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八年级上册动词专项特训 基础篇 一. 选择填空 ( ) 1. Don’t _____ late. A. are B. am C. is D. be ( ) 2. We have never _____ to England A. be B. are C. is D. been ( ) 3. They _____ at home yesterday. A. are B. were C. be

D. was ( ) 4. Neither he nor I _____ waiting for the teacher. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( )

5. In 1935 my father died and we became very poor at that time. So I _____ leave school.

A. had to B. could C. must D. have to ( ) 6. _____ quick or we’ll be late. A. Be B. Is C. Are D. Being ( ) 7. He must _____ late for the meeting. A. is B. are C. be D. was ( ) 8. He enjoys _____. A. travel B. travels C. to travel D. travelling ( ) 9. _____ I borrow some books from you? A. May B. Must C. Shall D. Will ( ) 10. They _____ TV while mother was cooking last night. A. watched B. were watching C. was watch D. watching ( ) 11. His pencil ___on the ground when he was walking in the park. A. drop B. was drop C. was dropping D. dropped ( ) 12. Two days ago he _____ and has not returned yet. A. left B. had left C. has left D. was left ( ) 13. I first met Jane three months ago, she _____ at a shoe shop at the time. A. had worked B. was working C. works D. has worked ( ) 14. How long _____ you _____ in this school? A. have; studied B. do; study C. are; studying D. had; studied ( ) 15.----Who came late this morning? ----Lin Ping _____. A. has come B. did C. was D. came ( ) 16. I _____ finish my homework before I go out. A. don’t need B. needn’t C. not need D. needn’t to ( ) 17.----Who is the boy over there? ---- He _____ my son and he is always wearing a pair of blue sport shoes. A. may be B. must be C. can be D. have to be ( ) 18. Mother is sleeping. You’d better _____ quiet. A. to keep B. keep C. keeping D. kept ( ) 19. He wants to _____ an engineer when he grows up. A. get B. be C. grow D. is ( ) 20. The music ______ interesting. A. listens B. looks C. sounds D. hears ( ) 21. You have met before, _____? A. haven’t you B. have you C. do you D. don’t you ( ) 22. My clock doesn’t _____. Can you mend it for me? A. use B. more C. walk D. work ( ) 23. I saw the accident _____ when I _____ by. A. happened; went B. happen; was walking C. happening; going D. happened; gone ( ) 24. I spent twelve dollars _____ the bike. A. in mend B. to mend C. with mend D. mending ( ) 25. Listen! Some birds _____ in the tree. A. is singing B. sings C. singing D. are singing ( ) 26. If he _____ harder, he’ll catch up with us soon. A. study B. studies C. will study D. studied ( ) 27. There _____ a football match on TV this evening. A. will have B. is going to be C. has D. is going to have ( ) 28. Internet bars mustn’t let people under 18 in or let anybody _____ bad things. A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watches ( ) 29. Aunt Li often asks her son _____ too much meat. It’s bad for his health. A. don’t eat B. not to eat C. not eat D. to not eat ( ) 30. Some boys of China One enjoy _____ music. A. listen to B. listens to C. listening to D. listened to 二.用括号内所给动词的正确形式完成句子 1. She often ______ (read) English after ______ (get) up. 2. My sister ________ (call) me as soon as she knows something about the accident. 3. The teacher said to me that the earth___ (move) around the sun. 4. When he was in Beijing, he _____ (come) to see me every day. 5. How I wish I ____ (can) hear Beethoven himself ____ (play) it! 6. I _____ (lend) her some DVDs yesterday, but she _____ (not give) them back to me. 7. Look at the black cloud. It ______ (rain). 8. Listen! Somebody ______ (sing) in the next room. 9. I ______ (write) a composition while my father was cooking. 10. When the teacher came in, the twins ______ (draw) on the blackboard. 11. Don’t forget ______ (see) your grandma next Sunday. 12. You’d better ______ (go) home now. It is going to rain. 13. It’s time for work. They have to ____ (stop) ____ (play) cards. 14. We decided ______ (put) off the meeting until tonight. 15. How many times ______ you ______ (be) to the Great Wall? 16. Can’t you tell him ______ (turn) the radio down? 17. Let’s ______ (tell) a story.

