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Module 8

Choose presents
Unit 2

She often goes to concerts.

Objectives: 1. To understand the passage “Choosing birthday presents”; 2. To learn to use some adverbs of frequency: always, often, usually, sometimes, never

Words: chocolate, magazine, scarf, silk, concert, scarves Phrases: spend a lot of money, go to the cinema, go to concert, at weekends, on television Patterns: She doesn’t often buy any because… She likes going to concerts but it’s often …

If your birthday is tomorrow, what presents would you like? Why?

Look at the following pictures.

Choose your birthday present.

a box of chocolates

a CD

a cinema ticket

a concert ticket

some story books

a pair of shoes

a pair of jeans

a silk shirt

a T-shirt

Work in pairs. A: What would you like for your birthday party? B: (I’d like) A box of chocolates.

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions

CD concert magazine scarf silk dress T-shirt choose

n. 光盘;激光唱片 n. 音乐会 n. 杂志 n. 围巾 n. 丝绸 n. 连衣裙;礼服 n. T恤衫 v. 选择;挑选

Words and expressions

exercise n. 锻炼;练习 wear v. 穿;戴 expensive adj. 昂贵的 shoe n. 鞋,鞋子 spend v. 花(钱); 花费 money n. 钱,金钱

Words and expressions
film song match weekend at weekends

n. 电影 n. 歌曲 n. 比赛,竞赛(尤指体育) n. 周末 在周末

看图并回答。 Daming’s uncle
Daming’s mother Betty’s aunt and uncle

Tony’s sister Lingling’s father

Who are we going to choose presents for?

⑥ ⑨

Which presents do you choose?

Answer the questions. 1. Does Daming’ mother like chocolate? Yes, she does. 2. How many silk scarves does she have got? Eleven. 3. How often do Daming’s grandparents get some exercise? Twenty.

4. Does Tony’s sister like music? Yes, she does. 5. When Lingling’s aunt and uncle usually watch football on TV? At weekends. 6. Which team do they always like watching? AC Milan.

1. She spends a lot of money. 她花了很多钱。 spend作动词,意为“花(钱),花费(时间 )”,一般用表示人的名词作主语。常见用法 有: ★spend + 名词 花(费)…… ★spend + 时间 / 金钱+ on sth在……上花费 时间 / 金钱 ★spend + 时间 / 金钱+ (in) doing sth花费时 间 / 金钱做某事 Tom spends a lot of money every day. Jack spends ten dollars on this present. I spend three hours (in) cleaning the room.

a lot of 相当于 lots of “许多,大量”, 后 面接不可数名词, 相当于much。后面接可 数名词复数形式时, 相当于many。 There is lots of/a lot of/much food in the fridge. 冰箱里有许多食物。 a lot of 与lots of 多用于肯定句,在否 定句和疑问句中多用many或much。

2. She also likes films and often goes to the cinema, … 她也喜欢电影,经常去电影院…… go to the cinema 意为“去看电影”。 类似

的短语还有: concerts 去听音乐会 去看足球比赛 go to football match basketball matches 去看篮球比赛

go 之后加 to 跟宾语, 可构成一些动词 短语。 go to school go to the film 上学 去看电影

go to the doctor 去看病 go to bed 上床睡觉

Free talk
Suppose: Tomorrow is your father’s birthday, what are you going to send him? Why? My father likes running/…, so I am going to send him a pair of trainers/… reading/books/magazines/films/candy /clothes/music/football/basketball /table tennis/…

Write these sentences with “ ’ ” (apostrophe).
1. Daming’s uncle likes books, but he doesn ’t like football. 2. Betty’s aunt and uncle like the cinema. Their favourite film is Lord of the Rings. 3. Tony’s sister often buys CDs by her favourite singers.

4. Lingling ’ s father doesn ’t go to football matches. He watches TV. 5. Daming’s mother doesn’t wear jeans.

一、单项选择。 1. Jim buys a new bike ___ himself. A. to B. for C. on 2. She likes ____ and she reads ___ book. A. reading; a lot B. reading; lots of C. to read; lot of 3. He __ sees some films on the computer. A. usually B. never C. so

二、按要求完成句子。 1. She plays the piano and likes to sing. (改为否定句) She _______ ____ the piano __ like doesn’t play or to sing.

2. He often goes to the cinema. (改为一般疑问句) ____ Does he often ___ to the cinema? go 3. Betty’s aunt and uncle live in the USA. (就划线部分提问) ______ __ ___? Where do Betty’s aunt and uncle live

三、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. 她没有多少衣服。 She doesn’t ____ ___ any clothes. ______ have got
2. 迈克的爷爷经常在收音机上听音乐。 Mike’s grandpa often listen to the music __ ___ radio on the _____. 3. 她花了50元买这件T-shirt。 I ______ fifty yuan on this T-shirt. __ spend

4. 他们花了一个小时踢足球。 They spend one hour (in) playing _____ football. 5. 你和谁一起去音乐会? Who do you __ __ the concerts with? go to ___ _______ 6. 你昨天看足球比赛了吗? Did you watch ___ _______ ______ _____ the football match yesterday?

1. Read the passage again and review the new words and expressions. 2. Write something about your idea of choosing birthday presents (30-50字). choose, lots of, go to the cinema, on television, never do sth., like doing sth.

1. To preview the use of present simple, adverbs of frequency and possessive adjectives; 2. To practise the vocabulary.

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