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八年级英语下Unit 4

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八年级英语下Unit 4-5 测试题

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( )1. A. allow B. window C. throw D. borrow

( )2. A. offer B. wrong C. compare D. copy

( )3. A. wood B. cook C. toothache D. foot

( )4. A. match B. strange C. crazy D. date

( )5. A. rise B. quick C. begin D. kid


( )1. Why don’t you _______ an English club to practice _______ English?

A. to join, to speak B. join, speaking C. join, to speak

( )2. The teacher speaks very loudly ______ all the students can hear her.

A. since B. so that C. when

( )3. My sister won’t work for him _________. She wants to change job.

A. no more B. some more C. any more

( )4. __________ I was walking home from school, I met an old friend.

A. Because B. Until C. While

( )5. Do you remember _______ when I called you last night?

A. What were you doing B. what you were doing C. what you did

( )6. Our teachers don’t allow us ________ to music in class.

A. listen B. listening C. to listen

( )7. I’m ______ building a new zoo because I think zoos are terrible places for animals to live in.

A. against B. on C. for

( )8. The teachers encourage their students to _____ the problems by themselves, and in this way students can enjoy success.

A. give up B. work out C. look through

( )9. --- I* called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone. --- Oh, I ______ a walk with my parents at that time.

A. took B. was taking C. am taking

( )10. --- Maybe you should call him up.

--- But I don’t want to talk with him _____ the phone.


A. at B. with C. on

( )11. The boy didn’t come back ________ 12:00 pm.

A. since B. until C. before

( )12. --- You look worried, why?

--- I _______ my pen at home this morning.

A. took B. left C. forgot

( )13. The little boy _____ his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus.

A. lent B. offered C. provided

( )14. My uncle usually has lunch at home, but today he had lunch in the school _________.

A. instead B. instead to C. instead of

( )15. --- ______________?

--- It doesn’t work.

A. Where is your watch B. What’s wrong with your watch C. How are you

( )16. You weren’t at home. I wasn’t at home , __________.

A. too B. also C. either

( )17. --- Why are you so tired these days?

--- Well, I have _________ homework to do.

A. too much B. too many C. much too

( )18. --- _________ flower?

--- That’s a good idea.

A. Why not B. How about C. Let’s

( )19. --- I forgot to ______ library book on time. I was fined(罚款) five yuan. --- You should be more careful next time.

A. return B. borrow C. lend

( )20. ---The problem was ______ difficult for me _____ work out.

--- Let me help you.

A. so, that B. enough, to C. too, to


1. Nancy ______________( make) her bed at nine o’clock last night.

2. My mother often _____________(come) back from work at 5:00 pm.

3. They _____________(watch) new TV show yesterday afternoon.

4. Look! Mr. and Mrs. Yang ____________(do) chores now.


5. We _____________( have) an English party next week.

6. What _______ you _________(do) at the time of the rainstorm?

7. While I ______________( read) a book in the library, my mother called me.


1. --- What’s w_________? --- I’m really tired because I studied until midnight last night.

2.Tom, you borrowed my model plane two days ago. Would you mind r__________ it to me right now?

3. As u_____________, he arrived early.

4. Mary closed her eyes and listen to him in s_____________.

5. The sun r____________ in the east every morning.


1. There are five __________(member) in this rock bank.

2. 2. We hope that the little girl can tell us the ____________(true).

3. My _____________(old ) brother didn’t allow me to play computer games.

4. I worked so late last night that I can’t fall __________(sleep) .

5. I had a cold because I took a shower with the ___________(ice) water last night.

6. I have received a letter from my old friend Betty _______________(recent).

7. The ________(develop) of our hometown is very fast.

8. It was raining ____________(heavy) at this time yesterday.

9. There were lots of _______________(fall) trees in the neighborhood after the rainstorm.

10. The car ____________(sudden) hit a big tree .

11. We have a good __________________(communicate) with our classmates.

12. Many people are under much __________(press). They are stressed out.


1. I was playing computer games when Father got home.(一般疑问句) _______ ________ _________ computer games when Father got home/

2. I was sleeping when he called me.(划线提问)

__________ _______ you _________ when he called you/

3. He was babysitting his sister at this time yesterday.(否定句)

He _________ _________ his sister at this time yesterday.

4. They were having fun in the playground when the bell rang.(同义句) 3

__________ they were having fun in the playground , the bell __________.

5. Why don’t you get her a new pen?(同义句)

________ ________ get her a new pen?


A: You look unhappy.

B: Oh, just because of my parents. They are always arguing.

A: For what?

B: My weekend activity. My father thinks I should learn to do Chinese kung fu. but my mother wants me to learn to play the piano.

A: How about yourself?

B: We can’t make a decision. Now they are fighting.

1. ______ 2. _______ 3. _________ 4. _________


提示词: remember, word, sentence, take notes, read aloud,

Dear Wang Lan,

I’m sorry to hear that your English is very poor.___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yours,



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