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Little Tom down the street calls our dog "The keep dog".Zip is a sheep dog. But when Tom tries to say" Seep", it comes out "keep". And in a way Tom is right. Zip is always bringing things hoem for us to keep! I'll tell you about some of them.

Zip's first present was a shoe. It was made of green silk.

We didn't know how Zip found the shoe. But after a moment, Mary, my big sister, told me the shoe had a strange smell. I nodded(点头)and held my nose. "What do you think it is?"

"It smells like something for cleaning. I think someone tried to clean a spot (污点) off the shoe. Then he put it at the door to dry."

"Along came Zip. And good-bye shoe!" I said."We should take it back."

"We can't ".said my sistter.

"Maybe little Tom is right," Mary said. "Maybe Zip is a keep dog!"

1.The writer and Mary didn't know______.

A. what Zip's first present was B. how Zip carried its first present home

C. who owned Zip's first present D. what Zip's first present was made of

2.Tom calls Zip "the keep dog" because ______.

A. the dog likes keeping things B. the dog likes playing with shoes

C. he doesn't know the dog's name D. he can't pronounce the word " sheep" well

3.What made the shoe strange was ______.

A. its colour B. its smell C. its size D. that it was a silk one

4.The word "keep"in the last sentence means "_____"

A. keeping things for itself B. bringing things for other to keep

C. not letting it run about D. taking care of a small child

5.We can know from the reading that the dog _____.

A. likes to give presents to people B. has been kept in at the writer's home

C. has brought some trouble D. likes to be called "the keep dog"


An old lady in a plane had a blanket(毯子)over her head and she did not want to take it off . The air hostess spoke to her, but the old lady said, “I have never been in a plane before , and I am frightened. I am going to keep this blanket over my head until we are back on the ground again !”

Then the captain came. He said, “Madam, I am the captain of this plane. The weather is fine, there are no clouds in the sky, and everything is going very well. ”But she continued to hide.

So the captain turned and started to go back. Then the old lady looked out from under the blanket with one eye and said, “I am sorry, young man, but I don’t like planes and I am never going to fly again. But I’ll say one thing, ”She continued kindly, “You and your wife keep your plane very clean!”

1. An old lady had _________ .

A. glasses B. a blanket over her head C. a coat D. a basket

2. A. She didn’t want to ________ .

A. take it off B. turn it off C. get on D. talk about it

3. _________ spoke to her .

A. The air hostess B. The man next to her

C. her husband D. one of her friends

4. The old lady had never been _________ before .

A. abroad B. home C. in a plane D. in hospital

5. The woman didn’t like planes and she was never going ________ .

A. to fly again B. to travel C. to go abroad D. to go home













3.白发苍苍的母亲叹息一声的原因是什么?用文中一句话回答。 答




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