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姓名: 分数:120分)


一、听句子,选出你所听到的单词。(10分) ( )1.A.her ( )2.A.Smith ( )3.A.423-3688 ( )4.A.last ( )5.A.Jenny

B.my B.Jones B.432-3688 B.first B.James

C.his C.Green C.432-3866 C.family C.John

D.your D.Grace D.423-3866 D.friend D.Jim





1.Your family name is Moore, and what’s your name? 2.? 3.. 4.

5. name is Bruce. 6.

is 422-2785. 7. days in a week.

8.9. students are in the classroom. There are no boys. 10.What’s your a?

二、根据句意用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1.I’m a singer and _________(I) name’s Dale. 2.Is _________(she) book new? 3.It’s nice __________(meet) you.

4.Let _________(we)learn and read English.

5.What’s the __________(boy) name?

6.His __________(one) name is Jones.

7.Six and eight ___________(be) fourteen.

8.In the small village(村子), there are only nine __________(family) now.

9.How are ____________(your)?

10.Can you ____________(answer) the question.


( )1.-What’s your telephone number?

-___________ 278-106.

A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it ( )2.-Is that a ruler?

-No, ______________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t ( )3.All the ________ have __________ own meanings.

A.name, its B.names, its C.name, their D.names, their ( )4.The girl’s name is Maria Schuartz, so her ___________ name’s Maria.

A.last B.family C.first D.mother ( )5.Each of the students under 15 years old doesn’t have _________ ID card.

A.an B.the C.any D.a ( )6.Please listen and _______________ the nice pictures.

A.numbers B.meets C.look D.number ( )7.That’s a girl. Her name is ___________.

A.Wang Xiaoling B.Wang Xiao Ling

C.Wang xiaoling D.Wang xiao ling

( )8.__________ a list of the boys’ names and the girls’ names.

A.Take B.Make C.Writes D.Do ( )9.Let’s __________ the name game.

A.sing B.work C.play D.dance ( )10.-Thank you very much.


A.No thanks B.Thank you. C.Not at all D.That’s right




_________ _________ his name?


_________ _________ James?

3.I’m Jenny.(改为同义句)

_________ _________ is Jenny.

4.Linda’s telephone number is 605-4279.(改为一般疑问句)

________ her _________ _________ 605-4279?

5.name, is, family, Lucy’s, Read.(连词成句)

_________ _________ _________ _________ __________. (B)根据汉语意思完成下列句子。 6.你能回答他的问题吗?

Can you _________ _________ __________? 7.让我们结对问和答。

Let’s _________ and _________ in ___________. 8.我的姓氏是史密斯。

My _________ _________ Smith. 9.她的电话号码是多少?

_________ her _________ _________? 10.这用英语怎么说?

_________ this _________ _________? 五、补全对话。(10分) Li Lei: Hello. My name is Li Lei. And what’s your name? . ? Li Lei: It’s 37916542. Jim: It is 37246510. 六、完形填空。(10分)

My is Lucy. I’m a . I’m . I’m now. My teacher is a an teacher. David is my friend. He is English. He is fourteen. David and I in Class 3, Grade1. I am Number I in Row 2. He is in the same row. His English is . He has(有) a parrot. name is Polly. ( )1.A.name ( )2.A.man ( )3.A.Japan ( )4.A.at the school ( )5.A.boy ( )6.A.Japanese ( )7.A.are ( )8.A.in ( )9.A.well ( )10.A.It’s

B.number B.woman B.China B.at school B.man B.English B.am B.at B.OK B.Its

C.class C.girl C.American C.in the school C.English C.Chinese C.is C.× C.good C.It is

D.row D.boy D.America D.good D.woman D.good D.be D.on D.fine D.its



Julia’s Chinese name is Liu Min, she is in Class 6 and her telephone number is 756-4321. She has a brother, his name is Adam. He is a tall boy, he has(有) some good friends at school. Julia and her brother like apples very much. Julia’s favourite colour is white, but Adam likes black. Black is his favourite colour. They are in China(中国) now, their Chinese teacher is Miss Wang. She is a good teacher.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。(10分) ( )1.Adam has a Chinese name. ( )2.Miss Li is an English teacher.

( )3.Adam is Julia’s brother.

( )4.Julia is tall.

( )5.Julia likes white and Adam likes black.

( )6.They’re in China now.

( )7.Julia’s telephone number is 765-4321.

( )8.Julia and Adam like apples.

( )9.Julia has some good friends.

( )10.Their Chinese teacher is good.



Hello! I’m Li Lei. My English name is Paul Grace. I am a Chinese student. I have a teacher of

English. Her name is Mary Brown. Her telephone number is 181-9176. My telephone number is 766-3725. I live(居住

) at No. 123, Zhongshan Road Chongqing.

7.Is Paul Grace Chinese or English?

8.Where(何处) does Li Lei live?

9.Is Mary a name for a woman?

10.Is Lei the family name?




1.What’s her name?2.My last name is Green.

3.Her telephone number is 432-3866.4.What’s your first name?5.His name is Jim.

(keys: 1-5: ACCBD)


6.My name is Mark Smith, my telephone number is 278-6193.

7.His name is Tony Brown. His telephone number is 352-7818.

8.Her name is Linda Green and her telephone number 929-8056.

9.M: What’s your telephone number, Mary white?

W: My telephone number is 598-3199.

10.W: What’s your last name, Peter?

M: My last name is Bush. My telephone number is 431-6985.

(keys: 6. 278-6193 7. Brown 8. 929-8056 9. White 10. Peter)


M: Hi!

W: Hi!

M: I’m James. What’s your name, please?

W: My name is Susan.

M: My last name is Hunt. What’s your last name?

W: Hill. My telephone is 576-3952. Can you tell me your telephone number?

M: Yes. My telephone number is 644-2985.

(keys: 11. Susan 12. Hill 13. James 14. Hunt 15. 644-2985)


一、1.first 2.card 3.questions 4. Look 5.His 6.number 7.seven 8.clock 9.girl


二、1.my 2.her 3.to meet 4.us 5.boy’s 6.first 7.is 8.families 9.you 10.answer 三、1-5: CBDCA 6-10:DABCC

四、(A)1.What is 2.How is 3.My name 4.Is; telephone number

5.Lucy’s family name is Read.

(B)6.answer his question 7.ask; answer; pairs 8.family/ last; name’s

9.What’s; telephone number 10.What’s; in English

五、1.What is your name? 2.My name is Jim. 3.Nice to meet you, too.

4.What is your telephone number?5.And what is your telephone number?

六、1-5: ACCBD 6-10: CACCB

七、(A) 1-5: FFTFT 6-10: TFTFT

(B) 1.Paul 2.Grace 3.766-3725 4.Mary 5.Brown 6.281-9176 7.Chinese.

8.He lives in/ at No.123, Zhongshan Road Chongqing. 9.Yes, it is. 10.No, it isn’t.


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