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7A unit1 reading2

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Unit 1 Reading (2)

Study Aims: 1. 能够掌握重要的语言点并且会运用. 2. 当堂复述reading.

Who are they?







My profile
What is your name? Where do you live? How old are you? What are you like? Hair tall… My name is _______________. I live in_________________. I am_______________________. I have ____ hair and ____eyes. I am ________.

What do you like ?

I like___________________.
Page 3


1. I am 12 years old 我12岁了。 12 years old 12岁 years old 1)His father is 40 ______ _____ . 2)12-year-old 12岁的 The _________ 12-year-old girl lives with her grandfath 10 years old (10岁), 3) The boy is only _____________ but he has to look after his brother an 8-year-old Tommy, _______________ (8岁) boy.
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2.I have long black hair 我长着黑色长发
1)玛丽留短发, 戴眼镜。 Mary _____ has _____ short _____ hair and _____ wears glasses. 2)短发的那个女孩是玛丽。 with_____ short hair is Mary. The girl ____ ____ ____ 3)穿兰色外套的那个男孩是谁? in a blue coat? Who is the boy _____
Page 5

3.She is good at swimming.她擅长游泳。
be good at( doing) sth. =be clever at (doing) sth. =do well in sth. 擅长作某事

1).Amy is good at playing ________(play) basketball.
2).Millie’s cousin is clever at Maths Millie’s cousin _______________ Maths. is good at does well in Millie’s cousin ____________Maths. 3).Amy 擅长游泳吗? good at swimming? _____ Amy _______ Is



4.He likes/loves/enjoys reading. 他喜欢阅读

1) like/love/enjoy doing … 喜爱做…… 2) like/love/enjoy sth. 喜爱某物 E.g.My fathelikes/loves/enjoys______ playing basketball = My fathelikes/loves/enjoys basketball.
5.He is from Nanjing.他来自南京。

come from =be from 来自
1.Simon comes from Shanghai. Simon _________ Shanghai

Page 7

1、这个女孩来自北京。 comes /is from Beijing . The girl _______________ 2、他们擅长画画。 are good at drawing They _______________________ . 3、丹尼13岁。 is 13 years old. Daniel _____________ 4. 他喜欢放学后踢足球。 He likes playing ________________________________ football after school.
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Repeat reading. Millie: new student 12 hair reading Simon: name tall like football Sandy: this tall and slim hair like Daniel this from short Maths




This is my good friend David. He is from the USA. But now he is in Jiangsu, China. He lives in Nanjing with his parents. He is good at computer. He is tall and strong. He likes playing football. He is in our school football team. His home is near our school. He is thirteen now.
Name Age(年龄) Appearance(外貌) Birthplace(出生地) Hobby(爱好)
Page 10

1. Recite the text .

2. Remember the words and phrases.
3. Finish the exercises 4. Prepare for the next period .

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