18. Would you please ______ (help) me ______ (wash) clothes? 19. I saw him ____ (go) out of the room and _____ (get) in a taxi. 20. Do you mind ______ (give) me a glass of water? 21. It’s sunny today. What about ______ (go) surfing? 22. My parents have been busy ______ (take) care of my cousin for two weeks. 23. Don’t ______ (be) late for class. 24. ______ Mr. Smith ______ (speak) English or Japanese? 25. Would you like ______ (carry) some water for Granny Wang.? 三.选择所给词语的正确形式填空,完成句子 should; plan; rent; pour; become; win; move; invite; major; mix 1. He ______ some water into a cup. 2. You ______ flour and water to make bread. 3. If you have a toothache, you ______ see a dentist. 4. They are ______ to build a new school in that village. 5. This apartment ______ cheaply. 6. She ______ many friends to her party last Friday. 7. Helen ______ an electronic engineer at the age of 25. 8. Tom ______ the boys’ 100-metre race. 9. Mr. Green ______ to Paris because1

he found work there. 10. He ______ in physics in a university. 四.根据句意及首字母提示完成句子中所空的单词 初二全科目课件教案习题汇总语文数学英语物理历史榕江心灵英语强化班学习资料2010.10 榕江心灵英语强化班学习内部资料 版权所有,翻印必究2010.10 2 1. Thanks a lot for a______ me to your party. 2. The younger students in Australia can s______ their homework to their teachers by fax at home. 3. The students e______ themselves in the zoo yesterday. 4. He b______ a professional soccer player when he was sixteen. 5. Carl r______ many presents yesterday. It was his birthday. 6. When will Lily f______ doing her homework? 7. The teacher t______ us a wonderful story just now. 8. I can u______ you when you speak slowly. 9. You often b_____ books or magazines from your school library. 10. He is very poor and can’t a______ a new car. 11. Mr. Smith kept Jack in the classroom because he b______ the window after school. 12. The chicken t______ delicious. 13.----What are you doing on Saturday evening, Li Ping? ----I am b______ my little sister. 14. Don’t l______ at that old man. It’s not polite. 15. Don’t w______. Let me help you. 16. His family m______ to London three years ago. 1

7. Peter wants to i______ you to his birthday party. 18. Many children h_____ to do their homework, because it takes them much time. 19. Call me if anything h______. 20.---- When will the plane a______? ---In a few minutes. 五.用所给词的适当形式填空 (A) Linda had a little accident yesterday. When she was walking along a river, she saw some ducks _ 1 (swim) in it. She stopped _ 2 (throw) some bread to them. She __ 3 (stand) near the river. She _ 4 (not be) careful and _ 5 (fall) into the river. As soon as Mr. White _ 6 (hear) the cry for help, he _ 7 (jump) into the river. Then he _ 8 (swim) with Linda to the side of the river and _ 9 (say) to her,“You must _10 (be) more careful next time.” (B) Dear Charlie, I _ 1 (come) back from my vacation last night. This summer I _ 2 (not, stay) at home. Instead, I _ 3 (go) back to my home village near Harbin to see my grandparents. They _ 4 (tell) me that their life _ 5 (change) a lot. In 1989, they _ 6 (buy) a truck to help sell milk and their cow in the town. My uncles _ 7 (help) them to catch fish in a lake not far from their house. They _ 8 (live) a happy life now. Next week the new term _ 9 (begin) and I _ 10 (be) busy again. Best wishes! Yours, Song Xin 提高篇 一. 选择填空 ( ) 1. Don’t forget _____ the door when you _____. A. closing; leave B. to close; will leave C. to close; leave D. closing; leave ( ) 2. He went to bed late. He was listening to music and __ the time. A. was forgetting B. forgets C. forgetting D. forgot ( ) 3. The headmaster stopped ____ to me because there was a call for him. A. to talk B. talking C. to say D. saying ( ) 4. It’s bad _____ when you do some shopping. A. to be polite B. to jump the queue C. to stand in line D. to wait for your turn ( ) 5. He feels like _____ TV. A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. watching ( ) 6. We are busy _____ the room ready for the meeting. A. get B. getting C. to get D. got ( ) 7. Thank you for _____ us so well, Mr. Zhao. A. to teach B. teaching

C. teaches D. taught ( ) 8. Is there a student _____ Jack in your class? A. called B. calling C. to call D. calls ( ) 9. Mrs. Gao made the student _____ the sentence again. A. say B. to say

C. said D. says ( ) 10. The doctor was very tired, but she still went on _____. A. worked B. working C. work D. works ( ) 11.-- I’m glad _____ you. How are you? --I’m very well. A. meeting B. to meet C. meet D. met ( ) 12. The students followed Uncle Li _____. A. see the other machines B. to see the other machines C. saw the other machines D. seeing the other machines ( ) 13. Do you have enough money _____ a ticket? A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought ( ) 14. Would you mind _____ the window? A. me open B. my opening C. I open D. to open ( ) 15. Hearing the good news, he can’t help _____. A. laugh B. laughed C. laughing D. laughs ( ) 16. You must finish ___your homework before I come back. A. doing B. do C. done

