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Ⅰ. 单项选择.(30分)

( )1 . —Welcome to Hangzhou!— ______ A. Thank you B.Thanks C.thanks a lot D.A.B and C ( )2 .—Do you have a pen ? — _________ . I don’t have one . A.Yes B.Sorry C.Excuse me D.Right

( )3. The girl ____red is Jane .She ____red clothes.

A. in,likes B.likes,in C.in,like D.like,in

( )4. My mother is fat, _____my father is not.

A.but B.or C.then D.so

( )5. That’s_____pen. Please give it to _____

A. his,he B.hers,she C.his,him D.he,him

( )6. I like the pants . Can I _____?

A.try it on B.try them on

C.try on it D.try on them

( )7. We often have _____and _____ for breakfast.

A. milk,hamburger B.milks,hamburgers

C.milk,hamburger Dmilks,hamburgher

( )8. —_____skirt is this?—It’s hers.

A.Whose B.What color C.Who D.Where

( )9. —Are these their buses? —_____.

A.No these aren’t. B.No,they are theirs.

C.Yes,they are D.Yes,these are. ( )10. —please have a seat. —_____. A.Thank you. B.OK,here you are. C.Yes,I do. D.Sorry. ( )11. —Would you like _____chicken? —Yes,please. A. many B.any C.some D.few ( )12. —What do you do ? —_____ A. What do you do B.Thanks C.I’m a student. D.I’m your teacher. ( )13. My parents _____office workers. A.are all B.are both C.all are D.both are ( )14.Can Mike _____that in chinese? A.say B.says C.speak D.speaks ( )15. We need two _____. A.kilos of eggs B.kilo of egg C.kilos of egg D.kilo of eggs Ⅱ.完形填空

I’’’m in ’m in Class 2,Grade 1. There are 50 students in our Class—our school.

( )1. A.name B,number C.names D.name’s

( )2. A.at B.on C.of D.from

( )3.A.Mine B.our C.their D.your

( )4.A.boys B.girls C.men D.women ( )5.A.She B.He C.It D.They ( )6.A.likes B.is like C.like D.am like ( )7. A.likes B.is like C.like D.is liking

( )8. A.workers B.teachers C.friends D. boys

( )9. A.mother B.father C.brother D.uncle

( )10. A.is B.am C.are D.be

Ⅲ.词汇 1.Let’s go to the zoo . —Good i____! 2.We are in the same school,but in d____grades. 3,.—What would you like to e____?—some bread,plesase. 4.My mother’s sister is my a____. 5.We don’t go to school on Saturdays and S____. 6. —May I____your____(点菜),sir? —Rice and vegetables,please. 7.Mother____ ____(照顾)my sister at home. 8.We need____ ____(两瓶)of milk. 9.Please____this jacket____(给)your brother. 10. ____ ____(随便吃)to some apples,Lucy. V.句型转换(10分) 1.Our pants are_对划线部分提问) ____ ____ ____your pants? 2.He does some shopping in the morning.(改为否定句) He ____ ____any shopping in the morning. 3.This baby is a boy.(改为复数形式) ____ ____are____. 4. Mary has an eraser .(改为一般疑问句) ____Mary____an eraser? 5.Would you like to go shopping with me?(改为同义句) ____ ____go shopping with me? Ⅳ.书面表达 根据提示词写一篇介绍你的朋友Mike的短文。 60个词左右。提示词必须全部用上。 Mike English boy years old school head face father mother like food happy family

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