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( )1、

( )2、

( )3

( )4

( )5


( )6. A. Yes, you can . B. No, you can’t. C. Yes, please.

( )7. A. Yes. I’m well. B. Oh, that’s what we think too. C. That’

s nice. 我们的口号:全心全意为人民的教育事业服务!-教改先锋网[Jgxfw.CoM] 1


( )8. A. No problem. B. Geography. C. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )9. A. That’s a good idea. B. I agree. C. Why not?

( )10. A. Thanks, I will. B. Yes. I agree. C. No, thanks.

C) 你将听到一段短文,听完短文后,选择正确答案。(听两遍)

( )11. When did the family go out for the holiday?

A. Last May Day. B. Last Sunday. C. Last week.

( )12. How did their car move?

A. It moved very slowly. B. It moved very fast.

C. It could not move.

( )13. How long did it take them to get out of the town?

A. About half an hour. B. About an hour. C. Two hours.

( )14. What suddenly came to them?

A. A strong wind. B. A car. C. A bus.

( )15. What did they think of their trip?

A. It was pleasant. B. It was funny. C. It was sad.


( A. can work out it B. couldn’t work out it

C. couldn't work it out D. can work it out

( A. like B. that C. because D. because of

( A. both side B. all sides C. each side D. very side

( A. to finish B. finish C. finished D. finishing

( A. will have B. are going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be A. all the other cities B. all the city

C. any other city D. any city

( )7. How did you make him________________?

A. stop talking B. to stop talking C. stop to talk D. stopped to talk

( )8. Could you say____________ about it, please? I’d like to know___________.

A.nothing else; more B. anything else; most

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C. anything other; more D. something else; more

( )9. At the sports meeting, Amy ran_______.

A. as fast as she can B. as soon as she could

C. as fast as she could D. as sooner as she can

( )10. I think picking apples _______very interesting .

A. are B. is C .be D. am

( ) 11. Why ___ you ____ to school earlier this morning ?

A. did ; came B. didn’t ; come C. didn’t ; came D. did ; not come A. popular B. popularer C. less popular D. not as popular

( )13.They are twin brothers. That means they were born at _________.

A. same year B. the same year C. different year D. the different year

( A. have to B. haven’t to C. don’t have to D. needn’t to

( )15.---_______is your school from here?

----It’s about 3 kilometres _____.

A. How long; far B. How long; away C. How far; far D. How far; away

三、完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) get on(相处的) well. That doesn't mean that they no longer like each other. As time passes, they will make up(言归于好There's more good news for people who have friends. They live longer than people who don't. Why? It could ( )1.A.look B. watch C. feel D. see

( )2.A.It B. He C. There D. Someone

( )3.A.alone B. away C. all over D. around

( )4.A.ever B. never C. just D. really

( )5.A.always B. sometimes C. often D. usually

( )6.A.teachers B. students C. players D. friends

( )7.A.angry B. unhappy C. happy D. hungry

( )8.A.call B. ask C. tell D. speak

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( )9.A.look for B. find C. make D. know

( )10.A.happier B. poorer C. kinder D. stronger



A man has a cat. He likes her very much. At mealtime the cat sits at the table with him. The man eats with a knife and a fork, but the cat eats from her plate. Sometimes, when she finishes her dish, her master will give her a bit of his food. He shares his meal with her. One day the cat is not at the table at mealtime.

“Ah! Where is my cat?” asks the man.

His wife says, “Can’t you eat without her?”

So the meal begins without the cat. Before lunch is over, the cat rushes into the room and jumps onto the chair quickly. She has two mice in her mouth, and before anyone can stop her, she drops(扔下) one into her own plate, and the other into her master’s plate.

“Dear me!” cries the woman, “A mouse is in your plate!”

“Hush(安静)!” says her husband. “This shows that she is a nice cat. She knows what friendship is. She

wishes me to share her dinner as I often share mine with her.


( )1. The master loves his cat very much.

( )2. The cat always shares her food with her master.

( )3. One day the cat is not at the table at mealtime.

( )4. The cat hurries home with two mice in her mouth when the master and his wife are having lunch.

( )5. The story tells us the cat also loves her master.


Long, long ago there was a very foolish thief. Do you know what he did one day? When he wanted to steal(偷) the bell on his neighbour’s door, he walked up to the door, took hold of(抓住) the bell and pulled hard. The bell made a very loud noise. The thief was afraid and went home.

Then he sat down to think, “I must do something about the noise,” he said. He thought and thought. At last he had an idea. “Ah, I’ll put some cotton in my ears. Then I won’t be able to hear the noise.” The next day he went to the door of his neighbour, and took hold of the bell. This time he pulled even harder. The bell rang loudly, but the thief did not hear anything. With another hard pull he got the bell out. Just then the neighbour came running out. “Steal my bell? I’ll teach you a lesson(教训),”the angry man shouted. And he hit the thief on the nose.

The foolish thief did not know how the neighbour found out he was stealing the bell. “Why did he come out just then?” he wondered(感到疑惑). A. his neighbour B. his neighbour’s doorbell

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C. some cotton D. a door with a bell on it A. safe B. difficult C.dangerous D. easy

( )3. The neighbour ran out probably(很可能) because__________________.

A. he knew his doorbell was being stolen

B. he thought someone was eager(渴望的)to visit him

C. He realized(意识到)something strange happened

D. Both B and C

( )4. The neighbour hit the thief to_____________________.

