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1.this (复数 2.here(对应词)3.diary(复数) 4.big(反义词)5 hero (复数) 6 have(第三人称单数)

7.story(复数 8.study(第三人称单数

9.class(复数) 10.foot(复数)二、单项选择(每小题1分,计20分)


( )11.Please give the book Jane.

A.to B.in C.on D.at

( )12. The girl often plays _______ basketball in her bedroom.

A. an B. the C. /

( )13. --- Hi, Li Ping. _____? --- It’s seven fifty now.

A. How are you B. When do you get up C. What time is it D. Where is your watch D. a ( )14. --- are the new shoes? --- They’re shoes.

A. Whose, my B. Whose, hers C. Who’s, our D. Whose, he ( )15. Some birds ______ to the south before winter.

A. run B. swim C. walk D. fly

( )16. --- What does his sister look like?

know her.

A.don’t B.doesn’t C.am not D.not

( )17. --- Can you help your mother do housework at home? --- Yes, I ______.

A. am B. can C. can’t D. do

( )18. --- What time she usually lunch?

--- At about eleven thirty.

A. do, eat B. does, has C. does, have D. does, eats ( )19. —How does Tom go to school?

—He goes to school ________.

A. by bus B. on his bus C. take a bus D. by a bus

( )20. Our school is not very big ________ it’s very beautiful.

A. so B. but C. after D. and

( )21. ---- My telephone number is 87690909.

---- _______? I can’t hear you well.

A. OK B. Excuse me C. Stop D. Pardon ( )22.There is a big tree ________ the classroom.

A. in front of B. at the front C. in the front of D. in front

( )23.—What’s your ________ , Rick?

—I like playing basketball.

A. job B. name C. age D. hobby

( )24. There _______ a big garden and many buildings near our school.

A. are B. has C. have D. is

( )25. I love my new school because the teachers ________ very kind to me.

A. all are B. all looks C. look all D. are all

( )26. —How long does Kitty spend on her homework?


A. Half an hour B. A half hour C. Half hours

( )27. — How often does he go to the Swimming Club?

— _______.

A. Two hours B. Twice C. Twice a week D. Two times ( )28. Excuse me. How do you ______ that in English?

A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk D. An half hour ( )29. We like talking _______ each other _______ interesting things after school.

A. with, about B. with, with C. about, about D. about, with ( )30.---Happy birthday,Jim! ---_______, Amy.

A. Thank you B. Happy birthday C. That’s all right D. OK



child and he see anything. He works in a factory (工厂) near Simon’s school. He at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Simon goes to at 8:00 in the morning and comes home at 4:30 On weekdays Simon gets up to take Uncle Mike to the factory. After school he takes Uncle Millie home. Uncle Mike Simon very much. He says, ―Simon is a boy. He is like my son.‖ ( )31. A. girl

( )32. A. has

( )33. A. don’t B. boy B. have B. do C. worker C. there is C. can’t

C. go D. teacher D. there are D. can D. goes

D. goes to bed

D. hospital

D. in the afternoon

D. hard

D. works

D. short ( )34. A. comes B. come ( )35. A. gets up B.comes home C. goes to work ( )36. A. factory B. house C. school C. in the morning C. soon C. helps ( )37. A. at night B. in the evening ( )38. A. late ( )39. A. takes ( )40. A. good B. early B. thanks B. tall C. bad



( )41.The name of the film is ______.

A. Red Star B. Harry Potter C. Dongjin D.Saturday

( )42.You can watch the film at _______.

A. Guangming Cinema B. Dongjin Cinema

C. Hongxing Cinema D. Dafang Cinema

( )43You can see the film__________

A. at 4:00 p.m. On Saturday B. at 6:30 –8:30 p.m. On Monday

C. at 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. On Saturday D. at 6:30 –8:30 a.m. On Sunday

( )44.Mr and Mrs. Read have two sons. They are both 12 . If they four want to see the film,

how much should they spend?

