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M3U3 Language in use

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Module 3 Sporting life

Unit 3

Language in use


本课的语法内容有一定的了解, 下面


时态 主动语态 被动语态

一般 do/does is/am/are+done 现在时 一般 was/were+done did 过去时 一般 will/ will be done 将来时 be going to do be going to be done

下面让我们来看一下被动语态的疑问和 否定形式该如何表达呢?
时态 肯定形式 否定形式 疑问形式

一般 S+ S+am/is/are Am/Is/Are 现在时 am/is/are +not+done +S+done? +done

时态 肯定形式


疑问形式 Was /Were +S+done?

S+ 一般 S+ was/were was/were 过去 +done +not+done 时

S+will be S+will not Will+ S +done be+done +done? 一般 将来 S+am/is/ S+am/is/are Am /Is/Are not going to +S+going to 时 are going to be done be done? be done

含宾语补足语结构的被动语态: 下面让我们来看一下像invite sb. to do sth.等复合宾语结构在被动语态 中有变化吗?下面让我们一起来对 比一下主动语态的形式与被动语态 的形式:

宾补 O. S V. I will ask you to go to school.

You will be asked (by me) to go to school.
由上可以看出, 被动语态的句子是把主动

语态中的宾语提到了主语的位置, 宾语补

含双宾语结构的被动语态: 含双宾语的主动结构变为被动结构时, 有两种方法: (可带双宾语的动词常有:pass, give, send, show, buy, teach等) ①将间接宾语变为主语, 直接宾语保持 不变。 ②将直接宾语变为主语, 间接宾语前须 有介词(一般是for或to)。

如: He gave me a book. I was given a book by him. The book was given to me by him.
③在主动语态中,动词make, let, see, hear,

feel, watch, find, notice 等后接不带to 的 不定式作宾语补足语,但变成被动语态 时,后面要加to。

如: I heard him sing in the next school. he was heard to sing in the next school. The man makes the boy do his homework. The boy is made to do his homework (by the man).

1. Her friend sent her a gift yesterday. A gift ____ ____ __ her yesterday by was sent to her friend. She ____ ____ a gift yesterday by her was sent friend.
2. My father bought me a new bike. A new bike ___ _______ ___ me by my was bought for father. I was ______ a new bike by my father. ___ bought

1. Tony _________ football every weekend when he was young. A.plays B. played C. is playing D. has played (2013 浙江宁波) 2. The schoolboy ___ to the blind man on his way home yesterday afternoon. A.apologizes B. apologized C. will apologize D. has apologized (2013 上海卷)

4. China has offered much help to Japan since it ______ by the earthquake and tsunami(海啸). (山东省济宁市) A. hits B. is hit C. was hit D. will be hit 5. There was a big earthquake in Japan, but luckily many

people _______. (浙江省宁波市) A. save B. saved C. are saved D. were saved

6. A Disneyland Park (迪斯尼乐园) ___ in Shanghai Pudong New Area in the near future. (上海市) A. builds B. has built C. will build D. will be built 7. —Look, what an old palace! It looks so great! —Yeah, it ______ nearly 800 years ago. (吉林省通化市) A. was building B. was built C. has built D. is built

8. Liu Xiang _______ by his coach to train regularly. (天津) A. advised B. advises C. was advised D. be advised 9. —Can you sing this English song? —Of course I can. It ______ many times on the radio. (江苏南京) A. taught B. has taught C. is taught D. has been taught

10. A new factory is being built in Neijiang. I hope it _____ at the end of this year. (四川省内江市) A. will be finished B. finishes C. will finish 11. Last month a new law _____ in China to stop people from smoking in public places. (江苏省盐城市) A. is passed B. passes C. had passed D. was passed

12. —It’s said that an airport _____ in Yangzhou. —It’s true. That’s what we are getting excited about these days. (江苏省扬州市) A. builds B. will build C. is building D. will be built 13. —Susan, why are you still here? They are all ready to start. —I’m sorry, but I ______ when to leave. (山西省) A. don’t tell B. didn’t well C. wasn’t told

14. No conclusion ____ before we complete this test. (四川成都) A. is made B. will be made C. has made 15. Tomorrow there’s a programme about our school on TV. Then it _________ by millions of people. (辽宁沈阳) A. will see B. saw C. will be seen D. was seen 16. Last weekend, Jack ____ to a birthday party and he had a lot of fun. (吉林长春) A. invite B. was invited C. invited D. is invited

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words.

