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新概念英语一 结业考试

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NEW CONCEPT ENGLISH I -- FINAL EXAMNATION Name :_______________ Score:_______________



二、 从A,B,C,D中选出划线部分读音不同的选项


- 1 -



- 2 -


1. She said to ____________ ( her), “I can give the present to my mother.”

2. He is going to ____________ ( meet) his friend tomorrow evening.

3. My brother ____________ ( get) up very early yesterday.

4. I ____________ ( live) in Hebei since 1977.

5. The film ____________ ( begin) when I was buying the ticket.

6. He ran to the cinema quickly, but the film_______ already ________ ( begin).

7. I _________ ( invite) the girl to dinner yesterday.

8. He told me that he ____________ ( be) going to the theatre.

9. She told me that she ____________ ( may) arrive at 9 o’clock.

10. The note can’t be ____________ ( change).


My bicycle

Two years ago, my husband bought me a bicycle. If you live in a town, it is sometimes

faster than a car and you don't have to worry about parking. You can't leave it anywhere. As it has a seat at the back and a basket at the front., I can take my little daughter to school, and go anywhere in fact.

I use it most in summer when the weather is warm and dry. It can be very unpleasant in

winter when it is cold and it often rains. It can also be very dangerous. Accidents aren't only

problems. One day i went shopping and came back to find my front wheel lost. Now i have three strong locks.

My husband likes his car for long trips better, but i think all this sitting down is making him fat. On my bicycle i get a lot of exercises and fresh air, and riding makes me feel a lot younger.


1. Who bought a bike for the woman? ______ husband bought a bicycle ______her.

2. Does a bike go often faster than a car in town? ______, it ______.

3. What happened to the woman's bikes one day? ______of the wheels ______ lost.

4. Is the woman's husband fat or thin? He ______ ______.

5. What can the woman get from riding a bicycle? She can get a lot of ______ and fresh ______ .

A clever boy

One day a little boy came into a shop. He had five dollars and he wanted to buy some pears. When the shopkeeper gave him the pears, the boy counted them. Then he said, " Last week my mother bought pears here for five dollars, and she got more than i have got for five dollars. Why did you give me so few?"

- 3 -

"Don't ask questions, my boy, i have no time for questions." "Excuse me, sir," said the little boy, " but ..." "it's all right, my boy," said the shopkeeper, "Don't you understand? The fewer pears you get, the less fruit you will have to carry."

"All right." said the boy and he put four dollars on the counter. He was going to leave the shop, he heard the words"Come back! You must give me five dollars.""That's all right! Said the boy, "don't you understand? The fewer dollars you get, the less money you will have to count." 根据短文,判断正误

1. The shopkeeper said he had no time for questions.( )

2. One day a little boy came into the shop to buy some apples.(

3. The boy gave five dollars to the shopkeeper.( )

4. The boys is clever than the shopkeeper.( )

5. The boy got more than his mother got for five dollars. ( )


1. 这顶帽子一定非常便宜。


2. This book is full of mistakes.


3. 女人总是说了算。


4. 看电视之前我已经读完了报纸。


5. 正在修车的人是他的哥哥。


- 4 - )

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