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Part 1 Listening (第一部分 听力)

I. Listen and choose the best response to what you hear (根据你听到的内容选出最恰当的应答)

1. A. Yes, please.

C. No, you needn’t.

2. A. All right.

C. That’s all right.

3. A. No, not at all.

C. Don’t you think so?

4. A. Goodbye.

C. Have a good time.

5. A. She’s good.

C. Don’t worry. B. Yes, go. D. Let me see. B. That’s right. D. It’s right. B. My English is quite poor. D. No, I’m afraid I can’t. B. You are lucky. D. I like it. B. Not very well. D. Never mind.

II. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的对话和问题,选


6. A. Yes, she will.

C. Yes, she won’t.

7. A. A shop assistant.

C. A librarian.

8. A. At a restaurant.

C. At a concert.

9. A. To go swimming. B. No, she won’t. D. No, she will. B. A student. D. A teacher. B. At a studio. D. At a theatre. B. To see a doctor.

C. To look after his mother. D. To have a rest.

10. A. By underground.

C. By bus. B. By bike. D. On foot.

Part 2 Vocabulary (第二部分 词汇)

Wang Ping is the monitor of his class. He meets Li Hui and Julia at the gate of No. 1 Junior High 1


School, and they made conversation.

When you first meet someone, you should not ask question like this: “Are you married?”, “Do you make a lot of money?” and so on.

The following is Mr. Smith’s introduction.

Good afternoon, class. First, let me introduce myself. My name’s John Smith, but I’d like you to call me John. I’m from Britain. I’m very glad to be your English teacher. I teach English and I also organize the English Corner at school. So I welcome you to come to the English Corner after school. You can talk in English and make new friends there.

? Did he mention(提到) when he would _________ ?

? When I saw him the second time, he had already got _______.

? They have been ________ for two months.

? You want me to write an _________to your lectures?

Part 3 Grammar (第三部分 语法)

A. read B. reads C. reading D. is reading

2. The Blacks often ______ to the cinema on Saturday evenings.

A. go B. goes C. is going D. are going

3.Look! The boy ______ with his mother in the pool.

A. is swimming B. is swimming C. are swimming D. are swimming

4.--- What is Tom doing in the classroom?



--- He ______ something on the blackboard.

A. draws B. draw C. is drawing D. are drawing. 5.Old Tom usually ______ up at six and ______ sports in the garden.

A. gets, dos B. gets, does C. get, does D. gets, do 6. It’s ten o’clock and Jack ______ still(仍然) ______ his homework.

A. is, do B. is, doing C. are, do D. are, doing 7. The waiters ______ to work at five every morning.

A. start B. starts C. starting 8.I ______ a letter, so I can’t go out with you.

A. is writing B. am writing C. am writing 9.A hundred days _____ quite a long time.

A. is B. are C. have 10. --______ late for the meeting next time. –Sorry, I won’t.

A. Don’t B. Don’t be C. Won’t be 11. My mother _____ noodles, but my father ______.

A. likes, doesn’t B. don’t like, do C. likes, didn’t 12. The picture ______ nice.

A. looks B. is looked C. look 13. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ______ tomorrow.

A. don’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain 14. We are always ready _______ others.

A. to helping B. to help C. help 15. -- Does she have a watch? – Yes, she ______.

A. have B. do C. has 16. She _____ English very much now.

A. is liking B. likes C. liked 17. She has no paper to _____ . Why not give her some?

A. write B. be writing C. write on 18. Does your mother ______ English now?

A. teaches B. teach C. taught


D. are starting D. am writing D. has D. Be not D. didn’t like, do D. is looking D. isn’t rain D. helping D. does D. is teaching D. write in D. is teaching


19. The boy is too young, please ______ carefully.

A. look after him B. look him after C. look at him D. look him at

20. Bob often ______ his mother with the housework on Sundays.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped

21. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ______ tomorrow.

A. don’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. isn’t rain

22. If it _____ tomorrow, I will go by car.

A. rain B. will rain C. rains D. would rain

23. --Where is Peter?

-- He ______ his homework in the room.

