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1. This is a film _____ I’d like to see.

2. Mr. Smith is the only foreigner _____ he knows.

3. September 1st, 2008 was the day _____ I met you first.

4. There is little _____ I could do for you.

5. Who knows the man _____ is wearing a blue T-shirt.

6. He doesn’t want the first watch _____ is on the second shelf.

7. Not everyone _____ enjoys sports likes to take part in them.

8. We all respect (尊重) Albort Einstein , _____ is the greatest

physicist in the world.

9. I never met Julia again after that, _____ was a pity.

10. He is the man _____ I saw in the park

11. The room _____ I live is clean.

12. He had failed in the math exam, _____ made his father very angry.

13. She is the girl _____ sings best of all.

14. I was the only person in our office _____ was invited.

15. There is nothing _____ can prevent (阻止) him from doing it.

16. The sun shines the earth, ____ makes it possible for plants to grow.

17. Finally, the thief handed everything ___ he had stolen to the police.

18. The park _____ we visited yesterday is an excellent one.

19. The boy _____ speaks English very well is from America.

20. The chair _____ you are sitting is a new one.

21. The most favorite room is the tidy study with a fireplace (壁炉)

_____ we can watch TV.

22. John asked the policeman _____ he worked to contact (联系) him

whenever there was an accident.

23. Mr. Hu is the person _____ you can ask for help.

24. I, _____ am your best friend, will do everything to help you.

25. Please pass me the book _____ color is green.

26. The engineer _____ my father works is about 50 years old.

27. The place _____ interested me most was the Children’s Palace.

28. Can you work out a way _____ we can solve this problems.

29. Last summer we visited the West Lake _____ Hangzhou is famous

in the world.

30. Is he the man _____ wants to see you?

31. His father died the year _____ he was born.

32. He is unlikely to find the place _____ he lived forty years ago.

33. I still remember the year _____ we graduated (毕业) from Deyang

Middle School.

34. October 1st, 1949 was the day _____ the People’s Republic of

China (中华人民共和国) was founded (成立) .

35. Yesterday, I met my son’s master (班主任), _____ you saw at my

house last year.

36. The only book _____ he can find is an English book.

37. This is a house _____ I live.

38. This is the artist _____ name is known all over the country.

39. The house _____ Lu Xun once lived in is now the Lu Xun


40. How much is the book _____ is about English learning?

41. The town ____ we visited last month is the one ____ the famous

painter was born.

42. Do you know the tall man _____ daughter is in his arm.

43. I did nothing _____ might hurt you.

44. Football, ___ is a very interesting game, is played all over the world.

45. The pen _____ he is writing is mine.

46. I think the music _____ they listen to is gentle.

47. I’ll never forgot the day ____ _____ I worked with the fisherman.

48. I went to Beijing last month______is the capital of China.

49. Do you know the man ______name is Jone?

50. .He is the man _____I met

51. A doctor examined(检查)the astronauts ______returned from the

space today.

52. The energetic man _____we met on holiday works for the WHO(世


53. This is the office ____ _____I used to work.

54. The pilot _____ plane landed in a field(田地) was not hurt

55. You’re the only one _____advice he might listen to .

56. I have many friends to _____ I’m going to send postcards.

57. She is the girl____I like.

58. Do you know the place _____my mother likes best.

59. .Do you know the place ____ _____my mother once lived?

60. You can’t wake a person_____is pretending to be asleep.

61. We are talking about the subject ____ importance I haven’t realized.

62. .Finally, the thief handed everything ____he had stolen to the police.

63. Do you know of the old man _____son works in Canada?

64. Mrs Evans is the person_____you shouldn’t write to .

65. I spent much money on clothes, ______ made my mother angry.

66. The girl to _____ you talk is a singer.

67. The chair ____ ______you are sitting is a new one.

68. They talked about the things and persons _____they remember in

the school.

69. A doctor is a person_____ saves people’s lives.

70. My cousin _____is a painter, is in Japan at present.

71. Make marks in places ______ you have questions.

72. He _____plays with fire get burned.(玩火自焚)

73. Tom told his mother all _____had happened.

74. I’ll never forgot the day ___ _____I joined the club.

75. We don’t know the reason ______he was late for school.

76. .My house _____ I bought last year has a lovely garden.

77. The boys _____are playing football are from Class One.

78. She is the woman ____ ______I give the money.

79. That’s the most beautiful city _____I have visited.

80. Which is the coat _____you like best?

81. He didn’t pass the final exam, ______ made him very upset.

82. Is there anything ______you want to buy in the shop?

83. I’ll never forgot the day ___ _____we moved into our new house.

84. .He didn’t know the reason _____ he was dismissed(解雇)。

85. Is this the photo _____ you took last summer?

86. She is looking after the little child ___parents have gone to London.

87. This is the place ______ Jack parks his car.

88. .It is the most interesting story ______ I have ever heard.

89. He is the first person _______ passed the exam.

90. It’s the only word ______I don’t’ know in the passage.

91. .Here is all the money ______I have.

92. Do you know the girl ______ has got an “A”?

93. The doctor ______you are looking for is in the room.

94. The letter ______ I received was from my father.

95. The songs ______ the S.H.E sing are very popular.

96. Yesterday.Jim left for Canada.______ he had stayed for two years.

97. This is the pen _____ point is broken.

98. Please remember the time ___ ______grass and trees turn green.

99. My sister ______works in Shanghai sends me an e-mail.

100..I have saved a sum of money_ _ I buy a new computer for myself.


1.that / which 2. that / who 3. when / on which 4. that 5 that 6. that 7 who / that 8. who 9. which 10. who / whom / that 11. where / in which 12. which 13. who / that 14. who 15. that 16. which 17. that 18 which 19. who / that 20. where / on which 21. where 22. with whom 23. who / whom / that 24. who/that/whom 25.whose 26. with whom 27. which 28. (in which) 29. for which 30. who / that 31. when / in which 32. where / in which 33. when / in which 34. when / on which 35. who / whom 36. (that) 37. where / in which 38. whose 39. (which / that) 40. which / that 41. which / that, where / in which 42. whose 43. that 44. which 45. with which




71.where72.who73.that74.on which(when) 75.why 76.which77.that(who)

78.to whom79.that80.that81.which82.that83.on which84.why85.which86.whose

87.where88.that89.that90.that91.that92.who 93.whom(who)94.that(which)

95.that(which)96.where97.whose98.at which(when)99.who100.with which

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