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Keys: Earth; quiz; pattern; protect; report; part; land; field; large; provide; pollute; burn; energy; ground; kill; must; important; into


Keys: on Earth; a lot of; pollute air; there be; protect the Earth; on the land; under the water; 给…提供;制造能量;把…放入;在地底下;停止做某事;在空中;杀害动物


A. 选择方框内词组填空,必要时需改变形式

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I want to fly like birds ___________.

Burning rubbish may cause a lot of ___________.

The supermarket __________ us __________ a lot of things.

You said you were good at swimming. Then how long can you stay _____________? The environment is very dirty now. We must ____________ it.

We can find a lot of fish in the oceans. __________ are very big, but _________ are quite small.

7. Without air, we cannot live ___________.

8 Remember to ________ the rubbish __________ the rubbish bin.

Keys: in the sky; air pollution; provides, with; under the water; stop polluting; Some, some; on Earth; put, into



The government should_________ citizens _________good services.


She _________as much feeling _________her voice as she could.


He_________ _________my letter, explaining that he thought it was a leaflet.


_________ _________three _________ _________ milk in the fridge.


Suntan oil is used to _________ people _________ sunburn.

Keys: provide…with ;put…into ;threw away ;There are, boxes of ;protect.. from


( ) 1. It is time for class. We must stop ______.

A. talk B. talking C.

D .talked

( ) 2.The teacher asked Ben ______ difficult question in class.

A. answer

C. to answer B. answering D. answered to talk

( ) 3.It is very important for us ______ English well.

A .learn B. to learn C. Learning

D. learned

( ) 4. ---- I want _____ more coffee.

--- I’m sorry there isn’t ______ left now.

A. some;some


( ) 5. --- Could you please provide us _____ some information about the students’ health?

--- Of course, it’s my pleasure.

A. to B. of C. from D. B. some;any C. any;some D.


( ) 6. She reached the top of the hill and stopped _______ on a big rock by the side of the path.

A. to have rested B. resting

D. rest

( ) 7. We can ________ ________ information on the Internet.

A. find some B.find out some C.find

D. find out any

( ) 8. The teacher asked the class to put _____ their books.

A.away B.on

D. by

( ) 9. Can you _____ some useful reference books _____ my son?

A.provide, to B.provide, with C.provide, for D. provide with, for

( )10.I will do_________ best to help you.

A.me B. my C. mine D. myself

( )11.Star is busy now. There are______ things to do.

A. too much B. so many C. very many D. so much

( )12.Mary often gives us ______by e-mail.

A. some good information B. some good informations

C. good informations D. a good information

( )13.There goes the bell. It’s time for class. Let’s stop__________.

A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. not talk

( )14.Mary had _________e-dictionary. She got it from her uncle.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )15.The news I am going to tell you _______very surprising.

A. to be B. is C. are D. were

( )16.If you take _________out of water,____________die.

A. fishes, they B. fish, they C. a fish, they D. fish, it

( )17.Scientists say that people need to protect the environment ______the future C.up any C. to rest

from now on.

A. in B. of C. to D. for

( )18.It’s time for class. We must stop_______.

A. talk B. talking C. tell D. telling

( )19.There are a lot of clouds ________the sky. It’s going to rain.

A. in B. to C. on D. at

KEY: 1---5 BC B B D 6---10 C B A C B 11—15 B A C B B 16—19



Reading comprehension. 阅读后完成下列任务。

We should help everyone as much as we can, and we ourselves often need help. The great can help the small while the small can help the great. About this, a French writer told the following story.

An ant was drinking by a small river and fell in. She tried her best to reach the side of the river, but she couldn’t move at all. The poor ant got too tired, but she was still doing her best. At this time a bird saw her, she threw a piece of wood to her. With it the ant got to the side. When the ant was drying herself in the grass, she heard a man coming up. He was walking without shoes on his feet and carrying a gun in his hand. As soon as he saw the bird, he wanted to kill her. But the ant bit(咬) him in one of his feet just as he was going to kill the bird. He stopped to see what had bit him. And at that time the bird flew away at once.

20.One day an ant ___________ by a small river.

A. was playing B. was eating C. was drinking D. was walking

21. Though the ant was too tired, she ____________

A. lost hope B. stopped trying C. cried for help D. went on trying

22. Did the bird lose her life at last?

A. Yes, she did. B. No, she didn’t C. Yes, she didn’t D. No, she did.

23. “We ourselves often need help” means _________

A. we often need help B. we often help others

C. other need our help D. we can only help ourselves

24. The whole story tells us __________.

A. the bird was very brave

C. how the ant saved the bird

Key; C D B A D

B. the ant was clever D. even the small can help the great

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