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(满分150分 考试时间 120分)




A. next to B. across from C. near

2. A. take after B. looked like C. be the same as

3. A. started climbing B. stopped to climb C. stopped climbing

4. Country music brings us back to the “good old days” when people were kind to

A. each one B. another one C. one another

5. They should spend their time on they get into a good university.

A. in order to B. so that C. because


6. ---I have a sore throat.

---You should______ water.

A. drink a lots of B. drinking a lot of C. drink lots of

7. She_____ a happy girl, but after her parents’divorce, she got all sad.

A. used to be B. use to be C. used to being

8. ---Could I use your pen, Mike?


A. Sorry, you could B. Sure C. Yes, you could

9. I think_______ necessary to communicate more with your parents.

A. this B. that C. it

10. This computer doesn’t work at all, _______ another one?

A. why don’t use B. why not use C. why not to use

11. While Linda was sleeping, Jenny_______ her homework.

A. does B. did C. was doing

12. He will tell us as soon as he_______ the answer.

A. finds B. found C. will find

13. The Egypt is one of______ in the world.

A. the old countries B. the oldest countries C. the oldest country

14. --- Many students catch a cold these days.

---It’s______ the weather.

A. because B. due to C. due for

15. ---Which park would you like to visit, Amusement Park or Water Park? ---_______ I would like to visit Nature Museum.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither


16. The government is going to_______ the old building and set up a new one.

A. take in B. take down C. cut off

17. ---Do you know M r Yang?

---Sure, he was lived here_______ 2008.

A. in B. for C. since

18. ---Excuse me, could you tell me__________?

---Sure, go along the street, turn right at the first crossing and you’ll see it.

A. where is the nearest bank B. how the nearest bank is C. where the nearest bank is

19. I______ to Sydney only once, and I_____ there last year.

A. have been; have gone B. have been; went C. have gone; went

20. My uncle is considering________ a new car.

A. buy B. to buy C. buying

21. There were______ people watching the performance yesterday.

A. two thousands of B. two thousands C. thousands of

22. I think_____ in the old people’s home is great fun.

A. volunteer B. volunteering C. volunteered

23. The old man has no problems______ himself.

A. look after B. looking after C. to look after

24. My grandfather______ in 2008. She has been_____ for five years.

A. died, died B. death, dead C. died, dead

25. ---I had a fight with my cousin last week.


A. You should explain to him. B. I could help him do it. C. You could learn it yourself




In China, there’re many different kinds of food. Some of very popular. ’ Everyone in very much, and there are kinds of 糖), eggs and so on. I like dumplings with vegetables and pork better than any other kind.

them in any supermarkets. Then you take them home and eat them with vinegar(醋).

The Spring Festival is very important in China. When , we make dumplings, usually we put a coin(硬币) in a dumpling. If one eats the dumpling with the coin in it, he Now tell me, do you like dumplings?

Welcome to China, we’

( ) 1. A. be B. is C. are D. am

( ) 2. A. real B. really C. easy D. easily

( ) 3. A. talk about B. talk of C. think of D. think about

( ) 4. A. to like B. likes C. dislikes D. to dislike

( ) 5. A. differences B. different C. same D. the same


( ) 6. A. the other B. other C. another D. others

( ) 7. A. some B. any C. no D. not

( ) 8. A. comes B. to come C. leaves D. to leave

( ) 9. A. luck B. lucky C. unluckily D. unlucky

( ) 10. A. eat B. to eat C. throw D. to throw

一. 阅读理解(共25小题,每小题2分,满分50分)



Miss Wu is a young teacher of English in China. She loves teaching very much. One day when she was giving an English lesson, she found the headmaster sitting at the back of the classroom. After class, the headmaster told her that he came to her class to find out how much English and how much Chinese she was using. The result was about half English and half Chinese. She was using Chinese when she gave instructions to her students and when she wanted to get feedback(反馈) from her students. The headmaster told her that she should use more English in her class.

Miss Wu made a plan like this:

.Talk with an Englishman every Sunday for two hours to learn more English expressions; .Write some English expressions on cards. These cards not her to use English in class, but also help her remember some expressions;

.Have a five-minute talk in English with students before class.

She used body language to help her if students could not understand.

One year later, she found she could use English freely in class.

( ) 1. Miss Wu__________

A. has a poor memory B. is a teacher of Chinese

C. loves her job D. is angry with the headmaster

( ) 2. The headmaster came to Miss Wu’s class to_________

A. write some English expressions on cards

B. help her improve her English teaching

C. give instructions to the students

D. get feedback from the students

( ) 3. After the headmaster left, Miss Wu realized that she should_______ in her class.

A. use more Chinese B. use more English

C. use half English and half Chinese D. use body language

( ) 4. What does the underlined word “remind” mean?

A. 提醒 B. 阻止 C. 宽恕 D. 倚赖

( ) 5. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Use cards in English teaching. B. Talk with English-speaking people.

C. Speak more English in English class. D. Learn more English expressions.


阅读表格中的内容,然后选择正确答案。 ( ) 1. They have_______ subjects(科目).

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

( ) 2. They have_______ lessons at 10:00 on Wednesday morning

A. Art B. Biology C. Chinese D. Physical activities ( ) 3. They begin their Math lesson at_______ on Thursday morning. A. 8:10 B. 9:00 C. 9:50 D. 10:40 ( ) 4. What time do they have Art class on Tuesday?

