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I、单项选择 (25分)

( )1. Can you ______ English?

A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell ( )2. --- ________ can you play? --- The drums.

A. When B. How C. What D. Where ( )3. --- ______ you sing?

--- Yes, I can.

A. Do B. Can C. Are D. Am ( )4. I want to ______ the chess club.

A. join B. join in C. join to D. join for ( )5. Tom wants ________ to you. Are you free?

A.to tell B.tells C.to talk D.talks ( )6. Can you help me with _______?

A. dance B. dancing C. dances D. to dance ( )7. ---What club ______ you want to join? --- Chess club.

A. does B. do C. can D. are

( )8. Her sister can play ______ piano, but she can’t play _____ basketball. A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; /

( )9. My brother can play the guitar, ______ he can’t play it very well. A. and B. so C. or D. but ( ) 10. ---- Can you play volleyball? --- Sorry, I ______.

A. don’t B. do C. can’t D. can

( )11. --- Are you good ______ your students? --- Yes, I am.

A. at B. with C. for D. of ( )12. --- Are you ______? --- Yes, I am.

A. a musician B. musicians C. musician D. A and B ( )13. --- Can he _____ a student? --- Yes.

A. is B. be C. are D. does

( )14. We want some singers(歌手) ____ our rock band. A. for B. of C. to D. at

( )15. My brother _______ the trumpet and he play it _____ . A. can plays, good B. can’t play, good C. can play, well D. doesn’t play, well ( )16.Can you paint? ________.

A.Yes, a little B.Yes, little C.No, a little D.No, little

( )17.Please call me ________ 8989766.

A.in B.at C.about D.with ( )18.________ like to go swimming ________ summer.

A.Children, on B.Children, in C.A child, on D.A child, in ( )19. Can you help me ________ my English?

A.with B.of C.learning D.about ( )20.What can you do, Lin Tao? ________.

A.I like sports B.I want to join the music club C.I am well D.I can do Chinese Kung Fu ( )21.Hi, can I help you? ________.

A.Yes, please B.No, I can’t C.Yes, I can D.You are welcome ( )22.________ you can ________ our school concert. A.Maybe, in B.Maybe, be in C.May be, in D.May be, be in ( )23.We want two good ________ our rock band.

A.music for B.musician in C.music in D.musicians for ( )24.Little Tom can draw ________.His drawings are very ________. A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well ( )25.Can he ________ it in English?

A.speak B.speaks C.say D, talk Ⅰ.选择填空。(30分)

( ) 1. ―What's the time? ―_____half past nine.

A. Its B. It's C. This is D. They're

( )2. We go to _____ at six thirty in the morning.

A. the school B. a school C. school D. schools ( )3. —______ does your mother work? —In a school. A. What B. How C. Where D. When

( )4. —What time is it? —It's ____eight o'clock.

A. at B. on C. in D. around

( )5. My English teacher is usually very busy(繁忙)______. A. all night B. night C. all the night D. good night ( )6. Do you want to listen to the _____ story?

A. funnily B. funny C. funy D. funer

( )7. What time does Jane ______ after school?

A. do her homework B. does her homework C. do her homeworks D. does her homeworks ( )8. He often takes ______ to the Santon Hotel.

A. number bus 17 B. the number 17 bus C. 17 number bus D. number 17 bus ( ) 9. I ______ at ten o'clock in the evening.

A. have breakfast B. get up C. go to bed D. watch morning TV ( ) 10.He eats ______ dinner at 7:30 in the evening.

A. a B. an C. the D. /


( )11. Please write and tell me ______ your morning.

A. for B. to C. about D. of

( )12. ______ Lucy and Lily go home at seven?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are ( )13. It's ten o'clock. I must go ____.

A. to home B. home C. my home D. his home ( )14. I want to____ No. 5 bus to Tian'an Men Square.

A. get B. come C. go D. take

( )15. ---Will you go there by_____train? ----No,, I’ll take ______ taxi. A. /;a B. a;the C./;/ D. the;a ( ) 16. We only have _______ shower.

A. some B. an C. the D. one

( )17. My sister ____ home at 5:00 every day.

