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7A unit1 Integrated skills

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七年级上册 Unit 1 Integrated skills
Study Aims: 1.掌握本单元教授的词汇everyone come from
glasses 2. 技能目标:学会使用本单元的词汇和相关话题进 行交际。 3.学会听力训练过程中掌握听力技巧

New words
1.over [‘?uv?] adv 穿过 2.classroom [‘klɑ:srum] n 教室 3. dancing [‘dɑ?ns??] n 跳舞,舞蹈 4.swimming [‘swimi?] n 游泳 5.age [eid?] n 年龄 6.looks [luks] n 相貌,容貌 7.cute [kju:t] adj 可爱的,讨人喜欢的 8.hobby [‘h?bi] n 业余爱好 9.glad [ɡl?d] adj 高兴的
Page 2

一复习 1.复习和本节课有关的单词和短 语: meet,friend,hair ,long ,short , be good at ,small,about,

classmate, look, dance, swim, new,
cousin, grade ,love doing sth
Page 3

Who are you?

Who is he?
This is Liu Tao. He is a Chinese boy. He’s from Shanghai. He’s ten.

My name is Nancy Black.
I’m an English girl. I’ m from London. I’m nine. I’m not tall.

He is tall and thin.
His eyes are small

My hair is long.



Look at the pictures of Kitty and Amy. Can you tell the difference between them?

This is Kitty. Her hair is_____ long

This is Amy. . She has _____ short hair.
Page 5

Answer these questions.

1.Who has short hair?

2.Does Kitty love dancing?
Yes, she does.

3. Who has long hair? Kitty 4. Is Amy good at dancing?
No, she isn’t. She is good at dancing.



Well done! Now let's look at the profile below and help Millie circle (画圈) the right answer.



Now, let‘s listen to the tape and finish finish Part A3 on Page 14?

I am at a new school now. I have some new friends. Kitty is_____ cute . She is ____ 11 years old. Her hair is ____ long . She loves dancing. Amy is_____ small . She is ____ 12 _____ years old. Her hair is____ short .She is good at ________. I love my new classmates. swimming
Then , read this passage loudly.
Page 8

B Speak up: Glad to meet you.
1 Are you happy at school? 2 Do you have many new friends in our class? 3 What do you say when you meet your friends?

Review some greetings: Good morning!/ Good afternoon!/Good evening. How do you do/ How are you? Nice /Glad to meet you! Hello!/ Hi!
Page 9

Listen to the conversation, then do T/F.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Kitty is Andy’s classmate. F Andy and Millie are good friends. F Andy, Millie and Kitty are all in Grade 8. F The school is nice. T They like the school. T Read the conversation loudly.
Page 10

1.Her hair is long. 她的头发很长 另一种说法He _______ _______ _______ 单击添加 2.She loves dancing. 她喜爱舞蹈。 喜欢的几种说法:_______ _______ _______ 思考:loves为什么后面加s ? ________________________________ 喜欢做某事?like doing sth 单击添加 单击添加 like sth E.g.我喜欢运动: 他喜欢阅读: 她们爱听音乐: 3. She is good at swimming. 句中be good at = do well in意为“在某方面做得好,擅 长”,后跟名词、

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