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一、 听力 (共两节,计25分)



1.W: How often do you go to the movies,Tom?

M: I go to the movies three times a month.

Q: How often does Tom see the movies ?

2.M: Why didn’t you go to shool last week, Liu Qing?

W: Because I was ill in hospital.

Q: When was LinQing ill in hospital?

3.M: Are you going to Hainan for vacation?

W: I thought about going there, but decided on Dalian.

Q: Where is the man going for vacatioin?

4.M: How long are you staying in London, Lucy?

W: I’m leaving on December 5th and coming back on December 13th.

Q: When is Lucy come back?

5.M: How do you uaually go to schoool, Li Mei?

W: By bike, but sometimes I take a taxi.

Q: Does Li Mei usually get to school by taxi?

6.W: Mike, can you come to my party on Saturday?

M: Sorry, I can’t.I have to visit my grandparents.

Q: What does Mike have to do?

7.W: Jim, Does your cousin often read books at weekends?

M: No,she doesn’t. She often goes to the mall .

Q: Who often goes to the mall at weekends?

8.W: Wang Hua, you don’t look well.

M: Yes, I have a bad cold.

Q: What’s the matter with Wang Hua?

9.M: Linda, what are you doing on Thursday afternoon?

W: Well, I have a piano lesson. What about you, Michacl?

M: I’m playing basketball with my classmate.

Q: What is Linda doing on Thursday afternoon?




10.W: Are you going to Kate’s birthday party this evening, Mike?

M: Of course. I bought a nice watch for her yesterday.

W: I’ll go to her party, too. But I don’t know how to get to her house.

M: Don’t worry. I can take you there in my car.


11.W: Hi, Bill, I’m doing a survey for the school TV station. How do you usually go to school? M: I usually go to school on foot.

W: How long does it take?

M: It takes about 15 minutes.

W: Then where do you usually have breakfast?

M: My mum cooks food for me. And I have it at home.

W: Do you read English every morning?

M: Yes, I read English for 20 minutes.

W: Thank you.


12.W: Good afternoon, doctor.

M: Good afternoon, Mrs Brown. Well, What’s wrong with the little boy?

W: He is my son, Jim. He is not feeling well.

M: When did it start?

W: Last night.

M: What did he have for supper yesterday evening?

W: He had three hamburgers and a glass of iced water.

M: Well, Mrs Brown. He must have a stomachache. He has to stay at home and has

a good rest.

W: Thank you very much.

M: You’re welcome.


13.W: Hey, Lin Tao. Where are you going for vacation?

M: I’m going to HongKong.

W: Really? What are you doing there?

M: I’m visiting my cousin. What about you,Wang Xia? Where are you going?

W: I’m going to Shanghai.

M: That sounds interesting. What are you doing there?

W: I’m going sightseeing. It will be my first time in Shanghai.

M: You’ll love it! Shanghai is great. Who are you going with?

W: My friend Yang Ying. Do you know her? She’s my best friend. We look exactly the same. She is a little taller than I. We both like sports and travelling.

M: That’s great. I hope you and YangYing have a good time.

W: Thank you.

(听力) 1-5 CBCBB 6-10CBCBA 11-15 CABCB 16-20 ACBBB



一、1.cheer 2.yourself 3.falls 4.afraid 5.against 6.swimming 7. play 8. running

9. to hear 10. sunny

二.1---5 ABCCC

三. 1---5 AACBC 6---10 CABCA 11---15 ACABA

四.1---5 ACBAC

五. 1. better not 2. Don’t call 3. Will there 4. When must 5. learnt / learned ; by

六. 1---5 ACBAC 6---10 BBACA

七. 1---5 CBBCB


How to Keep Healthy

As we know, keeping healthy is important to us. But what should we do to keep healthy? First, we should eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and do more exercise. Food can give u

s energy. Doing exercise can make us strong. Second, we should change clothes often , wash hands

often, keep the air fresh and clean and do house cleaning often to stop germs from getting into our bodies. At last, we should go to see a doctor at once if we don’t feel well.

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