A. gets B. gets to C. get D. get to ( )18. We can watch Beijing Opera _____ TV.

A. in B. at C. on D. from ( )19. Let’s ________.

A. take a shower B. have a shower C. take the shower D. A and B ( )20. My brother ___ the morning TV every day.

A. watches B. watch C. watchs D. see ( )21. Do you know___________________?

A. what is his job B. what does his job C. what his job does D. what his job is ( )22. He likes ______ the radio(收音机)。

A. listens B. to listen to C. listens to D. to listen ( )23. Rick often does ____ homework at 6:00.

A. her B. his C. my D. your ( )24. --- ______ do people have dinner?--- At home.

A. What B. When C. Where D. B and C ( )25. Jie Min usually gets up _______.

A. at six thirty B. at thirty six C. on six thirty D. on thirty six ( )26. In our school , school _____ at 7:30.

A. is B. start C. starts D. does

( )27. ----When does your mother go shopping?----Usually _____ Sunday morning. A. on B. in C. at D. after ( )28. ---_____________? ---Sorry, I can’t.

A. Can you play the drums B. Do you draw C. Are you here D. Can your brother dance ( )29. ---Do you have a watch? --- ________.

A. Yes, he does B. No, I’m not C. No, I don’t D. I don’t know ( )30. They have no classes ________ Saturday and Sunday. A. in B. on C. at D:from 一. 单项选择.

( )1. -- did you come here? -- boat.

A. How, By B. How long, By C. How, Take ( )2. Health your healthy lifestyle. A. depends B. decides C. depends on

( )3. In North America, most students go to school A. by B. take C. on

( )4. My parents are

A. reaching to B. arriving in C. getting to ( )5. –How does it take? –It takes about 10 minutes’ A. long, walk B. long, to walk C. far, walking

( )6. The passage is very hard because there are many new words in it.

A. very B. so C. such ( )7. She often a bike to the school. A. takes B. drives C. rides

( )8. The weather in Beijing is that in Changsha. A. far from B. same as C. different from ( )9. The old woman is her lost son.

A. worried about B. worry C. worried ( )10. do you the transportation in your town? A. What, think B. How, think of C. What, think of ( )11. --Can you tell me it is from here to downtown? --Yes, it’s fifteen minutes by bus. A. how much B. how long C. how far

( )12. Susan’s parents have bought a large house with a swimming pool. It be very expensive. A. must B. can C. can’t

( )13. I know it’ll A. spend B. take C. pay

( )14.--The sandwich is delicious. --Would you like one?

A. other B. others C. another ( )15. He to clean the classroom. A. needn’t B. don’t need C. doesn’t need

( )16. books are missing in the library. We must ask the police for help. A. Much B. A number of C. The number of II.单项选择

( )1. There is _____milk on the floor.

A . too many B. too much C. much too D. many too ( )2. There are ____rules in my family.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too ( )3. Please help me _____ French.

A. speaking B. to speaking C. with peak D. speak ( )4. He often _____English with the foreign teachers.

A. practice speak B. practices speak C. practice speaking D. practices speaking


( )5. Don’t _____bed _____9 o’clock.

A. go, at B. in, by C. be in, by D. go in, at ( )5、___ she ___ clean the classroom today?

A. Does, has to B. Does, have to C. Does, has D. Does, have ( )6、Don’t _____TV too much after school.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. to watching ( )7、It’s very warm outside. You ____ wear the coat.

A. must B. don’t have to C. have to D. mustn’t ( )8、The girl ___ red dress is my friend’s daughter.

A. with B. wear C. put on D. in

( )9、My mom ____carefully, but she ___ nothing.

A. listened, listened B. heard, heard C. listened, heard D. heard, listened ( )10、Does your father always wear ___?

A. uniform B. an uniform C. a uniform D. two uniform ( )11、--May I take the magazine out of the reading room ?

--No, you can’t.. You read it here .It’s the rule. A. must B. would C. may D. might ( )12、_____ in the school library.

A. No talk B. Not talking C. No talking D. Not talk ( )13、He arrives _____ here _____ a cold night.

A. /;at B. at; at C. /;on D. in;on ( )14、Where _____ did you go last year?

A. other B. else C. place D. others ( )15、We don’t know Jack _____ Bruce.

A. and B. or C. about D. of ( )16、Can she _____ clean the classroom today?

A. has to B. have to C. has D. have

( )1 --Do I have to come back tomorrow?(2007武汉市中考题)

--Yes, you ____.

A. can B. may C. must D. should ( )2 --Must I finish the work today, Mom?

--N o, you __. You can finish it tomorrow.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t

( )3.Don’t forget to __―Thank you‖ when someone has helped you.

A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

( )4. Keep quiet, kids. Dad ____in the next room.(2007绍兴市中考题)

A. slept B. sleeps C. is sleeping D. had slept 二. 单项选择

( )1. _________ these tigers _______ from?

A. Where, are B. Where, come C. Where are, / ( )2. I like koalas because they are _________ friendly. A. a kind of B. kind of C. kinds of

( )3. --_______ he ________ breakfast at home? -- Yes. A. Dose, have B. Does, have C. Does, has ( )4. Does this lion ____ from Africa or America?

