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Learn and remember

trumpet guitar violin


waltz organ

Learn and remember
drum guitar organ trumpet violin waltz n. 鼓

n. 吉他
n. 管风琴

n. 小号
n. 小提琴 n. 华尔兹;圆舞曲

Learn and remember
centre elder younger die addition n. 中心

adj. 年长的 (尤指家庭成员之间)
adj. 年幼的 (尤指家庭成员之间) v. 死; 去世 n. 添加; 添加物 除……以外

in addition to

n. 剩余部分


the river Danube

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and the centre of European classical music.

Johann Strauss the younger

Johann Strauss the elder


快乐第一关 Skimming 速读
Read and answer the questions
1.Did many composers and musicians come to study and work in Vienna? Yes, they did. 2.Which family was the most famous family of musician in Vienna? The Strauss family is the most famous family. 3.What do some people think of Mozart? Some people say he was the greatest European composer.


Scanning 精读
old city on the river

Read Paragraph1 and fill in the blanks.
Vienna is a 1_________ beautiful Danube. It’s the 2_______ city of Austria and the capital 3_____ centre of European classical music. From 1750 lots of

4___________and musician came to study and work composers
in Vienna. The most famous family of musicians was
Strauss the 5____________family.

Read Para2 - 3 and tell Tor F
1.The waltzes made Johann Strauss the elder famous all over Europe T 2. Johann Strauss the younger was more popular and successful than his father. T 3. Johann Strauss the younger elder wrote more than 400 waltzes. F 4. Johann Strauss the elder elder was famous for The Blue Danube F

Read Para 4 and finish the form. Name Mozart composer Job 35 Age (when died) Austria Nationality (国籍) hundreds of beautiful He wrote
pieces of music


He was the greatest European composer

1. make … famous This song made him famous. 2. not only…but also He not only reads a lot, but also remembers a lot. 3.The son … was even more successful and popular than his father. 这里的even以及much, a lot ,a little等放在比较 级前,表示强调,意思是“更加;越发;有些”。 e.g.: The boy is a little taller than Tom. 那个男孩比汤姆高点儿。

without books Retell the passage capital city of Austria and the Vienna is the1_______ centre 2______of European classical music. The most famous Strauss family of musicians was the 3_______. The waltzes made Strauss the elder famous all over Europe younger was even more successful and 4________.The ________ popular than his father. He wrote the most famous 6________ waltz The Blue Danube. Austria in 1756. Before he was Mozart was born in 7______ six he played 8_______the not only piano but _______ also the violin. He concerts gave 9________in many European cities. He wrote hundreds of beautiful pieces of music. He was the composer greatest European 10__________.

He was born in Austria in 1756. B

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