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Lesson 28学案

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Lesson 28 How Do I Learn English?

Grade Seven 撰写人: 董丽敏


1. Pair work 2. Have a test. 英译汉 mistake _________

magazine ________ storybook________newspaper__________ dictionary__________

3. Think about it :How do you learn English?


1. I can find:

1) I ________ (come) to Canada _________________(两年前).

2) I’m _________________________ (在七年级).

3) My family __________________(来自于) Hong Kong.

4) When I don’t understand some words, I ________________________(在字典中查阅它们).

5) When I __________________ (看英文电影),I can _____________(娱乐自己) and learn English at the same time.

6) ____________________ (听英文音乐) _______________(很有帮助).

7) I practice my English ______ ______ and ______ ______(课上和课下).

8)Don’t be afraid ________ ______ ______(犯错误)!

9) I laugh at (嘲笑) __________(我自己).

2. Dicsuss in groups.

1). mistake n. 错误

(1) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! 不要害怕出错误!

(2) Oops! I made a mistake. 哎呀!我犯了一个错误。

(3) I took his dictionary by mistake. 我误拿了他的词典。

(4) They mistook the date and arrived there two days earlier. 他们弄错了日期,早到了那里两天。

Now I know: mistake的两种词性

(1)作名词意为“错误”,常用于以下短语中:make a mistake/make mistakes犯错;___ mistake错误地。

(2)作动词意为“误解;弄错,把……认错”,常用于短语:mistake sth. /sb. (______)把……错认为。

2). silly adj. 愚蠢的;傻的

(1) Sometimes I make _______ (愚蠢的) mistakes and I laugh at myself.

(2) You were _________(愚蠢的)to believe his words.

3) . afraid adj. 害怕的,怕的[(+of)][+to-v][+(that)]

(1).She was afraid that she might lose her job. 她担心会丢掉工作。

(2)Don't be afraid of snakes. 别怕蛇。

(3).I am afraid to get up late because I am afraid of coming late.


(4). He was afraid to ride a bike because he was afraid of breaking the legs.


Now I know: be afraid+_________,表示不敢做某事;be afraid of+________,表示害怕出现某种结果。

(5). (用于提出异议,告诉不好的消息等场合,使语气婉转)恐怕,遗憾[+(that)]

I'm afraid your wife had an accident. 很遗憾,你妻子出事了。

I'm afraid I can't help you. 对不起,我不能帮你。

(6)I'm afraid not与I'm afraid so常用作答语,表示否定,后者表示肯定,not和so代替that从句。

eg. A .–Are we on time? –I'm afraid not.

(= No, I'm afraid that we are not on time.)

B.–It is going to rain. –Yes, I am afraid so. (= Yes, I'm afraid that it's going to rain.


1. 词语运用

1). Here ______ (be) some answers to your questions.

2). I can enjoy _________ (me) by listening to Beijing Opera.

3). If he meets a new word, he can look it up in a dictionary __________ (he).

4). I practice ___________ (speak) English after class every day.

5). —Can you ask her to come here ______ (late)? —Sure. I’ll tell her.

6). Don’t ask such ______ (愚蠢的)questions.

7). Don’t laugh at others when they _______ ___________(出错).

2 . 单项选择

1). My father reads _______ because he likes reading news.

A. storybooks B. magazines C. newspapers D. dictionaries

2). When you don’t understand some words, you can _____ in a dictionary.

A. look for them B. look them for C. look up them D. look them up

3). It is _______ of you to make the same mistake again and again.

A. silly B. kind C. fun D. excited

4). —Hello. Is Jenny there? —____.

A. OK. I’ll tell her. B. Sorry. I’m not Jenny. C. Sorry. She is out. D. Who are you?

5). Do you speak English or Chinese _______?

A. on school B. at the home C. after the class D. in class

6). T he retired couple enjoy __________ photos. They always go out with their cameras.

A. take B. took C. to take D. taking

7). I’m sorry I took your bag _________ .

A. to make a mistake B. making a mistake C. in mistake D. by mistake

3. 写作. Write something about how to learn English well.

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