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新 星 教 育



1、orange__________ 2、class ___________

3、monkey__________ 4、piano___________

5、child ___________ 6、shelf ____________

7、 bed____________ 8、country___________

9、family___________ 10、toy__________

11、 foot __________ 12、radio__________

13、photo__________ 14、tomato___________

15、woman___________ 16、knife__________

17、sheep__________ 18、ship__________

19、dish___________ 20、mouse___________


1> There are three_____________(chair) in the classroom. 2> These_____________ (tomato) are red.

3> My brother looks after two_____________ (baby) 4> My father likes to eat_____________ (potato). 5> Chinese_____________ (people)like to eat noodles. 6> I have a lot of _____________ (toy) in my bedroom. 7> My mother wash_____________ (dish) in the kitchen. 8> I have two_____________ (pencil-box). 9> There are some_____________ (bus)in the street.

10> Monster has eight_____________ (foot).


( )1.I can see three ________ in the zoo.

A monkeies B monkeys C monkey

( )2. The pig has four ________.

A. foot B. feet C. foots

( )3. My two brothers are ________.

A. policeman B. policemans C. policemen

( )4. I can see ten _____ in the picture.

A. sheep B. dog C. pig

( )5. The _____ has three_____.

A. boys, watches B. boy, watch C. boy, watches

( )6. Can you see _______on the plate?

A. bread B. breads C. breades

( )7. The girl often brushes her_____ before she goes to bed.

A. tooth B. tooths C. teeth

( )8. Mr Black often drink some _________.

A. milk B. milks C.milkes

( )9. There are some _____on the floor.

A. child B. man C. books

( )10. Lucy will has some _______.

A. photo B. photos C. photoes

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