A. be B. is C. come D. go ( )5. ----What _____ do you like ? ---- I like penguins.

A. sports B. subjects C. music D. 单项选择。(30分)

( )1. What is Kate doing? __________

A. She is in the room. B. Yes, she is C. She is reading D. She is run ( )2.Look! What is Tom doing? He’s _______ TV.

A.seeing B.looking C.looking at D.watching ( )3.______ are they playing football?

A.What B.Who C.Which D.Where ( ) 4. A: Is he writing or reading? B: ________.

A. Yes, he is B. No, he isn’t C. He’s reading D. Yes, he is writing. ( )5. The men ________ to the radio. A. are listening B. listening C. is listening D. are listenning ( 6. Thanks for_______me. A. helps B. is helping C. helping D. help ( )7. We are doing ______.

A. our homework B. our homeworks C. her homework D. his homework ( )8. Here ______ a photo of my family. You can see me in it.

A. are B. is C. am D. be

( )9.______ the first photo, I ______ at the mall.

A. On; shop B. On; shopping C. In; am shoping D. In; am shopping ( )10. Do you want ______ to the movies with us this evening?

A. go B. to go C. goes D. going

( )11. Look,Nancy _______ a letter to her parents.

A. writing B. is writing C. is writeing D. writes ( )12. Listen! Who_________? ---Emma is.

A. singing B. is singing C. sing D. are singing ( )13. —Where is Mike? —He’s _______ the pool.

A. swim at B. swimming at C. swiming at D. swims ( )14.It’s six o’clock. The Green family _______ dinner.

A. is eating B. are eatting C. are eating D. eats ( )15. Jimmy likes _______ soccer. Look! He is _________ soccer.

A. playing; playing B. play; play C. plays; plays D. playing; plays ( )16. That sounds very _______.

A. nice B. good C. well D. both A and B ( )17.This is a photo _______ my family.

A. of B. on C. in D. ’s

( )18. Who _______my parents talking _______?


A. are; / B. is; / C. are; to D. is; at ( )19. Kate has many _______,and she likes _______ very much.

A. pictures; the B. picture; them C. pictures; it D. picture; it ( )20. Thank you for _________ me a letter.

A. write B. to write C. is writing D. writing ( )2 1. Please be quiet, my grandfather___________ .

A sleep B sleeps C is sleeping D are sleeping ( ) 22. In__________ photo, a boy is playing soccer. A two B second C the two D the second

( )2 3. Look! Mary and her brother ___________ there.

A are talking over B is talking over C are talking to D are talking about ( ) 24. I_________ my room every day. But now I __________. .

A clean, am reading B am cleaning, reading C cleaning, read D clean, read ( ) 25. In the picture you can see a boy swimming. His father ___________ him. A sees B is looking C is look at D is watching ( ) 26. It’s 7o’clock. Tom___________ dinner at home. A is having B have C has D having

( ) 27. We __ any Chinese classes on Thursdays. And we __an English class now. A aren’t having, are having B don’t have , have

C don’t have, are having D aren’t having, don’t have

( ) 28. ----Let’s go to the park, Lily. ----- . Shall we go now? A Sorry, I can’t B Sure C It’s boring D Thanks

( ) 29. -----Ling Ming, are you listening or writing? ----- .

A Yes, I am B I’m listening C No, I am not writing D I’m listening and writing ( ) 30. -----What are you doing? ----- _________. It is too dirty.

A I’m doing my homework B I’m playing computer games

C I’m cleaning the room D I’m writing 一.选择题

( )1. --Where is Mr Smith?

--He is in Beijing. You can call him_____ 1384232813. A. in B. at C, on D. about ( )2. --How' s it _________? --Terrible. A. go B. to go C. goes D. going ( )3. Thank you for _____ me the good news. A. tell B. tells C. telling D. to tell

( )4. --_________ is the weather like_______ London? --It's very warm. A. What; about B. What; in C. How; about D. How; in ( )5.______everyone ______ basketball in your class ? .

A. Does; plays B. Do; play C. Do; plays D. Does; play ( )6. Here______ some interesting TV shows for you to watch. A. is B. are C. has D. have

( ) 7. --Is your sister doing her homework now, Jack? --Yes,_____ _______

A. she is B. she' s C. she can D. she does ( ) 8. Does your brother enjoy _____?

A. talking people B. talking to people C. to talk people D. talks to people ( ) 9. If you are good with kids, please come and work____ us_____ a teacher. A. to; for B. for; to C. for; as D. as; for ( )10. Look! They_____ beach volleyball on the beach.

