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九年级Unit 1 section B练习题

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Unit 1 section B练习题


( )1.---What are you going to do this weekend? ---I’m thinking of ______ to visit my aunt.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went ( )2. Don’t forget ______the window before _______.

A. to close; leave B. closing; leaving C. to close; leaving D. closing; leave ( )3. Would you please walk a little ________? I can’t follow you.

A. slow B. to slow C. slowly D. fast

( )4. ---This book is difficult. _______ read something easily? ---All right.

A. Why don’t B. Why not C. Why you not D. Why not you ( )5.We don’t know _______ to start, maybe in the afternoon.

A. how B. when C. when D. what ( )6. I read slowly. I can’t spell some words, _________.

A. also B. either C. too

( )7.He often practice _______ with his teacher.

A. running B. run C. to run D. runing

( )8.(2012南充)Practicing in groups is good ______ us to learn English.

A. at B. in C. for

( )9. The old man knows _________ the computer very well.

A. how use B. how using C. how to use D. to how use ( )10.My _______ English is very weak. I don’t know how to improve it.

A. speaking B. spoken C. to speak D. speaks

( )11. We should deal with our problems ______ learning to forget them.

A. with B. for C. from D. by

( )12. Stephen Hawking is a brave scientist. He ______ his many physical problems as unimportant.

A. solves B. regards C. deals D. faces ( )13. You can’t lean well _______ you study harder.

A. though B. if C. unless D. because ( )14. As time _______, I find out the answer.

A. went B. goes in C. goes by D. go by ( )15.Gina was so rude(无礼的) so we all got ______ her.

A. angry with B. worried about C. happy at D. pleased with ( )16.________ joining a swimming club?

A. What about B. Why not C. Why don’t you D. You should ( )17.---I’m sorry to trouble you. ---_________.

A. You’re welcome B. It doesn’t matter C. OK D. Thank you ( )18. If you _______ this paper with that one, you will see which is better.

A. compare B. talk C. regard D. take ( )19. ______ the help of my teacher, I passed the exam.

A. With B. For C. In D. To

( )20. I’m sorry to hear that they have _______ their friendship.

A. broken down B. broken out C. broken into D. broken off ( )21. What _______ things are difficult for you when you study math?

A. another B. other C. others D. the others

1 ( )22. I often make mistakes ________ grammar when I study English.

A. on B. at C. in D. from ( )23. I’m afraid _______ go home in the dark.

A. of B. to C. that

( )24. It’s rude to laugh ______ others when they have trouble _______ something.

A. at; do B. to; doing C. at; doing

( )25.We must try ______ best to do everything well.

A. we B. our C. us D. their


1. Every morning, he practices p__________ English words to improve his spoken English. 2. Sorry, I can’t follow you. Would you please speak more s_________? 3. He’s poor at spelling. He made a lot of spelling m___________ in his writing. 4. He can speak English well so his s________ English is good. 5. Here are some s_____________ to the challenges. 6. I r_________ that it doesn’t matter if you can’t go there. 7. Don’t be a_________ to speak English in public. 8. Wu Fan doesn’t have t__________ learning English.

9. The boy can sing many songs, but he can’t sing a __________ (完整的) song.

10. Doing lots of listening practice is one of the __________ (秘诀) of becoming a good English learner. 11. This kind of cloth feels __________ (柔软的). 12. As students, it’s our _______ (责任) to study hard.

13. Today’s homework is very easy and I can _________(容易地) finish it.

14. I’m happy to have a friend like you. I believe our __________(友谊) will last forever.

15. These _________ (士兵) jumped into the river and saved the man. 三、阅读理解。

The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you’ll get your words mixed up and people will not understand you. Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can’t understand them. But if you keep your sense of humor (幽默感), you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make. Don’t be unhappy if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes. It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you, because they don’t understand what you are saying. The most important thing for learning English is, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.” ( )1. What is the best way for you to learn a language according to the writer?

A. Writing. B. Using it. C. Listening. ( )2. What should you do in learning English?

A. Write as quickly as you can. B. Speak English as much as you can. C. Laugh more often. ( )3. When people laugh at your mistakes, what should you do?

A. Not care. B. Be happy. C. Feel worried. ( )4. What should you do when you make a mistake?

A. Keep quiet. B. Get angry. C. Keep you sense of humor. ( )5. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Anyone will make mistakes. B. People never make mistakes. C. Few people make mistakes.


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