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3. 这辆自行车我买了两年了。

I’ve _____ the bike _____ two years.

4. He left Nanjing two years ago.

He _____ _____ _____ _____ Nanjing for two years.

5. The monkey died last month.

The monkey _____ _____ _____ for a month.

6. A: Hong long _____ you ____ ( )

B: Two weeks.

A.did,get ill B. have,fallen ill C. were,ill D. have,been ill 练习:用have(has) been 或have(has) gone 填空

A: Where __1__ Li Fei __1__?

B: He __2__ to Hainan Island.

A: How long __3__ he __3___ there?

B: He ___4__ there for three days.

A: When will he come back , do you know?

B: I’m afraid he won’t come back recently.

A: Could you tell me the way to Hainan Island?

B: Sorry, I __5__ never __5__ there before.

A: How many times __6__ Li Fei __6___ to that place?

B: He __7__ there only once.


1. Mary _______(lose) her pen. ______ you ______ (see) it here and there?

2. ______ you ______ (find) your watch yet?

3. ---Are you thirsty? ---NO, I ______ just _______ (have) some orange.

4. We ________already ______ (return) the book.

5. ______ they _____ (build) a new school in the village?

6. ---Has Tom taught you English?

---Yes, he ______ (teach) us English for two years.

7. I ______(not finish) my homework yet. Can you help me?

8. What ______ they _____ (do) with the newspaper? They have read them.

9. --- The door is open. Who ______ (open) it? Do you know?

--- Sorry, I don’t know.

10. My father _____ (read) the novel twice.

11. Wu Dong _____(be) a soldier for one year.

12. The students ______(study) in the middle school since last month.

13. How long ______ you ______(know) him?

14. Mike ______ (make) quite a few friends since he came to China.

15. I _____(give) my friend a nice book recently.

16. Li Ping and Wu Dong ______(see) the old man three times.

17. _____ she ever _____(teach) you English?

18. These children _____ (stay) in the park for two hours.

P22 The world is becoming better and better. But it still has many problems. Some people are still living a hard life. For example, there are many homeless people all over the world. They have to live on the streets. Some children have to be laborers for a living, instead of going to school. What’s worse, sometimes cruel wars break out in some areas. I feel sorry for them.I hope society can provide warm houses for these people to live in, and they can enjoy the same community services as others. I hope children can receive a good education and have a happy childhood. I hope there is no more war in the world. I hope the world will be peaceful and full of love, and everyone can live a happy life.

I have bought a new dictionary for a week.

I have had a new dictionary for a week.


They have been here for two days.

They have come here for two days.


He has joined the League member for two years.

He has been a League member for two years.


The man has been dead for several years.

The man has died for several years.


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