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m3u2liu xiang was trained gor gold

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Module 3 Sporting life

Unit2 Liu Xiang was trained for gold.

1.Which team was defeated last time, BIG or HAS?
BIG was defeated. 2. Will another match between BIG and HAS be held next Saturday? Yes, it will.

3. Why isn’t Daming in the team? Because he wasn’t chosen this time. 4. Did Betty really want to get to the boys? No, she didn’t.

5. Why did the girls say that BIG will lose in the next match? Because they wanted to encourage the boys to try harder to win.

Guessing game:

The Chinese sportsmen in the Olympic Games

sports stars

Say what you know about Liu Xiang.

Talk something about Liu Xiang
Name: Liu Xiang Sex: Male Place of birth: Shanghai Birthday: 1983.7.13 Height: 188 cm Body weight: 74 kg Project: the high jump , 110 m hurdles

He started training when he was very young.

He was born in Shanghai on 13th July, 1983.

advise ask choose compare encourage help medal notice overnight success record set up symbol train What happened to Liu Xiang? What do you want to say ?

Choose the best expression for the main idea. Liu Xiang_____________________________ .
a) was helped by his sports school to become

a gold medal winner
b) will be encouraged to be a star not a

sporting hero
c) has trained for many years, and will continue

to win medals

Read Paragraph 1 and answer: 1.As a symbol ,what does Liu Xiang represent ? B A. Hurdling B. China C. Sport D Olympic Games.

Read Paragraph 2 and answer 2 .What will Liu Xiang be asked to do something besides competition ? A. Appear in advertisements B. Make films C. Record music. D. Above of all


? Read Paragraph 3 and choose: 3.Why isn’t Liu Xiang an overnight success ? A. Because his coach encouraged him to train . B. Because he has joined the Junior Sports School of Putuo District of Shanghai. C. Because his coach is Sun Haiping. D. Because he has trained for many years.


? Read Paragraph 4 and answer :
How was Liu Xiang helped by a special programme in the past? Liu Xiang’s races were recorded…

? Read Paragraph 3 and 4,complete the time line with the notes . future plans appear in films , advertisements and

record music
2002 2001 1998 1993 1983

won an Olympic gold medal in Athens won in Switzerland and Korea training programme changed
hurdling skill noticed started training at a sports school born in Shanghai

Read paragraph5 ,6 and choose the answers: ? What will Liu Xiang do after 2004 ?


A. He will be asked to appear in advertisements and films. B. He will be invited to record music. C. He will go for more gold medals for China. D He will be away from sport .

Read and check T or F : 1. Liu Xiang is a symbol of China’s international sporting success. T 2. Liu Xiang doesn’t train regularly because he is asked to appear in advertisements and F films. 3. Liu Xiang is an overnight success. F 4. Liu Xiang will spend more time away from sport. F 5. In 2002 Liu Xiang won his first Olympic gold medal. T

Answer the questions. 1 As a symbol

, what does Liu Xiang represent? He’s a symbol of China’s international sporting success . 2 Why isn’t Liu Xiang an overnight success? Because he started training when he was very young .

3 What was Liu Xiang advised to do in 1998? He was advised to train at hurdling in 1998 . 4 What was the special programme set up in 2001? It was set up in 2001 to help young sportsmen . 5 what will he be encouraged to do in the future? He will be encouraged to go for more medals for China .

Look at the sentences . A special programme helped Liu Xiang . Liu Xiang was helped by a special programme . His skill at hurdling was noticed by his coach Sun Haiping. His coach Sun Haiping noticed his skill at hurdling.

Name: Zhang Yining Sex: Female Place of birth: Beijing Birthday: 1981.10.5 Height: 171 cm Body weight: 54 kg Project: table tennis Hobby: swimming

Now write sentences about Zhang Yining's training . Coach Wang Bilin noticed Zhang Yining . Zhang Yining was noticed by coach Wang Bilin.

Wang Bilin asked Zhang Yining to go to Shichahai Sports School . Zhang Yining was asked to go to Shichahai Sports School by Wang Bilin .

Zhang Yining's training programme took up a lot of her time. A lot of Zhang Yining's time was taken up by her training programme. Zhang Yining's mother advised her to study as well as train hard. Zhang Yining was advised to study as well as train hard by her mother .

Join the sentences you wrote in Activity 6 to write a paragraph about Zhang Yining .Use and , although and because .

Talk about some other sports stars.

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