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8下Unit 1

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Unit 1


1. shower n. 阵雨;淋雨

eg. There will be a _____ this evening . I took a _____ after playing football.

2. rise – rose – risen (反set)升起;上升

The sun ______in the east and sets in the west.

3. exact adj. 精确的; 准确的 (副词 exactly正, 恰好)

eg. I don’t know the ________answer to the question.

It’s now ______ten o’clock.

4. neither 既不;也不;(二者)都不

Neither of them _______(walk) to school every day.

Neither he nor she ______(like) to play chess.

5. wind – windy

6. nearly adv. 几乎;差不多 The old man is _______ 80 years old .

7. plenty (of ) + 可数名词复数、不可数名词 大量的,许多的

8. instead 代替;更换He is tired . Let me go ________.

instead of + 名词,代词 I can help you clean the room _________you .

8. push v. n. 推;按下

Don’t _______ the door. It’s broken. Can you give me a _______?

9.shall v. 将;会

---Shall we go swimming ?---Good idea. (Shall we do sth.? 我们做……好吗)

9. low 低的; 浅的

The temperature today is very ______. The price of the apples is so____ in the market today.

10. below 低于 The temperature today is below zero .

11. until 直到……为止 I have to wait for him ______ 12 o’clock.

’clock yesterday evening .

Lesson 1.

1. 短语

On the radio during\in the day be scared of talk about

I often practice my English __________.

Many kinds of animals sleep ________.My sister __________going out at night.

They are ________some questions.

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