A. playing B. are playing C. plays D. play ( ) 11. Look at the __ It' s __ heavily now. A. rain; rain B. raining; raining C. rain; raining D. raining; rain

( ) 12. I can' t go to the park __ it' s snowing heavily. A. and B. because C. but D. / ( ) 13. --What does your sister do? --_________

A. She' s a nurse B. She's watching TV

C. She' s singing D. She does some shopping ( ) 14. --What are your parents doing? --__________ A. They are doctors B. They like walking

C. TheY talk to each other D. They are taking photos

( ) 15.--Let's go to see animals in the zoo this Sunday. -- ______, I like animals. A. I am sorry B. No, thanks C. That sounds great D..You are welcome ( ) 16. --How' s the ___ in Wuhan now? --It' s very hot. A. room B. city C. weather D. place

( )17. Many kids like Jay Chou because he looks very __ A. cool B. terrible C. boring D. bad

( )18. --_____ is it going in America? --Not bad. My English is much better now. A. How B. What C. Why D. Where ( )19. --What are you doing in your room?

--I am ______ . The soap opera is toofun.

A. playing computer game B. watching TV C. listening to music D. sleeping ( )20. --Happy New Year. --__________.

A. Thank you B. Happy New Year C. Not bad D. It' s terrible ( )21. --Where are you these years? --I am studying ______ Australia.

A. at B. in C. with D. from

( )22. She likes to ______ sports clothes when she goes to work. A. play B. wear C. buy D. enjoy

( )23. It' s very hot in Guangzhou, but it' s still very ______ in Harbin now. A. hot B. humid- C. cold D. warm

( )24. I never(从末) hear him sing, but I am ___ to find that he sings so well. A. interesting B. surprised C. sorry D. scary ( )25. Look at so many old people _______ on the square.

A. play sports B. playing sports C. to play sports D. are playing



( )1. Can you swim _______ the river?

A. near B. between C. from D. across ( )2.________ , where is the park?

A. Hi B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Excuse ( )3.The hotel is ______ the bank.

A. across B. from C. across form D. next ( )4.We ______ a big family.

A. are B. have C. has D. there are ( )5.There isn’t a restaurant ______ here.

A. in B. near C. from D. on ( )6.----Thank you very much.. ----____________

A. You’re welcome. B. Really?

C. Nice to meet you. D. Thank you,too. ( )7.----Is there a library in your school? ----___________.

A. Yes,it is. B. No,it isn’t. C. Yes,there is. D. No,there aren’t. ( )8.----_______ is the park?

----It’s on the right of the school. A.Where B. What C. Why D. How ( )9. _______ any books on the desk?

A. There is B. There are C. Is there D. Are there

( )10. _________ something wrong with my bike.Can I use yours?

A. It is B. It was C. There is D. There was 单项填空

( )1.My sister enjoys________the guitar in the park every morning.

A.play B.plays C.playing D.to play

( )2、there is a beautiful garden ________fifth avenue(

A.on B.in C.at D.with

( )3.I want to find a house __________ many trees around it .

A.with B.have C.has D.there are

( )4.Go ________this sereet and then turn right..

A.From B.to C.down D.on

( )5.There______some water in the glass.

A.is B.are C.be D.has

( )6.Alice spends too much time _______computer games.

A.play B.plays C.to play D.playing

( )7.Go straight and turn ______.The bank is ______.

A.left;left B.left;on the left C.on the left D.left;to left

( )8.My father has a habit of jogging __the Jinchuan River for an hour in the morning,

A.between B.along C.over D.through

( )9.Julia ______a bus to work every day,

A.brings B.has C.gets D.takes

( )10.I hope you ______a good time .

A.to have B.have C.has D.having

一、单项选择 (15分)

( )1. --What ______ he ______ like? --He's tall and thin.

A. is; look B. does; looks C. does; look D. is; looks ( )2. There is ______ hair on her head.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. many ( )3. My father is a little fat. He loves ______ jokes.

A. to tell B. tell C. to speak D. to say ( )4. She always ______ a red dress and white shoes.

A. put on B. puts on C. in D. wears ( )5. Does he ______ a new look?

A. has B. have C. with D. in ( )6. Please stop ______. It's time for meeting.

A. to talk B. talk C. talking D. speaking

( )7. When you leave the room,please remember _____off(关掉)the light.

