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Topic 2 I feel better now.
Section B

I am very sad because I failed the English exam.

1. How is Li Hong feeling today? She is feeling really sad. 2. Why doesn’t Li Hong talk to someone when she feels sad? She wants to, but she doesn’t know how to talk with others about it. 3. What does Helen do to help Li Hong? She always tells Li Hong jokes and makes her laugh.

Read 1a again and mark the following statements True (T) or False (F). ( ( ( ( (

T) 1. Li Hong is sad because she didn’t pass the exam. F) 2. Miss Wang is helping Li Hong to study. T) 3. Li Hong doesn’t know how to talk with others. F) 4. Helen doesn’t like Li Hong. T) 5. Li Hong wants to make friends with Helen.

1. because I failed the English exam.因为我英语考试不及格。 fail +sth. (考试,测试)不及格,评定不合格。 fail to do sth. 做某事不成功。 failed the exam term.他上学期考试不及格。 He______________last to get Mr. Brown failed __________ (get) a job. I failed ________(see) him. He was out. to see 2. Why don’t you talk to someone when you feel sad? 同义句:Why not talk to someone when you feel sad? 3. Everyone gets these feelings at your age. 译: 每个人在你这个年龄都会有这样的感受。 at one’s age 在某人的年龄 at the age of … 在……岁时 at your age. Your father began to work___________ 你父亲在你这个年龄就开始工作了。 At the age of _____________seven, he could swim. 7岁时他会游泳了。

We’ll have a Chinese exam and an English exam this noon, are you afraid? what should we do?

Let Doctor Chen give us some suggestions.

What should we do?
1. You’d better talk to others. 2. Why not/Why don’t you listen to soft music. 3. What/How about taking part in activities 4. You should call the doctors for help

1.一些糟糕的经历 some bad experiences some good experience 一些好的经验 experience什么时候可数什么时候不可数?

共同:都可以当“建议”。 不同:suggestion是可数名词,advice是不可数名词

听从某人的建议: take/follow one’s advice/suggestions 一条建议: a suggestion/a piece of advice 3.If you have any problem, please call me at 2676790 拨电话号码跟某人联系: call sb. at+号码

normal__ to ___ feel sad when something bad happens 4.It’s_____ _______.to us It’s+adj.+to do sth. 1)这句话用到的句型是: 2)根据这两个句子总结出关于happen的用法: She happened to be out when we called. 当我们打电话的时候她碰巧出去了。 sth happen to sb/sth 某事发生在某人身上 happen to do sth. 碰巧做某事

3)形容词修饰不定代词时, 放在不定代词______ 后面 something different to eat Let‘s give them______________________ (一些不同的东西吃) 5.They don’t know how to stop these unhappy fe

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