A.Thirty-two yuan B. Forty-two yuan

C. Thirty-six yuan D. Forty-six yuan

( )45.Kate is nine years old, Jim is eleven years old and Simon is twelve years old.Who can’t

go to see the film?

A. Jim B. Kate C. Simon D. All of them


Miss Liu is an English teacher. She is very young. She works very well and the students all like her. There are twenty-six boys and twenty-four girls in her class. Now some of them are playing on the playground. Jim and Bill are jumping. Sam and Mike are running. Lucy and Simon are singing. The other girls are playing games with their teacher. They’re happy.

( )46. Miss Liu is______. A. a Chinese teacher B. very old

C. an English teacher D. not good

( )47 There are _____ students in Miss Liu’s class.

A. 26 B.40 C.24 D.50

( )48. The students are ______.

A. at work B. at home C. all happy D. in the classroom

( )49. Who is singing?

A. Miss Liu B. Lucy and Simon C. Sam and Mike D. Jim and Bill

( )50. All the students _________.

A. like Miss Liu B. are running

C.are playing games D. are jumping


A father and his little son are going home. The boy is five years old. He is interested in(对---感兴趣) all kinds of things and he is always asking questions.

“What?s the meaning(意思) of the word ?drunk??” asks the boy.

“Well, my son,” his father answers. “Look, there are two policemen. To a drunk man?s eyes, there are four.”

“But, Dad, there is only one policeman.”

( )51. The father and his little son are __________.

A. watching TV

C. going home B. having supper D. going to the market

( )52. The boy is ________ old.

A. three years B. four years C. six years D. five years

( )53. The boy is interested in all kinds of things ___________.

A. and is always asking questions

B. and is always asking the same question

C. but he never asks any questions

D. but he doesn?t like asking questions

( )54. In fact(实际上), how many policemen are standing there?

A. Two. B. One. C. Three. D. Four.

( )55. From the passage(短文), we know ____________ drunk.

A. the boy and his father are

C. the boy?s father is B. the boy is D. the policeman is



Jim usually ’clock at school.


We often 58.Amy和Mille有时上学迟到。




Let me our school.



I reading.





We should .

六、用所给词的适当形式填空,使短文意思通顺、语法正确。每空一词。(10分) At six o’clock every morning, Sandy 66_________ up and then she washes her face, has breakfast and goes to school. She does morning 67___________ before the first lesson. She has four lessons in the morning and two in the 68____________. Sandy 69__________ to her teachers carefully in class.

She often goes to the school library to 70___________ some books. She71 ___________ likes 72___________ badminton(羽毛球) with her friends after school. Then she goes home to help her mother cook _73__________. After that, she does 74___________ homework. She goes to bed at about ten. She has a good 75___________ all the day.



Alice : I have a photo of my cousin Lucy .

Allan :

Alice : Yes , you can .

Allan :

Alice : Yes , she is .

Allan : Is she from America ?

Alice : No ,

Allan : Is she polite and helpful ?

Alice :

Allan : Alice : She is a nurse.

Allan : She looks very happy in the photo .

Alice : Yes , all the patients(病人) like her very much .

Allan : Really ? I look forward to meeting her soon.


写一篇自我介绍,名字可以用Amy or Mille代替,学校可以用Xinxing Middle School。(不得出现真实的人名、班级和校名,)


……years old,I like ……because…… I don’t like ……because……


1.these 2.there 3.diaries 4.small 5.heroes 6.has 7.stories 8.studies 9.classes 10.feet

11-15.ACCAD 16-20.ABCAB 21-25DADDD 26-30ACAAA

31-35BACDB 36-40.ADBBA

41-45.BBCBB 46-50.CDCBA 51-55.CDABC

56.wakes up 57.go to bed 58.are…late for 59.borrow ….from 60.show…around 61.goes swimming on 62.am good at 63.come from 64.from…to

65.each…other 66.gets 67.exercises 68.afternoon 69.listens 70.borrow 71.also 72.playing

73.supper 74.her 75.time

76-80 DCEBA 作文 (略)

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