A. turning B. turns C. to turn D. turned ( )8. She's a singer. She is good at ______.

A. singing B. to sing C. sings D. sang ( )9. The young man ______ glasses is my teacher.

A. wear B. wears C. put on D. with ( )10. He is new. Many people ______ him.

A. doesn't know B. know C. don't know D. knows ( )11. I don't like country music,but my husband ______.

A. do B. does C. did D. is ( )12. There ______ nobody in the room.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

( )13. We need a waiter,please write a wanted ad ______ a waiter.

A. to B. for C. of D. in ( )14. I'm reading the dialogue ______ Unit 7.

A. at B. about C. for D. in ( )15. She plays ______ every day.

A. sport B. the sport C. sports D. the sports I.单项选择(15分)

( ) 1. ----Would you like green tea ____ juice ? ---- I don’t like green tea ____ juice. A. and , and B. or , or C. and , or D. or , and

( ) 2. ---- Would you like _____ tea with ice in it ? --- Yes , I ______ . A. any , would B. some, would C. any , will D. some , will ( ) 3. The noodles with orange juice ____ only $ 1.5.

A. is B. are C. for D. with


( ) 4. ---How many _____ would you like ?--- Two , please .

A. cup of tea B. cups of tea C. cup of tea D. cups of teas

( ) 5. Some chicken _____ in the bowl . And some ____ are in the garden.

A. is , chicken B. are , chicken C. is , chickens D. are, chickens ( ) 6. He’d like some _____ noodles .

A. onions and mutton B. onions and muttons

C. onion and muttons D. onion and mutton

( ) 7. ---Would you like some ice cream , Vera? ---- ______ . It’s my favorite .

A. No, I’m not thirsty . B. No, thanks . C. Yes , I do . D. Yes , please . ( ) 8. I’d like ____ some rice and fish for supper.

A. eat B. eats C. eating D. to eat ( ) 9. There’s some _____ on the table .

A. milk B. onion C. tomato D. potato

( ) 10. --- What size of shoes would you like ? --- I’d like ____ ones .

A. black B. blue C. a medium D. large

( ) 11. --- What’s your aunt’s ______? ---It’s No. 18 Fifth Avenue. A. number B. address C. name D. age

( ) 12. -----________ ? ---- I’d like to buy a pair of shoes for my daughter .

A. Excuse me . B. I’m hungry . C. Can I help you D. Can you help me? ( ) 13. ______ meat would your brother want ?

A. How B. How many C. How much D. What

( ) 14. My brother likes potatoes . He ______ likes hamburgers . A. too B. also C. other D. others ( ) 15. What _____ food would you like , Mary ?

A. kind B. kind of C. kind for D. of kind 二.选择填空(25分)

( )1.Were there ____________ sharks?

A. some B. any C. a lot ( )2.What ____________ did you do?

A. other B. else C. others ( )3.—Were you at home yesterday? —____________.

A. Yes, I were. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I was. ( )4. — Did they take any photos? —____________.

A. No, they didn't B. No, they did C. No, they aren't ( )5.My mother ____________ some cakes for us last night.

A. makes B. maked C. made

( )6. After two hours the children got to the hill, tired ___ happy.

A. and B. but C. although D. however

( )7. Which team _________ the game yesterday?

A. took B. wanted C. visited D. won

( )8. _______ did you spend your vocation last summer?

A. When B. Who C. Where D. What ( )9. I went out and ________ in the river.

A. swim B. swam C. swimming D. to swim ( )10. The music sounds _______, I like it very much.

A. good B. well C. bad D. beautifully ( )11. I ____ late ______ class yesterday morning.

A. was, for B. was, to C. am, for D. am, to ( )12. -_______ did they play games?

-For two hours.

A. What time B. When C. How long D. How often ( )13. Tomorrow I have a day off, so I want to _______. A. take a class B. hang out with my friends C. takes a class D. hangs out with my friends

( )14. Class 4 went to the _____ to see some sharks.

A. cinema B. aquarium C. park D. movie ( )15. -When did you go to bed last night? -About 11 o’clock. I _______.

A. slept early B. slept late C. got up early D. get up early ( )16. ---Were there any seals in the zoo?


A. Yes, there weren't B. No, there weren't C. Yes, there were. D. Yes, there was. ( )17. What _______he do on his last school trip? A. does B. did C. is D. was

( A. was doing B. did C. does D. would do A. saw B. didn’t saw C. didn’t see D. see

A. write B. writing C. to write D. wrote

A. by B. in C. at D. on

22. _______the sharks exciting? A. Did B. Does C. Was D. Were

23.Finally, __________, we took the bus back to school.

A. tired and happy B. exciting but happy C. tired but happy D. tiring and happy 24.Did you buy________ in the supermarket?

A. something B. everything C. anything D. some thing 25. -How did you like your last day off?

A. like B. liked C. likes D. will like


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