Millions of people around the world (1) _________ (watch) the last Olympic watched Games. And the next Olympic Games (2)____________ (see) by millions more. will be seen Some stars of the last Olympics (3) ______________ (train) at special were trained schools. Special programme was set up help them.

There, students’ performance (4) was recorded _____________ (record) and (5) ___________ (compare) with the compared world's beat sports stars. The coaches (6) _______ (use) the information to used

chaining programmes, The same help programmes (7) ______ also _______ will (help) to make the stars of the future.

Look at the pictures and put them in the correct order.






Now work in pairs and discuss
the true event of the Olympics in London, 1908. Use the words

under each picture.

An Italian marathon runner, Dorando Pietri, entered the stadium and took a wrong turn. He fell down.

He was treated by a doctor.

He was helped across the finishing line.

He was awarded first place.

An hour later, after a discussion, the American Johnny Hayes was given first place instead.

Complete the conversation wi

th the correct form of the words in the box.
compare competition defeat

encourage fan match point team train win

Ted: Did you watch the match on Saturday? fan Bob: Yes, I did. I’m a big (1) ___ of BIG. Ted: Oh, BIG is my favourite (2) _____, too. team Bob: I'm very happy because they competition did so well in the (3) ___________. Ted: Yes, they have scored so many (4) ______this season. points

Bob: They’ve (5)_____ many won matches … encouraged Ted: And that must have (6) __________ them a lot. defeat Bob: Do you think they'll (7) _____ HAS? trained Ted: Yes, I do. They’ve (8) _______ very hard this season. compared Bob: Yes, and I think BIG play very well (9) __________with HAS now.

Choose the best answer.

1. Xu Haifeng won the first gold ____ in Olympic Game for China. a) medal b) symbol c) prize d) point 2. Liu Xiang _______ by his coach to train regularly. a) told b) was advised c) was defeated d) compared

3. The team played well , but they didn't ______ the competition. a) score b) do c) win d) succeed 4. Mr Li ________ to represent the new computer company because of his great contribution. a) were noticed b) was chosen c) set up d) help

5. Our team entered the ____ after we won 50 matches. a) competition b) season c) medal d) training 6. BIG ______ Beijing International Globetrotter. a) makes b) spells c) stands for d) looks like

7. Our team lost ! They _____ by the champions. a) noticed b) were defeated c) won d) were encouraged

Listen and check the true statements.

√ × × ×


1 She found her training difficult when she first started doing taekwondo. 2 She trains without a coach. 3 She is a very tough person, even when she isn’t doing sports. 4 She didn’t win a gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games. 5 Chen Zhong won’t be in the next Olympic Games.

Listen again and choose the correct answer.
1. Who encouraged her to continue with her training? a) Her coach and her. b) Her friends. c) Her fans.

2. How does she change when she

is in a competition? a) She becomes tough. b) She becomes shy. c) She becomes happy.

3. What does Chen Zhong want to do in the future? a) To set up a taekwondo school. b) To encourage people to take part in the Olympics. c) To win another gold medal in the next Olympic Games.


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、单项选择。 1. Some famous paintings _____ in the hall in a few days. A. will show B. will be shown C. is shown D. were shown 2. —Who’s the little baby in the photo, Susan? — It’s me. This photo many years ago. A.takes B. is taken

3. All his favourite storybooks by his mother before the exam. A. hid B. have hidden C. were hiding D. were hidden 4. If I another five minutes, I’ll get everything ready. A. will give B. will be given C. am given D. was given 5. Hundreds of jobs if the factory closes down. A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose

二、按要求改写下列句子(每空一词)。 1. Someone saw the little girl ente

r the shop. (改为被动语态) The little girl was seen to enter the shop. 2. Will they invite Lucy to the party? (改为被动语态) Will Lucy be invited to the party?

3. She was so sad that she couldn’t say a word. (改为同义句) She was too sad to say a word. 4. To drink enough water every day is important. (改为同义句) It’s important to drink enough water every day. 5. I really don’t know how I should explain it to you. (改为简单句) I really don’t know how to explain it to you.

To summarize what we have learnt in this module and preview the next.

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