D. to do ( ) 17. He kept Mary _____ at the gate for two hours. A. wait B. to wait C. waiting

D. waited ( ) 18.----I’m sorry. I’ll have to ____ my office. I’ve had a wonderful time here. ----It’s a pleasure to have you here. A. get to B. return C. leave for D. reach ( ) 19. I’m sorry. I haven’t got any money. I’ve __ my handbag at home. A. missed B. left C. put D. forgotten ( ) 20.----Meimei , why didn’t you give the book to Ann? ----Well, she _____ a copy for herself last week. A. buys B. had bought C. bought D. has bought ( ) 21. What would you like to _____ us about your hometown? A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell ( ) 22.----Hi, Lin Tao. I didn’t see you at the party. ----Yes, I _____ ready for the math exam. A. am getting B. was getting C. got D. have got ( ) 23. The teacher told us yesterday that December 25 _____ Christmas Day.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be ( ) 24. I’m afraid you will _____ the last train. A. miss B. lose C. hold D. catch ( ) 25. My father felt very tired when he _____ Paris. A. returned to 2

B. returned back C. returned D. returned on 二.选择与句中划线部分意思相同或相近的词或短语 ( ) 1. Before you hand in the paper, check the answers again. A. go over B. look C. look up D. search ( ) 2. Excuse me, may I have your name, please? A. call B. get C. hear D. know

( ) 3. Please take care of the baby while I am away. A. look for B. look up C. look after D. look at ( ) 4. I got to the museum at 9:30 this morning. A. went to B. reached C. left D. arrived ( )

5. Did you enjoy yourself at the Children’s Palace? A. like yourself B. help yourself C. have a visit D. have a good time ( ) 6. Look out when you’re crossing the street. A. Go fast B. Don’t stop C. Be careful D. Don’t run ( ) 7. The boys stopped singing when the bell rang. A. went on singing C. didn’t sing any more C. were singing D. stopped to sing ( ) 8. Excuse me, may I have a word with you, Mrs. Black? A. give a word to B. tell you a word C. have a talk with D. have a talk about ( ) 9. Bill is badly ill. You have to send for a doctor at once. A. look for a doctor

B. ring a doctor up C. write to the doctor D. ask a doctor to come ( ) 10. You look pale. I think you should go to a doctor? A. be a doctor B. thank the doctor C. ask the doctor D. see a doctor 三.用所给动词的适当形式填空 1. I ______ in the street yesterday when I saw Rose.(walk) 2. Your brother ______ to school by bike, doesn’t he? (go) 3. ______ it ______ when you left home yesterday? (rain) 4. We will go to visit the museum if it _____ tomorrow. (not, rain) 5. The teacher asked them ______ the floor after school. (sweep) 6. I am very sorry ______ you so much trouble. (get) 7. Thank you for ______. (ask) 8. Mary ______ and hurt her left leg. (fall) 9. The seven runners got ready ______ at the starting line. (run) 10. After running half a kilometer. I ______ to feel tired. (begin) 11. A moment later, the Class 4 runner ______ her sick. (drop) 12. Tom stopped _____some water because he was thirsty. (drink) 13. Would you like ______ football with us tomorrow? (play) 14. Would you please ______ something helpful? (do) 15. Remember ______ with each other from now on. (not fight) 16. She’s practicing ______ the piano now. (play) 17. That is another way of ______ our life. (describe) 18. I want to give up ______. (smoke) 19. Her husband couldn’t stand ______ smoking. (give up) 20. He’s very tired . He keeps ______ for a long time. (work) 21. He’s mother doesn’t allow her ______ out during night. (stay) 22. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time ______ to bed. (go) 23. Why not ______ (take) the rain there? 24. You can’t___(park) your car here__(park) it over there, please. 25. The music ___ (sound) nice. Let’s ___ (listen) to it once again. 四.根据汉语提示,完成句子 1. ----Sorry, I’m late. ----It _____ _____ (没关系) 2. Please _____ _____ (问好) to Aunt Susan. 3. I _____ _____ _____ (忍不住大笑) when Jack made faces. 4. His grandma _____ _____ _____ (去世) for ten years. 5. Who _____ _____ (游泳) with you this time yesterday? 6. _____ _____ (小心) not to change the film in the sunlight. 7. In autumn, we often _____ _____ (野餐) in the country. 8. Will you please _____ _____ (关掉) the radio? 9. It _____ (花费) Mary three hours to _____ _____ _____ _____ (练习谈钢琴) every day. 10. You’d _____ _____ (最好不要) watch TV every evening.


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