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M y lo v e is a re d re d ro s e
R o b e rt b u rn s

Brief Introduction of Burns
Born: 25 January 1759
Alloway ,Ayrshire,Scotland 英国苏格兰西南部埃尔郡阿洛韦村庄

Died: 21 July 1796
Dumfries, Scotland 英国苏格兰南部旧郡:敦夫里斯

Occupation: the Ploughman农夫 Poet

Nationality: Scottish Signature: The best-known portrait of Burns


Auld lang syne ——友谊天长地久(the poem is often sung at Hogmanay (the last day of the year即苏格兰除夕) Scots Wha Hae ——苏格兰勇士(the peom served for a long time as an unofficial(非官方的) national anthem(国歌) of the country. A Red, Red Rose(一朵红红的玫瑰)A Man‘s A Man for A’ That(无论何时都要保持尊严)Address To a Haggis (羊肚脍 颂 )and so on


Robert burns is regarded as a pioneer(先驱) of the Romantic movement(浪漫主义运动:十八世纪末及十九世纪初西欧掀起 的文学艺术运动), and after his death he became a great source of inspiration to the founders of both liberalism(自由主 义) and socialism(社会主义). A cultural icon(文化偶像) in Scotland and among the Scottish Diaspora(离散的犹太人) around the world, celebration of his life and work became almost a national charismatic(超凡魅力的) cult(祭仪:尤其指宗教上 的) during the 19th and 20th centuries, and his influence has long been strong on Scottish literature(苏格兰文学). In 2009 he was voted by the Scottish public as being the Greatest Scot, through a vote run by Scottish television channel STV.

Eglinton Country Park


O, my Luve's like a red, red rose 啊,我的爱人像朵红红的玫瑰 That‘s newly sprung in June. 六月里迎风初开 O, my Luve's like a melody. 啊,我的爱人像支甜甜的曲子 That‘s sweetly played in tune.



As fair as you, my bonnie lass, ? 我的好姑娘,多么美丽的人儿 ? So deep in luve am I; ? 请看我,多么深挚的爱情 ? And I will luve you still, my dear, ? 亲爱的,我永远爱你 ? Till all the seas gone dry. ? 纵使大海干涸水流尽 ? Till all the seas gone dry, my dear, ? 纵使大海干涸水流尽

? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ?

And the rocks melt with the sun; 太阳将岩石烧作灰尘 I will luve you till, my dear, 亲爱的,我永远爱你 While the sands of life shall run.只要我一息犹存 And fare you well, my only luve 珍重吧,我唯一的爱人 And fare you well, a while! 珍重吧,让我们暂时别离 And I will come again, my luve, 但我定要回来 Though it were ten thousand mile. 哪怕千里万里!

some similar expressions in Chinese

山无陵,江水 Till all the seas gone dry, my dear, 为竭,冬雷震震, 纵使大海干涸水流尽 夏雨雪,天地合, And the rocks melt with the sun; 乃敢与君绝。 太

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