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先行词为reason 定语从句精品讲课(2014年7月4日6页)

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reason在定语从句中 ? The reason why...is that... 这是特定句型, why 引导定语从句,is后的用词为that,一般不用 because. ? The reason why he could not go there was that his grades were too low. ? the reason that 后接具体原因 ? 如:the reason that he was ill yesterday is such a bad excuse.意为:那个他昨天生病的理由真是 个糟糕的借口. ? the reason why 后接对这个理由的修饰,或者是 现在需要解释的一个状况.如:the reason why he was late is that he was ill. 在这里,he was late是

? 练习 The reason I can’t come is that I have to prepare for the coming exam. ? A. for B. as C. because D. why ? Is this the reason at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? ? A he explained B what he explained C how he explained D why he explained
? 答案D ? 答案A 先行词the reason表示原因,根据选项特 点可知,引导词在从句中做 explained 的宾语, 故 reason后是限制性定语从句而不是原因状语从

? reason在表语从句中 ? The reason(s) 作主语时,后可引导表语从句, 用that引导,一般不用beacuse ? 如:The reason is that he missed the bus.原因 是他误了汽车。
? 练习1:The reason why he was late was ______he had a bad accident on the way to school.

? ? ? ? ? ?

A for B because C that D since 2:The reason I have to go is _____ if I don't. A. that she will be disappointed B. because she will be disappointed C. on account of her being disappointed D. that she will be disappointing

? 解答:本题应该选C. that引导的是表语从句。在 汉语中我们说:原因是因为...;但是在英语中则 只能说:原因是...。所以选C不选B. that此时没有 词义 ? 解答:A 当主语是reason时,表语从句要用that 引导而不是because

? reason在同位语从句中
? reason后引导同位语从句,用that引导 ? 如:I don’t believe his reason that he missed the bus. 我不相信他误了汽车这个原因

? 练习The reason ___________ mother was late with dinner is that there were so many dishes to prepare. ? A) why B) where ? C) who D) because ? One reason for her preference for city life is she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants.

? 答案:A 母亲晚饭做得晚的原因是她要 做的菜实在很多。本题测试同位语从句的 用法: reason 后的同位语从句要用why 引 导。若reason 后接定语从句,则可以用 that, which引导,或省略引导词 ? 答案:A

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