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吉林省汪清五中八年级英语下册《Unit 1 What's the matter 》单元练习

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《Unit 1 What's the matter 》


( )1. — Kelly, who's the girl_____glasses in the photo?

-一It’s me. I used to wear glasses and have long hair. A. by B. of C. on D. with

( )2. Students shouldn’t go to school break fast. It’s bad for their health.

A. with B. without C. for D. by

( )4. How do you like Li Yundi? - A cool guy! His music really beautiful.

A. tastes B. sounds C. smells D. looks

( )5. 一M um,I’m not feeling well. —Oh, dear! ________

A. What’s wrong? B. Not at all. C. All right.

( )6.Young people today posting wonderful articles and beautiful photos onto

the micromes- sage(微信)to share with friends.

A. are afraid of B. are used to C. are worried about

( )7. Andrea Bocelli never ,which makes him a successful singer.

A. takes away B. gives awayC. gets up D. gives up

( )8.He hurried back home his schoolbag.

A. fetched B. to fetch C. fetching D. fetches

( )9. — Why did you get up late this morning? — _________I stayed up late last night. A. Because B. So C. Because of D. But

( )10. — What’s the matter with you? 一I________a headache.

A. have B. take C. make D, like

( )11. To our__________, the little girl is the first to go to bed.

A. surprises B. surprise C. surprised D. surprising ( )12. - -What did your sister do?—-She_________the bus at the bus stop and went home.

A. got to B. got up C. got down D. got off

( )13. — What did you see? — I saw many boys________ games near the river.

A. played B. playing C. plays D. to play

( )14. It’s __________own business(事情) Please do it yourself.

A. you B. your C. yours D. his

( )15. My father often cooks some delicious food_________for us at home.

A. herself B. ourselves C. himself D. yourselves

二 、 句型转换 1.I have a stomachache.(就画线部分提问)_______is_____ _____ ________ water. you? 2.She should drink some water.(改为否定句).She_________ drink_________

3...He fell down when playing soccer.(改为一般疑问句)

_______he_____ down when playing soccer?


You should drink,_______ ________ _________ ___________

5.as,he,taking,used,risks,a,is,to,climber,mountain(连词成句) ____________________________________________________________

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