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英语八下Unit 10重点短语和句子


1. 那边的那辆自行车你拥有多久了? 我已经拥有它三年了。 How long have you had that bike? I’ve had it for three years.

2. 他的儿子拥有那套火车和铁路轨道的玩具多久了?自从他四岁生日时,他就拥有它了。 How long has his son owned the train and railway set? He ’s owned it since his fourth birthday. 3. 自从我是个婴儿的时候就拥有这个玩具熊了。 I’ve had the toy bear since I was a baby. 4. 他不再读这本书了。

He doesn’t read the book anymore.

5. 当孩子们一天天长大,我们的家显得越来越小。 As the children get bigger our house seems to get smaller. 6. 我们决定每人出售五件不再使用的物品。

We have decided to each sell five things that we no longer use. 7. 我女儿更能理解一些,尽管她也觉得要和某些玩具分开很伤心。

My daughter was more understanding, although she also felt sad to part with certain toys. 8.他在蜡笔厂的工作非常辛苦,所以抽不出很多时间回去看看家乡。

With a hard job in a crayon factory, he doesn’t find much time to visit his hometown. 9.我以前一年至少回家乡一次,但是近三年都没有回去了。

I used to return home at least once a year, but I haven’t been back for almost three years now. 10. 在我的心中,家乡留下了许多温柔甜美的记忆。

Our hometown has left many soft and sweet memories in our hearts.

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