think about this question day and night. 11.I will deal with him. 12.We shouldn’t depend on our parents. 13.How did the dinosaurs die out? 14Your bag is different from mine. 15The teacher divided us into 6 groups.

1.We should do our best to do everything well. 2.This afterno

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