A. is doing B. does C. did D. do

24. The teacher told us that light ______ much faster than sound.

A. travels B. traveled C. was D. will be

25. The supermarket is far from Mary’s house. So she _____ only once a week.

A. goes shopping B. has been there C. was shopping D. has gone there

26. Don’t make so much noise. We _____ to the music.

A. are listening B. listen C. listened D. have listened

27. I’ll go swimming with you if I _____ free tomorrow.

A. will be B. shall be C. am D. was

Part 4 phonetics (第四部分 音标)


cake grape name snake face plate

Ann map thank am and bag cat hat fat

E e

we me she he

bed pen desk leg let egg

I i



five bike kite nine bike kite nine hi

big fish it pig this

O o

home hole nose rose

box fox orange lock

U u

cute tube use

bus cup toothbrush fun

Part 5 Reading (第五部分 阅读)


Jack went to a barber's shop and had his hair cut, but when he came out, he was not happy with the result(结果). When his friend Bob saw him, he laughed and said, "What has happened to your hair,Jack?" Jack said, "I tried a new barber's shop today, because I wasn't quite satisfied with my old one, but this one seems even worse." Bob agreed(同意). "Yes, I think you're right, Jack. Now I'll tell you what to do when you go into a barber's shop next time: look at all the barber's hair, find out whose hair looks worst, and then go straight to him." "Why shall I go to him?" Jack asked. "But that would be foolish!" "Oh, no, it wouldn't," answered Bob. "Who cut that man's hair? Just think it. He couldn't cut it himself, could he? Another of the barbers cut it. So you know he can't be the worst barber."

1. When Jack went out of the barber's shop, he was not happy because ____.

A. nobody had cut his hair

B. the barber hadn't cut his hair well

C. the barber had cut his hair carefully

D. he was not satisfied with his old barber

2. "I tried a new barber's shop today." means ____.

A. this barber's shop was a new one

B. this was the only barber's shop in this town



C. Jack often went to this barber's shop

D. Jack had not been to this barber's shop before

3. After Jack had his hair cut, he thought ____.

A. the new barber's shop was the best one

B. the old barber's shop wasn't so good as the new one

C. the new barber's shop was worse than the old one

D. the old barber's shop was the worst one

4. Bob told Jack to find out which barber's hair looked the worst and then go straight to him. Why?

A. Because he was certainly the best barber.

B. Because he was free all the time.

C. Because he was the worst barber.

D. Because he wasn't the worst barber.

5. From the story we know that ____.

A. it's foolish to have one's hair cut at a barber's shop

B. barbers cut each other's hair

C. barbers never have their hair cut

D. a barber always cuts his hair by himself


Mr Perkin's New Car

Mr Perkin stood at the bus-stop and watched the cars go by. Many of the cars were new Beta 400s, and most of them were yellow. Mr Perkin always wore the same clothes as other men, ate the same food as other people, and did the same things after work, and at the end of the week, Mr Perkin did not like to be different.

The following week, Mr Perkin bought a new, bright yellow Beta 400s. He was satisfied with it, and drove to work in it the very next day. He was even more satisfied with his new car, when he saw all the other Beta 400s, in front, behind, and on both sides of him.

Mr Perkin parked(停车) his car in a big car-park(停车场) near his office, and walked the rest of the way. But when he came back at five o'clock, there were so many bright yellow Beta 400s in the car-park that he did not know which car was his. He tried his key in some of the cars, but people passing by gave him a look he didn't like. So he stopped. Poor Mr Perkin had to wait nearly two hours until his was the only yellow Beta 400s in the car-park.



1. Mr Perkin wanted a new yellow Beta 400s because

A. the bus did not come.

B. he liked new clothes, food and cars.

C. he liked to do the same as other people.

D. he liked to be different from others.

2. He drove to work in his new car

A. the very next day.

B. the day he bought it.

C. a week he bought in.

D. on the day he first watched the cars passing.

3. He was satisfied with his new car because

A. no one else had a yellow one.

B. it was the same as other cars all around him.

C. he was in front of all the other cars.

D. other cars were not as bright as his.

4. At five o'clock Mr Perkin

A. walked home.

B. drove his car out of the car-park.

C. came back to the car-park.

D. did not know which was his car-park.

5. People gave him a look because

A. he had a nice new car.

B. he could not open the door of his car.

C. he was in the wrong car-park.

D. he was trying to open more than one car.

6. Mr Perkin had to wait until

A. there was only one yellow Beta 400s in the car-park.

B. there was only one car in the car-park.

C. there were no bright yellow cars in the car-park.

D. there was no one about to look at him.




Do you have a pet? Are you i_____________ in taking care of animals? Girls and boys who like animals may want to study to be animal doctors. They’re often c____________ “vets”. Many of them work in animal h_____________. Others may work on farms or at a z____________. Some study animal diseases and try to find w____________ to keep the animals from getting i__________. They do studies in m_____________ for animals. Vets listen to an animal’s h____________. They check (检查) its ears, eyes, mouth and blood. They operate on animals when they need to. They may give the animals shots (注射) and tell the pet’s o ____________ what food is best.


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