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1.4 数词

1.4.1 would you please pass me _____book on the right?

a)the third b)the three c)three d)third

1.4.2 have you seen the CCTV news on TV?

Yes,________children had a good festival on the ______Children’s Day.

a)millions of , sixty b)ten million , sixty c)millions of , sixtieth d)ten millions sixtieth

1.4.3) it is five years since we began to enjoy a _____spring holiday each year.

a)ten-day b)ten day c)ten day’s d)ten-days

1.4.4) do you know the boy ____is sitting next to Peter?

Yes,he is Peter’s friend . they are celebrating his_______birthday.

a)who, ninth b)that ,nineth c)/;nineth d)which ,ninth

1.4.5) the man also wrote _______of beautiful pieces of music for the orchestra.

a)hundred b)six hundred c)a hundred d)hundreds

1.4.6) the Sutong Highway Bridge ,a ______bridge , is already open to traffic.

a)32 kilometre long b)32-kilometre-long c)32 kilometres long d)32-kilometres-long

1.4.7) Peter,how old is your father this year?

______.and we just had s party for his ______birthday last weekend.

a)fortieth, forty b)forty,forty c)forty,fortieth d)fortieth;fortieth

1.4.8) about _____of the workers in the factory were born in the ______.

a) two-thirds;1970 b)two-thirds;1970s c)two-third;1970 d)two-third;1970s

1.4.9) excuse me ,where is mr.green’s office?

It’s on ______floor.

a)seven b)the seven c)the seventh d)seventh

1.4.10) in our city ,______middle school students want to work as a teacher in the future. a) thousand b)thousand of c)thousands of d)two thousands of

1.4.11)there are about two ______students in the newly built school.

a)thousand b)thousands c)thousand of d)thousands of

1.4.12) it is said that the gravity on Mars is only about _____of the gravity on earth.

a) three-eights b)third-eighth c)three eighths d)third-eight

1.4.13)what’s the date today?


a)it’s June 17th b)it’s Saturday c)it’s twenty to three d)it’s fine

1.4.14) he became a famous writer when he was______

a)in his fifty b)in his fifties c)in fifty years old d)in fifties

1.4.15) Excuse me,could you tell me what time it is now?

It’s ______.

a)thirty-five past nine b)thirty-five to nine c)twenty-five to ten d)twenty-five of ten

1.4.16) Over the river there is _______bridge.

a)a 110-metre-long b)a 110-metres-long c)an 110-metre-long d)an 110-metres-long

1.4.17) A____girl can sing the English song very well.

a)ten-years-old b)ten years old c)ten-year-old d)fifth years old

1.4.18) this classroom is _______ ours.

a) three times big as b)as three times big as c)three times as big as d)as big three times as

1.4.19) There was no bus in that small town . We had a _______.

a)ten miles walk b)ten-mile walk c)ten mile’s walk d)tenth mile walk

1.4.20) I think that the _____century brings us more hopes.

a)twenty-one b)twentieth-first c)twenty-first d)twentieth-one

1.4.21) It took me _____to get there.

a)two hours and a half b)two hours and half c)two hour and a half d)two hour and half

1.4.22) My little brother stayed at our uncle’s for ______.

a)more two days b)two another days c)another two days d)two more day

1.4.23) I like reading the text of the ____.It’s very interesting.

a)second lesson b)lesson second c)two lesson d)lesson two

1.4.24) What’s nine plus six?

It’s _______

a)five b)fifty c)fifteen d)fifty-five

1.4.25) Both of the two pens are broken. I want to buy a _____ one.

a)three b)third c)fourth d)/

1.4.26) My cousin spent _____yuan on the computer.

a)five thousand three hundred and forty b) five thousand three hundred and forties c)five thousands three hundred and forty c) five thousands three hundreds and forty

1.4.27) ______of the teachers in Kitty’s school is about one hundred ,and _____them are women teachers.

a)the number;two thirds b)the number;two third c)a number;half

d)a number;three quarters

1.4.28) This picture is quite old .it was drawn in ______century.

a)sixteen b)sixteenth c)the sixteen d)the sixteenth

1.4.29) “7:45” can be read “______”

a)a quarter past seven b) quarter to seven c)a quarter to eight d)a quarter past eight

1.4.30) the yellow river is _____long and there is _____mountain near it.

a)5464 kilometre;800-metre-high b) 5464 kilometres;800-metres-high

c) 5464 kilometre;a 800-metre-high c) 5464 kilometres; an 800-metre-high

1.4.31) This kind of old watches were made ______.

a)in the 1935s b)in the 1930s c)on the 1930 d)in the 1930

1.4.32) what did you get from the postman?

I got a ______ bill.

a)five dollars b)five-dollars c)five-dollar d)fives-dollars

1.4.33) He will stay here for ______

a)one day or two b)one or two days c)a day or two days d)one and two days

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