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Unit 2 Topic 2 练习题 Name___________ No._____ Class__________

一. 单项选择。(15分)

( )1.What color is it ? It’s purple hat . A. / ,/ B. a , a C. / a D. / an

( )2.Chinese and Japanese look the same.

A. That’s all right. B. You are right. C. Yes it is. D. OK

( )3.Maria and Jane have the looks, because they are twins .

A. different B. same C. like D. right

( is that girl over there? She’s my new friend Jenny.

A. What B. Who C. How old D . Where

( is his shirt ? It’s blue.

A. Which color B. How color C. What color D. What’s color

( Sally her mum ? No, she

A. DO , look like ; don’t B Does ,look like ;doesn’t C. Is ,look like ;doesn’t

( ,do you have a ruler ? ,I don’t a have one.

A. Sorry, Excuse me B. Sorry ,Sorry C. Sorry; Yes D. Excuse me, Sorry

( )8.Does he have eyes ? A. black big B. big brown C. brown small

( )9. He’s tall . A. What does he look like ? B。 How is he ?

C. What does he like ? D. What does she look like?

( )10. It’s his book .Please . OK ,I will.

A. give it him B. give him to it C. give it to him D. give it to her

( )11.What color those shoes ? They are .

A. is ,green B. are ,green C. are, green D. is greens

( )12.The boy red is Bill and the boy white coat is Peter.

A. in a ; in a B. in a ;in C. in , in D. in ; in a

( is blue ,but their are brown .

A. shoes; T –shirt B. caps ; T- shirt C. caps ; caps D. shoes; cap

( )14. Let’s the picture brown.

A. color B. colors C. look at D. see

( )15. Jane, please give that book Maria.

A. to B. in C. on D. /

二. 词汇。根据句意补全单词。(10分)

1. This apple is ) . Please give me a red one.

2. Look at the photo. Jane is in a (黄色的) T- shirt.

3. She is old .Her hair is (白色的)。

4.China has a (红色的) national flags.

5.The flowers are (橙色的)。

6.The girl in (棕色的)is my sister.

7.What (颜色) is your pen ?

8.I want to buy a (紫色的) skirt。

9.Linda is short, but Jane is (高的)

10.She is old, but he doesn’t have (灰色的)


1.我会把这封信给她。I’ll this letter her.

2.我想和她交朋友。I friends with her.

3.她想要一双鞋。 She shoes.


The girl is my friend.

5.她穿着一身黑衣服。 .


is his brother.


The boy me is my good friend.

8.我们看起来不一样。We have the same .

9.这两个女孩看起来很像。The two girl the 10.这个书包看起来像个狗。The bag a dog.


does your brother ? He has hair .

12.他没有灰白色的头发。He gray hair .


My color blue . Can you it ?


1. Could you help me give this pen to him ? Could you help me ?

2. Tom looks like his dad . Tom his dad .

3. She is in a yellow skirt . She a yellow skirt .

4. My favorite color is white . I white .

5. She sits next to me . She sits me .

五..综合填空。(10分) My name is Peter. I come (1) the USA. I am twelve (2) old. I’m a student (3) Grade Seven. There are(有) five people in (4) family. We (5) in Beijing now. My father is a (6) . He works in a hospital. My mother is a (7) . She teaches in a high school. My (8) sister, Rose, is only four years old. My grandmother lives (9) us and looks (10) Rose at home.

六、 完形填空。 (10分)

Mr Zhang of English.He young. He is black hair. There are fifty students class. They all a jacket. very nice. Look! Some students are studying in the classroom. Mr Zhang is . He is helping of them all.

( )1. A. a B. an C. / D. the

( )2. A. too B. good C. very D. or

( )3. A. but B. fit C. right D. and

( )4. A. of B. in C. with D. light

( )5. A. he B. his C. her D. he's

( )6. A. have B. wear C. wearing D. wears

( )7. A. looks B. look C. fit D. plays

( )8. A. to B. two C. and D. too

( )9. A. studies B. to study C. in D. studying

( )10. A. father B. mother C. friend D. student

七、阅读理解。 (15分)


There is a nice girl in our class. She is thirteen years old. She is not tall and she

is not very short. She is a little bit fat (有点儿胖). She has a round face like an apple.

She has two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big, but her ears are small.

Her hair is short and black. She likes red. She often wears clothes. But today

sheiswearing a yellow sweater (毛衣), blue trousers and brown shoes. She likes little

animals (小动物). She has a little black cat in her home. She likes her cat very much.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正 (T)、误(F)。每小题一分。

( )1. The girl is 12 years old.

( )2. The girl is tall with a round face.

( )3. Her hair is short and black.

( )4. Her favorite color is red.

( )5. She has a black and white cat.


Julia and Flora are twins (双胞胎). They are ten. They go to the same school and

they are in the same class. They are very much like each other in every way. They

look the same, and they wear the same hat, the same sweater and the same trousers.

They like the same colors: red, yellow and purple. So they have the same color

clothes. Julia talks like Flora and Flora talks like Julia. Their teacher, Miss Jones,

cannot tell who is who. "How does your mother know who is who?" she asks them.

"That's easy." Julia says. "Yes," says Flora, "We have different names."


1. How old are the twins?

2. What color do they like?

3. Do the twins talk in the same way?

4. What's the difference between the twins?

5. Who is Miss Jones?


Name: Jim

Age : twelve

From: the U.S.A

Favorite color: blue

Class: Five Grade: Seven

School: No.1 Middle School

Looks(外貌): hair: short, brown nose: small eyes: big face: round

tall and strong

My friend

I have a good friend.


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