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七年级上unit2 Is this your pencil?

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Unit 2
Go for it J7A
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a pen

a pencil
a pencil sharpener

an eraser a ruler
a pencil case
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watch ring

computer game



ID card

notebook backpack

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Match the words with the things in the picture
No,it isn’t.It’s his backpack.

pencil c pen


Is that your backpack?

book b eraser g ruler e pencil case d backpack dictionary i pencil sharpener h
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Yes,it is.It’s my pencil. Is this your pencil? No,it isn’t.It’s her ruler.


Is this your ruler?


Listen and number the conversations [1-3].


A:Is this your pencil? B:Yes,it is.It’s my pencil.


A:Is that your backpack? B:No,it isn’t.It’s his backpack.


A:Is this your ruler?

B:No,it isn’t.It’s her KJ6教育资源网 ruler. 更多优质资源登录 http://www.kj6.net

What’s this?

Is this a pen? Yes, it is.

Is this your pen?
Yes, it is. It’s my pen.
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Is that Wang Li’s ruler? No, it isn’t. It’s Lili’s ruler.

Is that a pencil? No, it isn’t. It’s a ruler.
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Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. It’s my pencil. Is that your eraser? No, it isn’t. It’s his eraser.

Is this your dictionary? No, it isn’t. It’s her dictionary.
isn’t=is not
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Fill in the blanks with proper words
Hi Bob name Bob:____,I'm______.What's your ______?
Name’s Nice meet Gina: My________Gina.______to______you. Nice too Is Bob:_____to meet you,_____._____this your ruler? isn’t it ______Ask his Gina:No,____ Eric,It's______ruler. Bob:Eric,Is _____ ______ruler? this your

it ,______ Thank ____. you Eli :Yes,___is

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Listen and check (√) the things you hear

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Listen and complete the conversation with the words in the box eraser pencil ruler pencil case book

Tim: Excuse me,Sonia.Is this your pencil? ⑴ Sonia: Yes,thank you.And that is my eraser. ⑵ Tim: And Jane,is this your ruler ? ⑶ Jone: No,it isn’t.It’s her ruler.

Tim: OK,and this is my book.And this is ⑷ your pencil case ,Jane. ⑸
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Ask about the things in the picture on the right.

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Is it a map?
Yes, it is.
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Grammar Focus

Is this your pencil?

Yes, it is.

Is this my pen?
Is that his book? Is that her eraser?

No, it isn’t. Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.


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