A. give him lessons B. punish (惩罚) him for stealing

C. help him with the bell D. be his teacher

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The thief understood why he was hit on the nose.

B. The thief knew why the neighbour came out.

C .The thief thought the neighbour could not hear the bell.

D. The thief didn’t want to know why the neighbour ran out just at the time he stole the doorbell.


In America, when people say“man's best friend”, they don't mean another person. Instead, they are talking about a lovely animal—a dog! These words show the friendship(友谊) between people and animals. Dogs and other pets can give joy to people's lives. Some people think of their pets as their children. Some people even leave all their money to their pets when they die!

Animals can help people, too. Dogs can be taught to be the“eyes”for a blind person (盲人) or“ears”for a deaf(耳聋) person. Scientists have found that pets help people live longer! They make people happier, too. Because of that, they bring animals into hospitals for“visits”.

Americans hold“Be Kind to Animals Week”in the first week of May. Pet shows are held during the week. Even if you don't live in America, you, too, can do this. How? First think about how animals make your life richer. If you have a pet, take more time this week to play with it. Remember to give it delicious food.

If you don't have a pet, be kind to animals around you. For example, if you see a street dog, just leave it

alone, or make friends with it. If others around you do bad things to animals, try to speak up. As people, we must protect(保护) animals who can't speak for themselves.

( )1.“Some people even leave all their money to their pets when they die!”is used to prove(证明 A. pets have the right(权利) to inherit(继承) money

B. money can make pets happy

C. it's the best way to spend money

D. some pets are as important to their owners as their children

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( )2. According(依照 A. they are ill and they need to see the doctor

B. they can make the patients(病人) happier

C. they can help the doctor find out the problems

D. the doctors can do experiment(试验) on them

( )3. During the“Be Kind to Animals Week” A. hold pet shows

B. play with the pets the whole week

C. cook delicious food for pets

D. make friends with other people's pets

( )4.Which of the following statements(陈述) is NOT true?

A. Dogs can help people in many ways.

B. Dogs can help people live happier.

C. Dogs can help people make everything.

D. Dogs can make people's lives richer.

( )5. What is the main idea of the passage?

A.A lot of people are interested in dogs.

B. Dogs can help people do many things.

C. Pets are lovely and need care and protection(保护).

D. We have done a lot of things for pets.



A) 根据句意和提示,写出单词。

1. Miss Tang has no s_________ of humour. We dislike her.

2. Outdoor __________(活动) are good for our health. 不舒服) after I have ice cream.

4. You’ll find it u____________ to learn English well after you leave school.

5. Liu Xiang and Yao Ming are both my___________(崇拜的对象).Do you agree with me?


4. What’s the 5. He would like ________ a teacher when he grows up.

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C) 用所给动词的正确形式填空。 2.Simon spends a lot of time ____________(practice) playing basketball every day.

3.He with his friends ____________ (play) football right now in the playground.

4._______ you _________( like) a cup of tea? Yes, please.

5. Can you help me ____________(solve) the problem?

六、根据所学课文填空, 完成句子(每空1分,满分5分)

During this ________ Reading Week, I read the ________ books in my class. My classmates and I love our Reading Week. We can read any books from the school ________. We can ________ bring in books and ___________ from home but we have to tell our English teacher what we are reading.

七、下面的句子中各存在一处错误,你能找出来吗? 在错的下面划线并在横线上改正(每题1分,满分5分)

1.We should speak as more English as we can. ___________

2.Polly gave the photo to the best friend of him. ___________

3.My mother often talks me a story before I go to bed. ___________

4.What about go out to play games? ___________

5. Our classroom is the same from Daniel’s classroom. ___________



题目: “Our School Life”

要点提示: 1学校上课的情况

2 学校的课余生活

3 你对你的学校生活的看法如何


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1. The animal often jumps fast. It is very special. It has a bag in its body.

2. The old man is in hospital for a week.

3. The girl is calling for help in the river.

4. The children are playing a game now. They are having a pleasant time.

5. Amy’s father is tall and slim. He doesn’t wear glasses.


6.Can I have some more food?

7. Are you getting better now?

8. What is your friend’s favourite subject?

9. Why not go and have a drink?

10s.Will you please say hello to your parents for me?


Last May Day my family went to the country by car for our holiday. There was too much traffic on the road, so we had to move very slowly. It took us about an hour to get out of the town. After some time, we went up to a hill. It was green and beautiful. We thought this was a good place for a picnic, so we stopped and took the food, fruit and drinks out of the car. We sat down and began to eat. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and it started to rain. We had to run back to our car and had our picnic in the car. Then we drove back home. What a sad trip! 参考答案










A) sense, activities, uncomfortable, useful, heroes

B) twice, useless, worse, length, to be

C) Taking, practicing, is playing, Would…like, solve

六、根据所学课文填空, 完成句子(每空1分,满分5分)

year’s, most, library, even, magazines

七、下面的句子中各存在一处错误,你能找出来吗? 在错的下面划线并在横线上改正(每题1分,满分5分)

1. more → much

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2. him → his

3. talks → tells

4. go →going

5. same →different/from → as


Our School Life

Our school life is very happy. We have many kind and friendly teachers there. We have seven lessons a day, three in the morning and four in the afternoon. My favurite subject is English, because it’s very

interesting. We can do many things after school. There are a lot of clubs in our school. I go to the reading club every Tuesday and Friday. We can read many books if we like. Our school life is very nice. We like it very much.What about yours?

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