A. 9:00 B. 10:00 C. 14:00 D. 10:40 ( ) 5. On Friday morning students don’t have_______ class.

A. Biology B. Chinese C. Math D. English C

Do you know about Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Ma Lin well? Yes, they are famous Chinese Ping-Pong players. Ping-Pong is a very popular sport game in China. People of different ages like playing it. Li Bo is my best friend, his favorite sport is Ping-Pong, but I like baseball best. He knows about many famous Ping-pong players, but he doesn’t know about any famous baseball stars.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. Children like playing it very much .They often play baseball in fields or parks. Each team has nine players. The baseball season usually goes from April to September. During that time, there are many baseball matches on TV. Many people will watch them .At the end of the game season, the two top teams play against each other. The winner comes from the greatest team.

So many people love sports in different ways now. They play sports themselves, they watch the games on TV, or they may have sports collections. Sports are an important part of our life. Doing sports is good for our health. Playing ball games can also bring us great pleasure. Do you like sport? Do you like playing sports? If not, come on, choose one to do from now on. You’ll be happier than before.

( ) 1. What sport is very popular in China?

A. Tennis. B. Baseball. C. Ping-Pong. ( ) 2. Who likes baseball best?

A. Wang Nan. B. The writer. C. Ma Lin. ( ) 3. Where do the children often play baseball?

A. On playgrounds. B. In school. C. In fields or parks ( ) 4. How many players are there in each baseball team? A. Nine B. Two. C. Eleven. ( ) 5. Playing ball games can_________.

A. give us pain B. make us happy C. make us sad D


Miss Wang works in a primary school. The children in her class are different from those in the other classes of the school. They don’t watch TV!

Miss Wang thinks that TV is not very good for children. So Miss Wang asks them not to watch TV for a week. She tells them that they can have fun doing other things. The children say, “Let’s see if Miss Wang is right.” So they don’t watch TV. They read, make model planes, play football and play games with their parents and friends. The children never have so much fun rending or playing games. They say, “We won’t watch TV any longer!”

( ) 1. What are the children in Miss Wang’s class different from those in the other classes of the school?

A. They love watching TV. B. They don’t watch TV.

C. They often watch TV. D. They watch TV so much.

( ) 2. Is watching TV so long good or bad for children?

A. Watching TV so long is good for children.

B. Watching TV is just OK.

C. Watching TV so long is bad for children.

D. Watching TV is neither good nor bad.

( ) 3. What does Miss Wang ask their children to do?

A. She asks them to watch TV.

B. She asks them not to watch TV for a week.

C. She asks them not to watch TV.

D. She asks them to watch TV for a week

( ) 4. Do the children watch TV after the teacher tells them not to do that?

A. Yes, they do. B. Yes, but they don’t watch it at once.

C. No, they can’t. D. No, they want to see if Miss Wang is right.

( ) 5. The best title for the passage is________

A. Watch TV A. good TV Show

C. Children Love TV D. Children Have Fun Without TV


I believe that the best way of learning a language is using it. So the best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you’ll get your words mixed up and people will not understand you. Sometimes people will say things too quickly for you to catch up with .But if you keep your sense of humor(幽默感),you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make. Don’t be upset if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes. Learn to take it easy. It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you, because they don’t understand what you are saying. Maybe you should remember this, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.”

( ) 1. What’s the best way of learning a language?

A. Writing it. B. Using it. C. Listening to it. D. Learning it’s grammar.

( ) 2. What should you do in learning English?

A. Be careful not to make any mistakes.

B. Write as quickly as you can.

C. Speak English as often as you can.

D. Laugh more often

( ) 3. According to the passage, why will people laugh at your mistake?


A. Because they think it’s silly.

B. Because they don’t understand.

C. Because they are funny.

D. Because they think it’s good.

( ) 4. When you make a mistake, you should_________.

A. laugh B. get angry C. say sorry D. keep your sense of humor

( ) 5. Which of the following is true?

A. Only clever people make mistakes.

B. Few people make mistakes.

C. People never make mistakes.

D. There is no one who doesn’t make mistakes.

B 卷 (非选择题)



A :Jim, you went home late.

B :____1____ A :____2____ B :I’ve been to the hospital. A :What? ____3___ B :No. I sent Jack to the hospital. A :___4___ What was wrong with him? B :He had a terrible headache on the way home. A :____5_____

B :Yes, he is.

A :Good for you, my dear! I’m very glad you can help others.

1. ________ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _________


1. I have a _________ (stomach). It hurts so badly.

2. We could make a plan ________ (do) the homework.

3. Could you give me some ________ (advice)?

4. They __________ (do) chores at 7 o’clock last night.

5. The Yellow River is the second _________ (long) river in China.

6. I can’t wait _______ (go) to Bazhong again.

7. ---Where is Uncle Wang?

---He ____________ (go) to the library. He wants to borrow some books.

8. We __________ (learn) 1,500 English words by last term.

9. These ________ (tour) are from Pingchang.

10. My best friend does ________ (well) in Chinese than me.


1. A: My TV set doesn’t work well.(同义句转换)

B: There’s ____________ ____________ with my TV.

2. A: The new movie interested us very much. (同义句转换)

B: We ___________ ___________ in the new movie.


3. A: The summer camp cost them 1,000 dollars. (同义句转换)

B: _________ __________ 1,000 dollars for the summer camp.

4. The girl has already finished her homework. (改为否定句)

The girl ________ finished her homework __________. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ has Tom had the notebook.



One day a poor farmer was taking a bag of wheat to town. Suddenly 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ Just at this moment, a man who was riding a horse came up 4.________ 5._________ 6.________ 7._________ near. “” He said. “I’m here just at the right time.” 8._________ 9.__________ They lifted it together and put it on the horse.

“Sir,” asked the farmer, “how can I pay you?”

“It’s quite easy,” the great man answered. “When you see anyone ” 10.__________



1. Food 2. Kind of movies 3. Hobby(爱好) 4. Subject 5. date 7

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