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下列动词后用to do 1.decide to do 决定做某事 He decides to read books for an hour every day. 2. want to do / would like to do I want to be a doctor. I would like to go swimming. Would you like some tea? ( Would like +N.) Yes, please. / No, thanks. Yes, I would like. / No, I wouldn’t like. Would you like to go to movies with me? Yes, I would like to= I’d like(love) to. / No, I wouldn’t like to 3. hope to do I hope to visit Shanghai. 4. like to do / doing love to do / love doing I like dancing. = I like to dance.

下列动词+V-ing 1.mind doing 介意做某事 eg. I mind smoking in public place. mind+(my, her, his, their, our, your) doing介意某人做某 eg. Do you mind my opening the window? Yes, I feel a little cold. / No, please. 2.finish doing eg. I finish doing my homework. 3.practice doing He practices playing football for the World Cup.

4. in, on, at, with, by, for, about? 介词后面接动词ing (1)What about+doing Eg. What about going to the mountains? (2)Thank you (her, him, them, us) for doing / Thanks for doing Eg. Thank you for helping me with my English. = Thanks for helping me with my English. (3) be good at doing Eg. I am good at drawing. They are good at singing. (4) be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做某事 Farmers were busy (in) getting in the crops. 农民在忙着收庄稼。 。

(5) keep on doing sth. 继续做某事 Can you keep on sweeping the floor? (6) by doing sth. by是介词,用来表示方法、手段、方式, 意为“凭借;靠;用;通过”,后接动词的-ing形式。 —How do you study for a test? —I study by working with a group.

5 在下列固定搭配中用动词原形 (1) help sb. do He is helping an old man cross the road. She helps an old man cross the road. We helped an old man cross the road yesterday. (2)let sb.( me, you, her, him, us, them) do / make sb. do Eg. The teacher lets him carry the books. His father makes her do housework. Let me help you! (3) watch sb. do 看到某人做某事 Eg. I watched him go to school. She is watching her daughter play with the dog. 6 下列动词的固定搭配用doing (1) find sb. doing He found a little boy crying in the corner. (2) see sb. doing I saw him playing the violin.

7 后面跟 to do 和 doing 的含义不同 (1) stop to do / stop doing Stop to do 停下来去做另一件事 Stop doing 停止正在做的事 Eg. When the teacher came in, the students stop to talk. When the teacher came in, the students stop talking. (2)remember to do / remember doing remember to do 记得要去做某事(这件事情还没有做) Eg. Remember to close the door when you leave the classroom. remember doing记得做过某事(这件事情已经做了) I remember giving the book to him.(书给他了) I remember to give him the book.(书没有给他) (3)forget to do / forget doing forget to do 忘记要做某事 Eg. I forgot to buy some apples. forget doing 忘

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