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Changes in my hometown

Many changes have taken place in my hometown in the past twenty years.

It used to be a beautiful small town.There were many small and old houses there.The roads were narrow and dirty.There weren’t many trees on the sides of the streets.People didn’t have too much amusement.They had nothing to do after work.They made a little money and they lived a hard life.

Now most of people in our hometown have moved into tall and new buildings .The roads have become wider and cleaner than before.We can see many trees on both sides of the roads.People have a lot of things to do after work.They can watch TV at home. They can go to the cinema.They can also take walks in the park.People can make a lot of money and there are many chances for work.

I believe our hometown will become better and better.

2 一次难忘的旅行

Have you ever been to Beijing?I’ve been there several times. I think it’s really a beautiful city.I fell in love with it when I first traveled there.It has many nice places.The traffic is fine.And the people are friendly.There are some parks such as the Beihai Park,the Tiantan Park and so on.You can easily buy what you want,because there are supermarkets everywhere.You can see tall buildings. And the streets are wide and tidy.Trees can be seen everywhere,Buses and subways can take you to places where you want to go.The drivers

are polite and friendly.You will feel comfortable.There are many airports in Beijing.You can fly to the foreign countries and take air trips freely .Please travel to Beijing.It’s really worth visiting.

3 假期计划

After four months’ study,I feel very tired.This is a good chance to plan my summer holiday.First I want to travel to Beijing to relax myself.Beijing is the capital of our country.And there are many places of interest there.For example,the Summer Palace ,the Great wall and so on. I have never been to the Great Wall before,so I’ll visit it first.Then I’d like to visit Tsing University because studying there some day is my dream.

After that,I want to go over my lessons in order to make great progress.I believe my dream will come true.

4 梦想

I want to be a football star

Everyone has a dream.But I think my dream is to be a football star when I grow up.I liked playing football when I was a child.No matter what the weather is like,I always play football with my friends on the playground after school.I like many football stars.I want to be football stars like them.

As a middle school student,I must try my best to work hard at my lessons from now on. I believe my dream will come true in the future.

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