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【2013铜仁】1. My mother is ill in hospital. I have to __ my grandparents at home.

A. look out B. look after C. look up D. look at

【2013营口】4. Mum, this kind of fruit ______ nice. I’d like to taste one.

A. sounds B. smells C. look D. feel

【2013成都】6. I have ______ my watch everywhere. But I cannot find it.

A. look at B. looked up C. looked for

【2013云南】7. You don’t have to _______ every new word in the dictionary while reading.

A. look for B. look up C. look at D. look after

【2013丹东】8. —The flowers in Hekou ______ beautiful in May.

—Yes, many tourists come to watch them every year.

A. sound B. listen C. taste D. look

【2013锦州】10. —He looks unhappy today. —Let’s __________.

A. cheer him up B. help out him C. look after him D. argue with him

【2013黔东南】12. What bad weather! The plane will _______ at 8:00 o’clock this evening.

A. put off B. take off C. turn off D. get off

【2013巴中】13. My sister _____ her cat yesterday, but she didn’t ________ it.

A. found; look for B. looked; found C. looked for; find

【2013永州】14. Could you please _______ us an interesting story?

A. speak B. tell C. say

【2013天水】16. —How long may I ________ the book?

—Just one day, I will return it to Mary tomorrow.

A. keep B. borrow C. lend D. kept

【2013龙岩】20. In China, spring returns in March. The weather__ warm and the days are longer.

A. gets B. sounds C. smells

【2013龙岩】21. Before Monkey King was ______ by Xuanzang, he was held under a mountain.

A. set free B. laughed at C. carried out

【2013龙岩】23. China Dream is a great dream. Each of us should try our best to make it ______.

A. come true B. grow up C. take place

【2013广州】25. Thanks for your invitation, but I’m so sorry I can’t go. I need to ______ my baby at home.

A. take away B. take off C. take care of D. take out of

【2013广东】26. Again and again the doctor ______ the crying baby girl, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong with her.

A. looked over B. looked after C. looked for D. looked out

【2013遵义】27. I was late because the bus _______ on my way to school.

A. broke down B. broke off C. broke up

【2013齐齐哈尔】32. —How long ________ you _________ this book?

—For two weeks.

A. did; borrow B. have; borrowed C. have; kept

【2013齐齐哈尔】34. It takes me half an hour ____________ the piano every day.

A. play B. playing C. to play

【2013枣庄】38 . By the time I locked the door, I realized I ____my keys at home.

A. had repaired B. had changed C. had forgotten D. had left

【2013宜昌】42. —It’s everyone’s duty to join the Clean Your Plate Campaign. —Sure. We should try to _______ all the food that we’ve ordered.

A. give up B. eat up C. turn up D. show up

【2013山西】47. In April, the weather in some places in Shanxi was really changeable. People still remember they have ________ four seasons in a week.

A. organized B. experienced C. described

【2013山西】48. A student in Fudan University was killed by his roommate just because of small things in daily life. It is important for students to learn how to _______ each other.

A. get on with B. come over to C. stay away from

【2013聊城】49.If you want to buy this dress , you 'd better _____ first to make sure it fits you .

A. pay for it B. take it off C. tidy it up D. try it on

【2013扬州】50. — Who's the most modest boy in your class?

— Daniel. He never ________ in public.

A. gets off B. takes off C. shows off D. turns off

【2013宁波】55. —Can I _______ your bike?

—With pleasure. But you mustn’t _______ it to others.

A. lend; borrow B. borrow; lend C. lend; lend D. borrow; borrow

【2013呼和浩特】58. The child doesn’t need any help. He is old enough to ________ himself.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. take care

【2013安徽】65. It is helpful to ___________ a good habit of reading in language learning.

A. take B. show C. develop D. match

【2013德州】67. Although many great people ever failed, they never_____ and managed to succeed.

A. set out B. stayed up C. kept on D. gave up

【2013泰安】68. One of the best ways for people to keep healthy is to_______ good eating habits.

A. grow B. develop C. increase D. find

【2013泉州】74. —What can we do to ______bird flu from spreading?

—Try not to buy or eat chickens that have not been checked.

A. prevent B. cause C. discover

【2013随州】78. –How does Jack usually go to work?

—He ______ drive a car, but now he ______ there to lose weight.

A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to; is used to walking

C. was used to; is used to walk D. used to; is used to walking

【2013临沂】82. The Olympic Games of 2016 will ____ in Brazil.

A. take after B. take off C. take place D. take away

【2013荆州】86. It usually ____ Mum about half an hour to cook supper.

A. pays B. takes C. spends D. costs

【2013荆州】88. — When are you going to ____ for Shanghai?

— Tomorrow morning.

A. get off B. turn off C. take off D. set off

【2013荆州】89. His leg is seriously injured in the accident. ____ a doctor at once.

A. ask for B. send for C. wait for D. look for

【2013齐齐哈尔】91.-I’m sorry, Mr Li. I ____ my English homework at home. -Don’t forget ____ it to school tomorrow.

A. left, to bring B. forgot, to take C. lost, to bring

【2013南京】98. —What’s wrong with you, Eric? You look tired.

—I ____ to prepare for the final exam last night.

A. picked up B. woke up C. stayed up D. put up

【2013 白银】99. The company wants to _______ a school for the poor children.

A. put off B. set up C. call in D. look after

【2013 白银】100. Daisy is such a good daughter that she _____ most of her spare time with her Parents.

A. spends B. costs C. takes D. affords

【2013连云港】102. — Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight, Kate?

— I'd love to, but I've ________ Linda's invitation to dinner.

A. suffered B. earned C. received D. accepted

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