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Unit 1 How often do you exercise?

Healthy food is good for health.



Healthydrink is good for health, too.

ice cream





ice Junk cream coffe food e

cola is not good for chocalate chip health. s


healthy food


Junk food

is not good for health.

e a c

f d

A: How often do you drink milk?
B: I drink milk every day . A: Do you like it ? B:No. But my mother wants me to drink it. She says it’s good for my health.

A: How often do you eat / drink….? B: … … A: Do you like it / them? B: Yes. Because …

Listeni ng

interviewe r

hardly ever

every day
every day nine every day two or three times a week never

sometimes never nine never three or four times a week 4 times a day

Read the magazine article. Use the information in the boxes below to help you. Here are the results of the students activity survey at Green High School. ______ students Mo exercise three or four times a week. Some st or twice a week. ______ students exercise once Some students are very active and exercise every day. mo As for homework, ______ do homework Some students every day. _____ studentsNo dost homework three or four times a week. _____ students do homework Some once or twice a week. The results for “watch TV” three are interesting. ______ students watch TVor once four times or twice a week, some students watch TV _____ every day ______ a week, but most students ____ ______

mo st



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