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Speaking of summer holiday

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Speaking of summer holiday, I think all of us must be very exciting. Yeah, who can forget the great pleasure we enjoy in summer holiday? Now let me give you a short introduction.

We will do some exercise to strengthen our muscles and make us stronger. For example, Swimming is always a good choice, which can not only build up our muscles but also helps to lose weight and thus leads to a perfect body shape that is fancied by girls. Moreover, playing basketball is also a good way to relax ourselves and train ourselves. From playing basketball we can make a lot of friends, get us healthier and for boys, attract more pretty girls. And we also play badminton. (Badminton is my favorite and when I am on vocation I am sure I will play badminton with my friends.)

Besides doing sports, something meaningful also enriches our holiday. Volunteer work is one part of our colorful summer holiday. As volunteers, we cross thousands of mountains to teach those poor children who can’t afford to read; we stand as long as 4 hours in the street just to offer help to citizens for the purpose of harmonizing the Asian Game. From helping each other, we gain spiritual fulfillment, which is far valuable than money.

In addition, we can do what we’re interested in on summer vocation. As far as I’m concerned, I will focus on my favorite roller-skating. Still immersed in the roller-skating journey to Qing Yuan, I am looking forward to our next journey. It’s hard to forget the great pleasure and hardship in the journey. On the first day, we skated 40 kilometers to Hua Du. And the next day we made it to Qing Yuan. It is so impressive that everyone in the journey will bury this experience into his heart forever. Except for roller-skating,

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