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Unit9 What does he look like

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Unit 9
What does he look like?
Section B

What does he/she look like?

head eye



hand leg foot

mouth back

Who is my favorite star?

Yao Ming

Jackie Chan

Harry Potter

David Beckham

Bill Gates


This is Jackie Chan.

He is a famous actor.
He is of medium height.

He has short straight
hair and a big nose. Jackie Chan is good at Chinese kung fu.

Hello! My name is Kate Green.

I’m 13 years old. I’m from
America, and I live in New

York. I like reading and writing.
I’m of medium height. I have

blonde, curly hair. I’m a little
bit heavy, but I’m really

funny and smart.

1a. Match the words with the pictures.

1.____ d a big nose a blonde hair 2.____ 3.____ c a small mouth 4.____ b glasses

5.____ c a round face 6.____ a big eyes 7.____ c/ b black hair b a long face 8.____

1b. Make sentences about famous people. Fill in the blanks.
1.______________ Jackie Chan has black hair. Li Xuezhu 2._______________ has a round face. Han hong wears glasses. 3.____________ 4.____________ Tina Brown has blonde hair.

1d. Listen again. What do Johnny and Tina look like? Complete the chart in 1c.
Johnny Dean Job Looks like singer Tina Brown movie actress

really tall, really long blonde thin curly hair, hair, medium funny glasses height, beautiful

1e. Describe what your favorite singer or athlete looks like.
My favorite singer is John Jackson. He’s tall and thin. He has curly brown hair.

2b.Read the newspaper article. Which shows the real criminal? An Interview Job Joe Brown has a very interesting job. He is a police artist. Some people see crimes and then talk to Joe. They tell him what the criminal looks like. Then Joe draws a picture of the criminal, and the police put it in the newspapers and on television to find him. He wants to draw a good picture of each criminal, but this job is sometimes difficult. Many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently. Also, they don’t always remember well. “The criminal is of medium build and young. He has long straight brown hair and big eyes,” says one woman. Another woman says, “ He is tall and thin, and he has curly blond hair. He’s about thirty years old.” In the end, the real criminal is short and heavy old man, and he has short black hair!

2a. Complete the chart with words of the opposite meaning. 反义词
young heavy/ fat tall short curly old thin short long straight

1. Joe Brown has a very interesting job.乔治布朗有一份有趣的工作。 job n.c a job 一份工作 many jobs 许多工作(零活) work n.u a job Eg: Jane has ______as a cook.简有一份担任厨师的工作。 I have a lot of _____to work do this evening.今晚我有许多工作要做。 2. Some people see crimes and then talk to Joe. crime n. 犯罪活动 criminal n. 罪犯 一些人看到犯罪活动后,然后告诉乔。 talk to有时可以 1) talk to sb.和某人谈话.侧重单方主动. talk with sb.和某人 交

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