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Shopping for Clothes
? A: Can I show you anything? ? B: I'm looking for an all-cotton T-shirt. ? A: We have a large assortment of that kind. Here are some samples. ? B: Can I have the blue one with white stripes of my size? ? A: Here you are. ? B: It looks nice. How much is it? ? A: 50 yuan. ? B: I'll take it. ? A: Please pay at the cashier's.

Shopping for Clothes
? A: Can I try it on? ? B: Sure. the fitting room is over there. ? A: (back from the fitting room) What do you think of it? ? B: It suits you perfectly. The color goes well with your shirt. ? A: But it's a little tight around the waist. Besides I think the color is too loud. ? B: I'll get you a plain one in a size bigger.


radio-cassette player

to chew up tapes aerial got stuck

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