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( )6. The students thought about going to Dali, Xishuang

一、 选择填空(10分)

( )1. -____are you staying there? -Just for two days. A. How often B. When C. How long D. How many ( )2. I have______ to tell you.

A. anything exciting B. exciting something C. exciting anything D. something exciting ( )3. -I'm going to Tibet next Monday. -______. A. I know B. That sounds exciting C. I'm sorry to hear that D. Thank you

( )4. He doesn't know anything about Greece, because he

has ______gone there.

A. ever B. always C. never D. often

( )5. -What's wrong with you, Henry? -______. A. I'm going to the hospital B. I have a bad cold C. I'm visiting my grandparents D. I want to go fishing

1 banna or Hengdian, but they _________Lijiang. A. thought of B. planned for C. decided on D. decided to

( )7. - _________ was your sports camp like, Morgan? - It was quite tiring.

A. How B. How about C. What D. What kind ( )8. Where would you like ____ your winter holiday? A. spend B. spending C. to spend D. spent ( )9. Tom, please _______ your homework to me? A. take B. babysit C. find D. show

( )10. When is your uncle leaving __________ Dalian? A. away B. for C. to D. away to

二、 用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. -What’s he doing for vacation?

- He ________________ (visit) his grandparents.

2. Jack and his classmates __________________ (plan) their class trip at the moment.

3. _____(exercise) every day is good for our health. 4. Don’t forget __________ (bring) your

dictionary to school tomorrow.


5. Some tourists decide ____ (stay) in Kunming until Sunday.

6. Mr. Morgan finished ____(make) his last movie. 7. Jim, ___you __(have) a good time last weekend? 8. Are you going bike ___(ride) with us this Monday? 9. What _______ your mother _______ (give) you for your coming birthday?

10. A few people (visit) our English teacher next week. 三、 句型转换(10分)

1. His aunt is going sightseeing in Beijing. (对划线部分提问)

his aunt _________ in Beijing? 同上) 3. They are staying in Shanghai for three weeks. (同上) 4. Lily draws pictures in the evening. (用tomorrow改写句子)

Lily _________ pictures tomorrow.

用next Tuesday改写句子) _______ Mary ______at home next Tuesday? 四. 完形填空(15分)

Almost everyone__1__the meanings of Mr, Mrs and Miss. Mr is used before the family names of men. Mrs is for married(结婚的) women and Miss is for unmarried women. But__2__is Ms?

Some businessmen(商人) in the United States__3__Ms before a woman's name when they do not know whether(是否) the woman is married. Today, however, many women like Ms better__4__Mrs or Miss.

The word "__5__" does not tell us whether or not a man is married. Some women want to be equal to(和......平等)__6__in this way. These women feel that it is not important for people to know whether they are married or not.

3 There are some problems with "Ms", however. __7__women like it. Some like the older ways of doing things. Some find__8__difficult to read. Ms__9__[miz]. Young women like it better than older women do. It is difficult to know whether Ms will be used by more American women in the future. What do you think__10__it? ( ) 1. A. knows B. know C. knew D. is knowing ( ) 2. A. how B. what C. who D. which ( ) 3. A. use to B. using C. uses D. use ( ) 4. A. to B. for C. than D. as ( ) 5. A. Ms B. Mrs C. Miss D. Mr

( ) 6. A. men B. girls C. ladies D. boys

( ) 7. A. None of B. Not all C. All D. Neither of ( ) 8. A. this B. that C. them D. it ( ) 9. A. sounds like B. read like

C. is sounded like D. is sound like

( ) 10. A. at B. of C. on D. to 五、 阅读理解(20分)


What do we do when we go camp? First, we work out a plan. We take food, clothing, a knife, and things for cooking and eating. We take things to keep us away from insects and the sun.

Then we put everything into the car and we drive to the woods. We look for a place for campers and we look for a good place for our tent(帐篷). The place should have a lot of moving air. This will keep some insects (虫子) away. High land with water on both sides of it is good. Then we put up our tent. We put everything into the tent, and we are ready for fun. We can swim in the lake, walk in the woods, climb a mountain, row a boat, or go fishing. In the evening we come back to the tent, we build a big fire because it can keep the insects away. We sit arou


nd the fire and talk. We may tell interesting stories or we may sing songs.

At night we lie down on the grass. We can look up at the stars. It is a busy day, so we try to go to sleep early.

Everything is dark. Everything is quiet. We hope we won’t hear music from the radio in the next tent. We hope it won’t rain.

( ) 1. Before going to camp we should first ___________. A. draw up a plan B. take some food C. take things to keep us warm

D. take something for cooking and eating ( ) 2. We go to camp __________.

A. by bus B. by car C. by bike D. on foot

( ) 3. Campers can take part in ________ activities. A. one or two B. only a few C. many D. two or three

( ) 4. In the evening we build a fire because ________. A. it is cold at night B. it can keep us warm C. it can keep the insects away D. it is dark and quiet

( ) 5. The campers like to ____ at night.

A. hear music from the radio B. go to sleep early C. have rain D. be busy


The Wilsons decided to go overseas for vacation. They had a family meeting to plan the vacation.

"First," Mr Wilson said, "we should decide where we are going."

"I don't agree," Mrs Wilson said, "I think we should decide when we are going first. We don't want to go to places when they are cold."

Mr Wilson agreed, so the family's first decision was when to go on vacation. They decided to go in July. "Now we can decide where to go," said Mr Wilson.

5 "But, Dad," Ben said, "don't you think that where we go depends on(依赖,取决于)how we go? If we plan to fly, we can go a long way. If we plan to drive, we can't go far." Again, Mr Wilson agreed, and they discussed this. At last they agreed to travel by plane.

And so the planning meeting went on. The next day, one of Mr Wilson's friends at work asked, "Where are you going for vacation?"

"Well," Mr Wilson told him, "we are going in summer by plane, but I don't know where we are going!" 1. Why did the Wilsons have a family meeting?

2. What did they decide first?

3. When did they decide to go?

4. How did the Wilsons decide to travel?

5. What they didn't decide?

六、 书面表达(15分)

元旦期间你准备去海南度假. 请写一个旅游计划。

New Year’s Day,vacation,leave for,on 29th,by plane,stay,beach,fishing,shopping,sightseeing





一、 1-5 CDBCB 6-10 CCCDB

二、 1. is visiting 2. are planning 3. Exercising 4. to bring 5. to stay

6. making 7. did have 8. riding 9. is giving 10. are visiting

三、 1. What is doing 2. When are visiting 3. How long 4. is drawing 5. Is relaxing

四、 1-5 ABDCD 6-10 ABDAB

五、 A 1-5 ABCCB

B 1. They had a family meeting to plan the vacation.

2. They decided when to go.

3. They decided to go in July.

7 4. They decided to travel by plane. 5. They didn’t decide where to go. 8

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