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【2013北京】1. — Which do you prefer, tea____________ coffee? —Tea, please. A. but B. so C. or D. and

【2013厦门】2. —Would you like to come to my party on Saturday, Sam? —I’d love to, ___ I can’t. I have to take a piano lesson. A. and B. but C. or

【2013恩施】3. ________ Bill ________ Tom will go to your party, because one of them must stay at home to look after the baby. A.Neither; nor B.Either; or C.Both; and

【2013绥化】4.—When are you going to Beijing for your holiday? —I haven’t decided. _______ this Sunday _______ next Sunday is OK. A.Not only; but also B.Neither; nor C.Either; or

【2013宿迁】5. Helen didn’t know anything about it ___ her father told her. A. if B. because C. after D. until

【2013雅安】6. Be quick, ___ we'll be late for the meeting. A. and B. but C. so D. or

【2013襄阳】7---How do you like the concert given by F.L.R.? ---Exciting, ______ one piece of the music wasn’t played quite well. A. though B. because C. so D. and

【2013长沙】8.—It’s too late. I have to go now. —Oh, it’s raining outside. Don’t leave _______it stops. A.since B.until C.while

【2013日照】9. Don’t come into the lab ________ you are asked to. A. unless B. until C. because D. since

【2013南京】10.---Finish your homework __________ you can’t play computer games, Jim ---All right, Mum. A.but B. till C. and D. or

【2013盐城】11. I thought the actor was famous, _____ none of my friends has ever heard of him. A. and B. or C. so D. but

【2013盐城】12.Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know things clearly _______ you can write them down. A. unless B. if C. since D. whether

【2013黔西南】13. —Mike , please turn down the music , _____ Lucy _____Lily are sleeping . —Sorry , I’ll do it right away . A. neither; nor B.either; or C. both; and D. not only; but also

【2013宁波】14. —Look! Some people are running the red lights. —We should wait ___ others are breaking the rule. A. if B. unless C. although D. because

【2013云南】15. Cars make our life easier, _________ they bring environment problems. A. as B. or C. but D. so

【2013牡丹江】16.The teacher should give the boy another chance ________ he has made some mistakes. A. though B. unless C. because

【2013河北】17. The beginning of the movie was boring, ____ the end was amazing! A. but B. and C. so D. or

【2013鄂州】18. — We’ll visit the Summer Palace_______ there is a heavy rain tomorrow. — OK! Boating on the lake must be great fun. A. unless B. since C. as soon as D. if

【2013宜宾】19. Let’s go to Kunming for vacation. It’s _______ too hot _______ too cold. A. either; or B. nether; nor C. both; and D. not only; but also

【2013宜宾】20. Work hard, _________ you will succeed. A. or B. so C. and D. but

【2013三亚】21. —Susan, what are the advantages of MP5 playe

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