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Press in Britain
? Britain has one of the largest publishing industries in the world. There are ten morning daily newspapers and nine Sunday papers published nationally. In addition, about 1,400 regional and local newspapers and more than 6,500 periodicals are published in the United Kingdom. Britain has one of the highest newspaper readerships of any developed nation: About 60 percent of adult Britons read a national newspaper daily, and more than 65 percent buy a Sunday newspaper. Even more Britons read local or regional newspapers.

broadsheet vs. tabloid
? British newspapers range from “quality” papers that focus on the news to “popular” papers that emphasize entertainment. ? Quality newspapers, such as the Financial Times and the Guardian, are also called broadsheets because they are printed on larger sheets of paper (33cm by 55cm). They provide news on current events and matters of public interest. Popular papers, called tabloids (25cm by 37cm), often cater to gossip and publish lavishly illustrated stories about celebrities, crime, or scandal under sensationalized headlines. These include the Sun and the Daily Star.

The Guardian
? The Guardian is a British newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. It is a serious broadsheet newspaper with relatively left wing politics. Until 1959 it was called The Manchester Guardian, and the paper is still sometimes referred to by this name, especially in North America. The Guardian has a daily circulation of around 400,000 (2002), compared to 620,000 for The Times, 920,000 for the Daily Telegraph and 230,000 for The Independent. The paper is sometimes known as the Grauniad (coined by Private Eye), as a result of frequent typographical errors for which it became infamous, although these are now less common.

The Guardian's offices in London

The Guardian

Daily Mirror
? The Daily Mirror is a popular British tabloid daily newspaper. The newspaper was launched in 1903 by Alfred Harmsworth as a newspaper for women. However, in this format it was unsuccessful and he quickly changed the focus and added pictures and photographs. This improved the circulation dramatically. In 2002 the Mirror changed its logo from red to black (attempting to dissociate the paper from the term "red top", meaning a sensationalist massmarket tabloid) and it has made efforts to concentrate on solid journalism rather than celebrity scandals—not always successfully. ? It takes a left-of-centre editorial line. It was the only tabloid newspaper in the UK to be hostile to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In May 2004, it published what it claimed were photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

The front page of the Daily Mirror, 12 November 1918

Daily Express
? The Daily Express is a British newspaper, currently tabloid, and it is owned by Richard Desmond. It was founded in 1900 and was one of the first papers to carry gossip, sports, and women's features, and the first newspaper in Britain to have a

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