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1. Could you please_______ sth.? _____________________________

2. Could you please not _______ sth.? _____________________________

3. Why not ______ sth.? ______________________________

4. Why don’t you ________ sth.? _______________________________

5. How/What about _______ sth.? ______________________________

6. Let sb. ______ sth. _______________________________

7. Would you like _______ sth.? ________________________________


1、和我们一起玩怎么样? __________________________________________

2、为什么不弹钢琴呢? _______________________________________________

3、你为什么不吃午饭呢? ________________________________________________

5、—你能帮我买本英语书吗? —没问题。


6、让他们去上学吧。 _______________________________________________



8、请你不要听音乐好吗? __________________________________________________


1. —Could you please _______ on the street? —Sorry, I won’t.

A. not play B. not to play C. play D. not playing

2. —How about _____ to the cinema on Sunday? —Good idea.

A. go B. to go C. going D. will go

3. Why not ____ the teacher?

A. we ask B. ask C. to ask D. asked

4. Could you please ____ my office?

A. coming to B. came to C. come to D. to come

5. —Would you like ______ the guitar with me? —Yes, I’d ______.

A. play; love to B. playing; love C. to play; love D. to play; love to

6. —Would you like to watch the basketball match?


A. I’d like. B. Thank you. C. I’d love to. D. That’s all right.

7. —What about _______? I’m very thirsty. —Good idea.

A. two cups of water B. two cups of waters C. two cup of water D. two cup of waters

8. Why not have _____ fish and eggs?

A. any B. few C. some D. many

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