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1, The walls in my room were ______ (paint) white.

2, _______ (wear) blue trousers shows you are peaceful or sad..

3, Green represents new life and ________(grow)

4, 5, His English is very poor and he often speaks with _______(difficult). 6, This summer, the weather has greatly ________(affect) our moods.

7, Orange _______(代表) joy. It can bring us and cheer us

up .

8, Yellow is also the colour of __________(wise).

10, We don't like to live in too cold or too hot ___________(气候)。

11,He is under great __________and feels very ________(stress) these days. 12, It is very important to make a correct ____________(decide).

13, You had better take a walk in the park __________(relaxed) yourself. 14, He has some difficulty in _________(learn) French.

15,White is the colour of ___________(圣洁).

16, His grandfather lives in a ____________(peace) village.

17, I am too __________(sleep) to keep my eyes open.

18, They have argued for an hour but can’t reach a ________(decide).

19, When he was young, his parents ___________(prefer) him to be a priest. 20, Yellow can give us a feeling of ___________(warm).


1. 我做作业有困难.











一、 填空

1, You should wear white if you feel _________(stress).

2, Blue can also represent ___________(sad).

3, If you walk into a room painted blue , you will feel _________(relax). 4, Warm colours can give us a happy and satisfied __________( feel). 5, The song was so beautiful that it ______me _____ my childood.. 6, I _______ wearing black than red.,

7, I _________go shopping than do my homework.

8, She feels _________because she has lots of homework to finish today. 9, I stayed up late last night, so I am feeling ________now.

10, Green can give you _______ as it represents new life and __________. 11, White is also the calm and ________ colour.

12, Blue can create a feeling of ________ and also represent ________. 13, They can do nothing to help us, ______ ________?

14, She often worries a lot and gets _________(stress), she’d better use the colour of ________.

15, The boy has a strong _____________(personal) and likes to be the _________(lead).

16, When you feel tired and weak, you should use the colour______, because it can give you ______.

17, _______ can help people _________ _______ when they are angry. 18, She likes _______best because she often gets full marks in tests.

19, Feeling ________ means feeling sad.

20,”Happy” and “________” have the same meaning.



2. 我焦虑不安时,我的玩具熊总能让我我们振奋。

3. 看太多的电视会影响你的学习。

4. 我喜欢春天,因为春天代表着新的生活和成长。

5. 他想把他的房间漆成红色,因为这是她最喜欢的颜色。

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