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课题 Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum?

Section B 1 (1a-2e) 教案设计

教 学 目 标

1. Knowledge and Ability Objects

(1) Key vocabulary: the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall the Bird’s Nest, the Palace Museum

Singapore, population, southeast Asia, western food, Indian food, Night Safa

(2) Target language: Have you visited …?

Have you been to …?Have you seen …?Have you tried …

(3) To train students’ listening, speaking reading abilities and skills.

2. Method Objects in Teaching

(1) Listening and speaking methods.

(2) Reading methods.

(3) Practice method.

3. Sensibility and Value

(1) To raise students’ interest of learning English.

(2) To make students get to know cultures of other countries 教材分析

Teaching Key Points

1. Key vocabulary in this period.

2. Target language in this period.

Teaching Difficulties

1. Improve students’ listening.

2. Improve students’ reading skills.

Teaching Aids

1. A computer for multimedia use. 2. A tape recorder.


Step 1

.A guessing game.

Step 2

1. Match the pictures with names.

2. Ask and answer

3. Listen to a student interviewing a foreign student. Check (√) the 5Listen again and take notes


Work in pairs to ask your partner where she/he has been to? Have you visited …? Have you been to …? Have you seen …? Have you tried …? Step3.

1.Look at the pictures and learn the new words.

thousand num. 一千 thousands of 数以千计的 safe adj.安全的 fear v.& n.害怕;惧怕 Indian adj.印度人;印度的 spring n.春天 Japanese adj.日本人;日本的 fox n.狐狸 equator n.赤道 questions you hear.

2. Reading

1. Introduction of Singapore

1)Look at some pictures and watch some videos about Singapore

2)Talk about the symbol of Singapore

2. Fill in the blanks according to the article.

Singapore’s geographical position

A small island (1) ____________

Language(s) people speak in Singapore (2) ______________________ Food we can find in Singapore Chinese food, (3) __________ and Japanese food.

Name of the night zoo in Singapore (4) ___________

Temperature in Singapore It is (5) _________ _____ all year round.

4. Work on 2b. Read the article. How many reasons can you find for visiting Singapore? 4

5. . Work on 2c. The statements below are false. Use information from the article to correct them.

6. Work on 2d. Fill in conversation about Singapore using the information form the article.

Step4 Language points

1. on the one hand… on the other hand

2. …more than three quarters of the population are Chinese… quarter n. 四分之一;一刻钟 three quarters 四分之三

3. May be you fear that you won’t…fear v. 害怕;担心

4. A lot of animals only wake up at night… wake v.

5. seem的用法

Step5 Exercises Translate the following phrases. Step6 Homework

Write an article to advertise Jilin city .


Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum? Section B 1 (1a-2e) I.


New words and expressions. Singapore — A Place You Will Never Forget!(Main ideas).

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