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verb [bΛ’fit]: to strike, to batter

e.g. winds that buffeted the tent
The ship buffeted her way through the waves. noun. [?bufei] (US.)[b?’fei] 自助餐,小卖部

anything but vs. nothing but
? anything but: never e.g. He is anything but a writer. ? nothing but: only e.g. He is nothing but a writer.

renovate (again + new) novel adj. noun novelette novelty novice innovate / innovation / innovator novitiate (new hand)

? trans- “from A to B, through, beyond” ? transparent ? transport ? translation ? transfer ? transformation ? transcend

pedestrian subway
? subway: underground/ tube (Br.E) / metro ? ped: foot ? pedal ? pedicab ? pedicure ? biped / quadruped ? centipede (蜈蚣) / multiped ? impede

? Minnesota, state in the north central United States. The state?s most famous nickname, Land of 10,000 Lakes, is an understatement, for Minnesota has more than 15,000 lakes, three-fourths of which are 10 acres or more in size year round. It is still also known as the North Star State, a translation of the French inscription on the state seal, L’Etoile du Nord. Minnesota is rich in minerals, farmland, and waterways.

Mayo Clinic
This photograph portrays Mayowood, an extension of the Mayo Clinic and the former home of Dr. Charles Mayo. Together with his brother, Dr. Mayo expanded his father?s family practice and founded the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester in 1914. Famous for its excellent facilities and highly skilled physicians, the system of clinics provide medical care to more than 400,000 patients annually.

Rochester, Minnesota
Rochester is particularly noted as the site of the Mayo Foundation (1919), which includes the Mayo Clinic (1914), now one of the chief employers in the city. The Foundation also includes five educational programs: the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine (1915); Mayo's Continuing Medical Education (1967); the Mayo Medical School (1972); the Mayo School of HealthRelated Sciences (1973); and the Mayo Graduate School (1989).

Subway People Pushers
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the hub of the country?s vast railway system. The main stations in the city serve between 400,000 to 3 million passengers daily and employ people pushers, usually students, to force as many people as possible onto the trains.

? Tokyo, capital of Japan, is the most populated metropolitan area in the world. The heart of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace and its surrounding grounds. This is where the emperor of Japan lives with his family. To the south and west of the Imperial Palace are most of Tokyo?s important government buildings, such as the offices of the prime minister, the Supreme Court, and the national ministries. To the east of the Imperial Palace is the Marunouchi district, the leading business district. To the north of the Imperial Palace is a quarter with many bookshops.

Imperial Palace
Japan?s emperor lives in the Imp

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