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+ to do doing do的记忆

1see sb do sth (强调全过程的动作)/ see sb doing sth (强调正在进行的动作){看到某人做某事}

2 make sb do sth {使某人做某事}

3 There be +(主语)+doing sth {有(主语)正在做某事}/There be +(主语)+to do sth {有某事要某人去做}

4 seem to do sth {好像做某事}

5 It takes sb some time to do sth { 花费某人某段时间去做某事} 6 It is +形容词+for sb +to do sth {做某事对某人来说怎么样}

7 send sb to do sth {派某人去做某事}

8 It is time to do sth {该做某事了}/ It's time for sb to do sth {对某人来说该去做某事了}

9 be always doing sth {总是做某事}

10 find it +形容词+ to do sth {发现做某事怎么样}【‘it’是形式宾语,‘to do sth’才是真正的宾语】

11 hear sb do sth {听到某人做某事}/ hear sb doing sth {听到某人正在做某事} 12 follow sb to do sth {跟着某人做某事}

13 sb happened to do sth {某人碰巧做某事}

14 have a difficult time doing sth {难于做某事}

15 be certain to do sth {确定去做某事}

16 mind doing sth {介意做某事}

17 be excited to do sth {做某事感到很兴奋}

18 allow sb to do sth {允许某人去做某事}

19 It is better to do sth = had better do sth {最好去做某事}

20 take care to do sth {当心做某事}

21 encourage sb to do sth {鼓励某人去做某事}

22 have fun doing sth {做某事很开心}

23 suggest doing sth {建议去做某事}

24 help sb (to) do sth {帮助某人去做某事}

25 want to do sth {想要去做某事}

26 tell sb to do sth {叫某人去做某事}= ask sb to do sth

27 try to do sth (尽力去做某事)/ try doing sth {试着去做某事}

28 need to do sth {需要去做某事}

29 wish sb to do sth {希望某人去做某事}

30 hope to do sth {希望去做某事}

31 plan to do sth {计划去做某事}

32 finish doing sth {完成做某事} 33 can't wait to do sth {迫不及待地想做某事}

34 be about to do sth {正要做某事}

35 start to do sth / start doing sth =begin to do sth / begin doing sth {开始做某事} 36 believe sb to do sth {相信某人做某事} 37 invite sb to do sth {邀请某人去做某事}

38 keep doing sth {一直做某事}

39 hate to do sth / hate doing sth {讨厌做某事}

40 like(love) to do sth / like(love) doing sth =enjoy doing sth {喜欢做某事} 41 dislike to do sth / dislike doing sth {不喜欢做某事}

42 let sb do sth {让某人做某事}

43 be surprised to do sth {做某事感到很惊讶}

44 stop to do sth {停下来去做某事}/stop doing sth {停止做某事}

45 remember to do sth {记得去做某事}/ remmenber doing sth {记得曾做过某事} 46 forget to do sth {忘记去做某事}/ forget doing sth {忘记曾做过某事}

47 watch/see sb do sth {观看某人做某事}、watch/see sb doing sth {观看某人正在做某事}

48 practice doing sth {练习做某事}

49 decide to do sth {决定去做某事}

50 find sb do sth {发现某人做某事) / find sb doing sth {发现某人正在做某事}

这是其中的一部分 都是比较重要的 还有一些是be+形容词+动词的-ing或+动词的不定式来做表语 等等

finish doing sth 完成干某事

enjoy doing sth 喜欢干某事

practise doing sth 练习做某事

be good at doing sth 擅长干某事

thank you for doing sth 因(别人)干了某事而表示感谢

stop doing sth 停止干某事

give up doing sth 放弃干某事

mind doing sth 介意干某事

stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人干某事

go on doing sth 继续干某事

be busy doing sth 忙于干某事

see/hear/watch sb doing sth 看见/听说/看到某人干某事

feel like doing sth 喜欢干某事

hate doing sth 讨厌干某事

like doing sth 喜欢干某事

do well in doing sth 擅长干某事

have problems doing sth 做某事遇到困难

be afraid of doing sth害怕干某事

be interested in doing sth 对干某事感兴趣

prefer doing sth to doing sth 喜欢做……胜过做……

remember/forget doing sth 记得/忘记做过某事

make a contribution to sth/doing sth 为干某事做贡献

spend some time (in)doing sth /on sth 花费时间做某事(注意动词要用ing形式 Would you mind doing sth ? 你介意做某事吗?

be worth doing sth 值得做某事(worth 后接动词-ing形式) can't help doing sth. 忍不住干某事

have fun doing sth 快了干某事

keep (on)doing sth 坚持做某事

keep sb doing sth 让某人做某事

keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事

look forward to doing盼望做某事

suggest doing建议做

prefer doing喜欢做

admit doing承认做某事

consider doing考虑做某事

avoid doing避免做某事

give up doing放弃做某事

insist on doing 坚持做某事

deny doing否认做某事

be busy doing sth 忙于做某事

make sb do sth 让某人做某事

see sb do sth 看到某人做某事

hear sb do sth 听到某人做某事

listen to sb to do sth 听某人做某事

watch sb do sth 看某人做某事 notice sb do sth注意到某人做某事 let sb do sth 让某人做某事

have sb do sth让/使某人做某事

help sb do sth帮助某人做某事

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