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八上unit3 I'm more outgoing than my sister sectionA grammar focus-3c

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两者之间比较,用形容词比较级 than 比 (conj .连词).
Liu Xiang is tall. Pan Changjiang is short.

Liu Xiang is taller than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is shorter than Liu Xiang

The green box is small. The red box is big. The red box is bigger than the green box. The green box is smaller that the red box.

The purple ruler is long. The blue ruler is short. The purple ruler is longer than the blue ruler. The blue ruler is shorter than the purple ruler.


Lin Xinru is thin. Liu Yifei is thinner.


Liu Yifei is thinner than Lin Xinru.

Cheng Long is outgoing.

Li Yong is more outgoing. Li Yong is more outgoing than Cheng long.

The women are fat.

The man is thin.

The women are fatter than the man.


1. 一般在词尾 + er 2. 以不发音的字母 e 结尾的 + r 3. 重读闭音节词词尾只有一个辅音 字母时,先双写辅音字母再 + er 4. 以辅音字母 + y 结尾的单词,变 y 为 i + er
5. 多音节词和部分双音节词前加 more


多音节不变化, 单词前面加个more

Gong Hanlin is _______ _____ Liu Huan. thinner than Liu Huan sings ______ _____ Gong Hanlin. better than

Gao Yuanyuan is as ________ (漂亮) beautiful as Sun Li. Sun Li works as _____ (努力) as Gao hard Yuanyuan.

Grammar Focus

Is Tom smarter than Sam? Is Tara more outgoing than Tina?

No, he isn’t. Sam is smarter than Tom. No, she isn’t. Tina is more outgoing than Tara.

Are you as friendly as No, I’m not. I’m friendlier. your sister? Does Tara work as hard as Tina? Who’s more hardworking at school? Yes, she does. Tina thinks she works harder than me.


1. A + be + 形容词比较级 + than + B
e.g. I’m more outgoing than you. 我比你更外向。 2. A + 实义动词 + 副词比较级 + than + B e.g. Tom jumps higher than Jack. 汤姆比鲍勃跳得更高。

两者进行比较,表示“一方与另一方 一样??” 1. A + be + as 形容词原形 + as + B

e.g. Jack is as funny as Mike.
杰克与迈克一样滑稽。 2. A + 实义动词 + as 副词原形 + as + B e.g. Claire gets up as early as Sue.


Complete the sentences according to the text.
1. 汤姆比萨姆更聪明吗? Is Tom _______ ____ Sam? smarter than 2. 不是。萨姆比汤姆更聪明。 No, he isn’t. Sam is _______ _____ Tom. smarter than 3. 塔拉比蒂娜更外向吗? Is Tara _____ ________ _____ Tina? more outgoing than

4. 不是。蒂娜比塔拉更外向。 more outgoing No, she isn’t. Tina is ______ ________

than _____ Tara.
5. 你和你姐姐一样友善吗? ____ you ___ friendly ___ your sister? as as Are 6. 不是。我更友善一些。

No, I’m not. I’m _________. friendlier

7. 塔拉与蒂娜工作一样努力吗?
Does Tara work ___ _____ ___ Tina? as hard as 8. 谁在学校里更努力一些? Who’s _____ _____________ at school? more hard-working

9. 蒂娜认为她学习比我更努力。 Tina thinks she works _____ than me. _____ hard

3a Use the words to write questions and answers.
1. Julie / tall / you Q: Is Julie as tall as you? _______________________ taller A: No, she isn’t. She’s ________ than me.

2. Jack / run / fast / Sam
Q: ____________________________ Does Jack run faster than Sam? slower A: No, he doesn’t. He runs______ than Sam.

3. your cousin / outgoing / you

Is your cousin more outgoing than Q:____________________________ you?
A: No, she isn’t. She’s___________ than me. more serious

4. Paul / funny/ Carol
Is Paul as funny as Carol? Q: _____________________________

A: No, he isn’t. He’s more funnier ___________than Carol.

3b Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how you are different now.

1. Are you taller?
____________________________________ Yes, I am. I’m taller now than I was two ___________

years ago. 2. Are you funnier?

________________________________________ Yes, I am. I’m funnier now than I was two

years ago. ________________________________________

3. Are you more outgoing?
Yes, I am. I’m more outgoing now than I ______________________________________ was two years ago. _____________________

______________________________________ Yes, I do. I study harder now than I did two _______________________ years ago. 4. Do you study English harder? Yes, I do. I sing better now than I did two ______________________________________ years ago. _____________________

Compare your parents. Check (√) 3c who is smarter, funnier, etc. in the chart. Then ask your partner about his /her parents. A: Who is smarter, your mother or your father? B: I think my mother is smarter than my father.

Mother smart funny work hard


friendly sing well

Fill in the blanks.

1. My hair is ______ (long) than my longer

2. I am _____ (tall) than you. taller
3. She is _____ ________ (outgoing) more outgoing

than me.

4. Lily is _______ (heavy) than Lucy. heavier
And Lucy is _______ (thin) than Lily. thinner

5. I have _______ (short) hair than Tina. shorter
6. Tom is more ____________ (hard_____ hard-working

working) than Tim.

Say something about your past and now.

I was shorter and more outgoing … But now, I am taller and …

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